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WARNINGS: Slash; Established Relationship; Dumbledore Bashing

Rated for future use of language and possible smut. Haven't quite decided yet whether or not I have the ability to write such a scene XD

Remus Lupin ran to the floo shouting out "12 Grimmauld Place!" as he did so, sticking his head into the bright green flames he waited until the nauseating spinning stopped then cried out frantically, "Harry! HARRY!"

Miles away at Grimmauld Place, London all laughter and chatter stopped as Harry's fork fell to his plate with a clatter and he ran out of the room, his godfather, Sirius, following after him.

Harry ran down the hall and skidded to a halt in front of the fireplace.

"What is it Moony?"

Sirius took in a sharp breath at the anguish in his friends' features.

"I... I'm so sorry Harry. Me and Dora we tried, we really did but there were too many, they overwhelmed us with sheer numbers and then they… they took Teddy."

Harry's face drained of colour and he collapsed, his body crumpling to the floor with a whispered, "No!"

After a few seconds something seemed to snap within him and his head came up, his flashing emerald eyes stark against his white face. Surging to his feet Harry ran back down the hall towards the kitchen without another word to either of the two men.

Sirius sighed and crouched down to look at his oldest friends face in the flames, "You and Dora better come through while I try to stop him doing something that will get him killed."

"Okay," Remus agreed and without further ado Sirius turned and sprinted after Harry sliding into the kitchen and tackling Harry to the floor just in time. Hermione, Draco, Severus Snape and the Weasleys watched, confused, as Harry pointed his wand at the kettle and muttered, "Portus."

Hermione, Draco and Severus jumped up in alarm as Harry made to place his hand around the handle of the kettle.

"Harry, where…?" Hermione whispered.

"DON'T HERMIONE! Just… Don't, okay?"

"Hang on a second Potter, where do you think you're going?" Severus snarled as Harry once again motioned to take the kettle in his hand.

"I have to go I don't know where but I have to –" Harry was prevented from finishing his sentence as Sirius tackled him to the ground with a muffled cry.

"Let me go Pads! LET ME GO!"

"Harry I can't, you're not thinking straight you'll get yourself killed!"

"WHAT IF IT WAS ME!" Harry yelled at Sirius, his chest heaving as he obviously struggled to hold back sobs, "What if it was me?" Letting his head drop to the floor Harry whispered, "You would do the exact same thing as I am now, so let me go!"

Sirius sighed in defeat and nodded, "Only on one condition… you must tell the others what this is about first or I won't be the only one preventing you, understand?"

"He's right Harry they need to know." Everyone jumped; none of them having seen Remus or Tonks walk into the room. Harry looked first at Sirius and then to the anguished faces of Remus and Tonks who nodded encouragingly once they realised Harry was looking at them. "Fine."

Sirius scooted off of Harry and held a hand out to help him up, however Harry ignored it and before anyone could stop him he lunged for the portkey only to cry out in frustration as he realised it had been deactivated. Hermione stared at him solemnly, "I'm sorry Harry, but I know you and I also know that whatever has happened you're going to need our help."

Harry turned to face the rest of the people in the kitchen and took a step towards them, as he did however a tear slipped down his face and his knees buckled.

"Oh, Pup." Sirius pulled Harry to him and held him while he sobbed, Tonks grabbed onto Remus' arm and pressed her face into it so no one would see her own tears, and the rest stared at the crumpled form of their friend bewildered. After a few minutes the storm of tears subsided and Harry pulled back to look Sirius in the eye.

"First it was her now him, who's next? They can't take the one I love because I did that for them, I can't loose you or Remy, I just can't I need you both to promise me you won't come after me. Please?"

"Harry…" Remus started.

"No! Promise me!"

"Pup, you can't… we can't…"

"Please Siri, please or I won't be able to go and I need to you know that. Please!"

"Cub, I don't like it but you have my word, just make sure that if anything goes wrong or you need our help you will send your patronus to us and let us know where you are so we can help."

"Thank you Remus. Sirius please."

"I… I… I can't pup, you're like my son and if I was free I'd make it official, if it was what you wanted of course."

"I, yes, yes I'd love it… Dad."

Sirius beamed at him and opened his mouth to say something when they were interrupted by Severus. "As sickeningly touching as this is will someone please inform those of us who are obviously not important enough to know what the hell is going on!"

"Sorry, yeah sure, you deserve to know anyway," Harry walked up to the table and gripped the back of his chair so tightly that his knuckles turned white, "You might want to sit down for this."

He waited until everyone had sat down before taking a deep breath and starting his story, "Two-and-a-half years ago everything was getting to me, Voldie was back and out in the open and I thought Sirius was dead." Harry's breath caught as he remembered the anguish that had filled him when he had thought Sirius was lost to him forever. "As you guys know I began to pull away from everyone I cared about, determined to never put them in harms way, to make sure that they stayed safe. Then someone came along one night and offered me his friendship, since he was virtually a stranger I agreed for I thought nothing could come from it. I was wrong. Over time I got to know him and I fell in love."

Here Harry was interrupted by both Ron and Hermione:

"A GUY?"

"What about Ginny!"

"Yes a guy, do you see anything wrong with that 'Mione?" Harry stared at her challengingly, smirking slightly when she blushed and shook her head, "And Ron Gin is nothing more than a sister to me, never has been never will be because – surprise that this is – I am gay!"

Harry was surprised when the only response he got from Ron was "Who was it?"

"I'll tell you later. Now the relationship continued to progress, with him being the only thing keeping me sane, and not suicidal, in those months after the Ministry, until I found myself throwing up at random times throughout the day. He persuaded me to go to a Healer where I was told that I was pregnant. I didn't even know that it was possible for men to get pregnant in the Wizarding World. Anyway when I told my husband – "


"Yeah, we um… we got bonded secretly around two years ago. When I told him he was delighted but that same night he got a floo call form one of his associates, Voldemort had ordered him to become a Death Eater, when he told me I broke down, begging him not to go, but he had to, god he must have thought I was pathetic. Anyway, after the summoning he persuaded me to place a temporary Obliviate on him that ensured that only I or another of his bloodline could remove so he would not be able to reveal anything to his 'master'."

"Oh, Harry that's so romantic."

"It might be to you Hermione, but I had to do it knowing that until the war was over my husband would never know what his baby looked like, would not remember me or our love at all. Anyway," Harry gulped in another shuddering breath, "I now had about six months to go on my pregnancy. If you remember it was around this time that I went on that training camp that you all knew about. I gave birth there to a beautiful girl and boy. I named the boy Teddy Sirius and the girl Amy-Rose Maia."

"Teddy? You mean he's not really your son Remus, Tonks?"

"I'm afraid not Molly."

"But if Teddy is Harry's then why do you have him and how come we have never heard of an Amy before?" Fred and George demanded.

"Amy-Rose! Only my husband and I get to call her any name other than that! I asked Remus to take Teddy to keep him safe, you see half a year ago Amy was taken from me and I know that everyone has a lot of questions but I need to leave to find my son!"

"You mean my Grandson?" A voice asked.

"Lucius! What are you doing here?"

"Answer my question first and then I'll answer yours, Harry!"

Harry sighed, he knew how stubborn and cunning Lucius was, he wasn't placed into Slytherin for nothing. "Fine, the answer to your question is yes, Teddy is your Grandson."

Ignoring the cries of outrage and confusion that followed Harry's statement Lucius replied, "I knew it! To uphold my side of the bargain, I have been ordered to bring you to the person who has Teddy."

Draco opened his mouth to question the two about the Grandson comment but was shocked into silence at the sight of Harry manhandling his father.

Harry, who had grabbed Lucius by the collar, snarled at him, "Which one Lucius, Which one was it?"

"My true Master, my Lord Voldemort."

"Thank Merlin! But why has he sent for me, why didn't he just message me as per usual and why has he taken this long to inform me? Why did he even take Teddy in the first place?"

"Harry! How can you possibly sound grateful, I mean this is Voldemort we are talking about!"

Harry turned to the others and saw that even Sirius and Remus were looking at him as though he had lost his mind.

"Oh, I forgot you guys didn't know. I was gonna tell you after breakfast but then Teddy was taken and I forgot," Harry sighed, "Lucius go back and tell him that we need to talk, that I'm coming and bringing my friends with me and that I'm seriously annoyed with him right now."

After Lucius left Harry turned to look at everyone else and held up his hand, preventing their storm of confused questions before they even began.

"Guys I know how it looks but please just trust me on this okay? I'll explain everything as soon as we get there I promise. If you don't want to come that's fine you'll just have to wait a little bit longer until you get an explanation."

Sirius and Remus exchanged glances and then looked back at Harry, "We're with you pup, even if you go dark. You are like a son to both of us, in fact if it weren't for the fact that Lily and James' blood runs through your veins I would say that you were ours."

"I'm intrigued Mr Potter so I will follow you." Severus intoned.

Ron and Hermione glanced at each other and seemed to communicate silently. As one they turned back to Harry and nodded, taking their cue from them the rest of the Weasley clan stepped forward to show their support.

Everyone turned to look at the two people who had yet to agree. Tonks smiled at Harry and stepped up next to Remus, who wrapped his arm around her and concluded, "Almost all of your family are with you Harry. Draco, are you with us?"

Harry also looked at Draco, "Please Draco, I know you have a million questions and if it was me then I would want answers too but please I promise I will explain when we get there. If you don't want to come that's fine but I'm not going to ask anymore, I need to get to my child!"

Draco nodded stiffly and Harry sighed in relief. Pointing his wand once again at the kettle he muttered, "Portus." Placing a finger upon the side of the kettle he turned to the others, "Right everyone there is about ten seconds until the portkey is due to leave so grab on or I'm going without you."

Everyone scrambled to place a finger upon the kettles surface. Once the mesh of bodies had settled there was the customary tug at their navels, a bright flash and seconds later there was no longer anyone within Grimmauld Place.

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