A/N. So this is my first Multi Chapter story and I like where it's going. It's shaped around the film Serendipity and includes kinda the same plot line. The fashion and places I use are all real, although I have never been to New York and I am from the UK I did a lot of research on this and hopefully got it right. Also the clothes I use, I get from Fashion of Gle and are things the characters have worn before. I like to have the perfect imagery of things. I really hope you enjoy and review? Reviews make me write faster!

Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. Christmas Eve 2011 and one Kurt Hummel rushed through angry shoppers, all over come with fatigue through their days work and now their desperate last minute shopping. Fishing his phone out of his pocket Kurt checked the time, his heart racing as he knew he only had 10 minutes to get a present for his Auntie Suzanne. He didn't even like the woman and the thought of just using the excuse of the shops closed to pass over for the fact he hadn't got her a gift. But no – his dad had sounded pretty stern on the phone. Kurt wasn't even going to be there for Christmas!

After taking off like a rocket in chase of his dreams Kurt moved to the big city of New York and graduated from NYADA. Everything was working out swell; he had a role on the Broadway musical 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'Stereotypical he knew but it was turning out to be one of the best experiences of his life. He was finally doing it, Broadway. Beat that Rachel Berry. He smiled to himself as he walked down the busy street, feeling a little big happier even though he had to dash around on his feet. Coming outside of Bloomingdale's Kurt looked up with a dashing smile, pushing his way inside the department store to find it full – but the shelves half empty.

Rushing inside weaving his way through the shoppers Kurt came to a small shelf holding black cashmere gloves. A sigh came from his body as he looked around, it would half to do, it was the only thing decent left in the shop. Reaching his hand forward Kurt snatched the pair of gloves, tugging it towards him to hold it. Finding it impossible, he gave a small tug on it again, surprised when he felt a tug coming from the other side of the stand. Sighing Kurt gave it another tug, he had battled with shoppers before for something and in no way was he going to lose this.

"I'm sorry madam, but I had these first..." Kurt said, pulling back when he felt another tug, not yet coming face to face with his victim. A cough came from the other side; "well – unless I have had a gender change I think my mystery fighter should see who he is up against" came a male's voice, sounding like silk floating through the air. Pricking up an eyebrow Kurt moved to the side, coming face to face with what seemed to be nothing short of a Greek God.

His own blue eyes skimmed over the man's appearance, dark brown curls that were pricking away from the gel that held them back, a clean shaven jaw line that was hard and set – not in an angry way but in a way that showed off his muscular side. His eyes were hazel, the ones that would break your heart in a second if he pouted and a dazzling olive colour skin. The rest of his body was covered in a grey Zara Removable Cheviot Blazer from what Kurt could see and a American Apparel Unisex Sheer Jersey Scarf; Kurt had a amazing eye for fashion.

His eyes settled on the glove held in the strangers hand, his eyes brow picking up as he straightened his back – trying to hold onto his bitch glare as he looked back to the boys face, seeing it shining with a huge what could only be described as a goober smile. "Well, I'm sorry Sir, but I had these first now if you could let go and maybe find something else.." he stated, giving them a small tug towards his body again.

"Well, maybe I had them first. Also –" the stranger stated, looking down at the boys covered hands. "You already own a pair of black gloves, you're wearing them!" The strangers own eyebrows plucked up his head in a comical way that made Kurt want to laugh at the adorable sight, but no, bitch face.

"Ever consider they were a present?"

"Oh please-" The stranger said in a mocking tone and a eye roll. "A strapping man like you would have had your Christmas Shopping done by the end of October! Me on the other hand, I'm a goofball and totally forgot now pretty please, or if you want my poor mother's fingers to grow cold.."

Kurt scoffed, "you're getting these for your mother? You horrible son!" he added with a small laugh, not really being able to keep the smile off his face, breaking from his bitch faced character. "Now please, my auntie needs these!" He nagged in a tone that was annoying to himself. Giving another tug Kurt stumbled slightly backwards only to feel a hand quickly on his back as the stranger jumped forward to save him. His hand burned his skin, even though it was covered by Kurt's layers and sent bolts of electricity up through Kurt.

"Come on now, there's no need to kill yourself just to get the gloves!" The stranger stated with a smirk, setting Kurt straight on his feet again.

"Excuse me –" a booming voice came from a short distance over. Both men turned to see a shop assistant who looked displeased, staring at them. "The shop is closing in 5 minutes... Is this man bothering you?" He questioned Kurt.


"No – no he's not! I'm not, I'm really not.." The stranger quickly said trying to save himself. "I just want these gloves!"

"My gloves."

"Thought they were your Aunties?"

"Oh ha ha, bite me" Kurt reacted, throwing the man a look of venom.

"Just share the god damn gloves!" The woman cried in desperation to hurry the men along.

"Good idea! Here –"the stranger resorted, getting half of the money from his wallet and thrusting it towards the shop assistant, "there's my half paid!"

Kurt turned to the man in disbelief, thinking quickly and getting out his own wallet and paying the other half.

"There," he answered, cold eyes setting on the warm hazel ones.

Kurt watched the shop assistant cut the plastic wire between the two gloves and immediately pulled his to his chest, trying to find out how he could get the other glove from the boy before setting of to get out of the shop. He watched as the other strolled silently beside him, a small smile playing on his face as they both exited the closing shop. Once outside the cold air attacked them and Kurt started to shiver, not allowing it to show on his face. Okay, maybe wearing a Diesel Black Gold Long Sleeved Shirt and only a All Saints Sargon Funnel over the top was a bad choice to face the cold Christmas Eve night.

"Now you're not in risk of me putting you in 'Shop Jail' mind giving me the glove?" Kurt asked, turning to the man who stood beside him, holding the glove that should be him.

"I urm – no!" grinned the stranger, thinking he was clever. "But I will do this.." he extended his arm forward for Kurt to shake. "The names Blaine, Blaine Anderson."

Kurt looked at his, eyebrows pushed upwards as his face held a look of 'bitch please?' and quiet a impressed smirk. The man before him was gorgeous and he was introducing himself.. Kurt's mind wandered thinking about if the man liked him or not. Quickly he snapped back, back straightening and his own jaw set. The man was cocky, arrogant and wouldn't give him his damn glove.

"You see when someone offered their hand to you in a introduction it is commonly know to shake it.." The curly haired stranger – named Blaine, pointed out; looking from his own hand to Kurt's.

"Really? Well, it's commonly known that when one requests something, for example; give me my glove, another responds to this request by doing so" Kurt snipped back.

"It's my glove, I paid for it!" Blaine grinned, "Now please, tell me your name?" he asked with a small smile and a shrug.


"Why not?"

"I don't tell strangers my name, especially ones who are arrogant pricks" Kurt snipped, a little shocked at his own words.

"Ouch!" Blaine hissed, "Kitty has some claws. Would the kitty like to come and get some coffee with me?" Blaine asked hopefully.

Kurt chewed the inside of his lip, sure this man was a git but he was gorgeous. Gorgeous and asking him out on a date. He brought his phone out and looked down to see the time, "It's 10am, I really should be getting home.." Kurt argued for the second time tonight, still chewing the inner of his lip because he really did want to go and get some coffee with Blaine.

"Please?" Blaine whined, "I'll only hold you hostage for half an hour or so!"

Kurt shot him a bitch state, "Kidding!" Blaine stated, holding his hands up in surrender. "Please come? Maybe I can find out your name.."

"Pfft, fat chance but I never pass up a free coffee – this way, I know the perfect place" Smirked Kurt, walking forward down the street to a coffee house, not waiting to see if Blaine was on his heels.

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