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Ice skating in central park really wasn't what Kurt had in mind but the enjoyment he could see in Blaine's face made his heart swell.

He had actually met a puppy.

The arena was filled with couples and parents treating their children even though the hour was coming up to 11.

His own physique was slim and he was able to spin around the in black skinny jeans and simple white dress shirt he had on, comfortably gliding through the air and landing back on the ice, taking small sharp turns here and there and expertly cutting through.

Blaine on the other hand..

In removing his stylish blazer which left him in his Gant Rugger Varsity V-Neck Sweater and a pales pair of chinos he comically dashed through the ice, making Kurt laugh with glee as the boy fell over in despair, dusting himself off and once again returning to his Bambi like pose to take a few sketchy slides forward and fall over.

"Your hopeless!" Kurt laughed, zooming ahead and turning around to look at Blaine.

"I'm not! I just – need to get the hang of it!" Blaine said, his tongue sticking out in frustration as he tried to get his balance back and make his way forward without falling again.

Finally picking up a small flick of his feet along the ice Blaine was able to move around without falling over and looking like a disaster.

"So let's start with the basics," Blaine mentioned, skating forward and Kurt skating backwards so the pair were able to look at each other.

Kurt put up his eyebrow in question before understanding and nodding.

"Your age?" questioned Blaine.

"23, your own?"

"42 – whoa!" just as he smirked at his cocky reply Blaine chipped in the ice, sending him backwards to land on the floor and look up at Kurt with a desperate look, like a kicked puppy.

Trying to hold back his giggles in fear of hurting Blaine's feelings he skated forward, standing beside him at a stop.

"You better be more careful, now you're a old man!" Kurt said, replying back with a toothless grin at his own humour.

Helping him to his feet Kurt once again skated, but this time alongside Blaine.

"So I ask again Blaine, age?"


"You're younger than me? That's cute!" Kurt said, turning to the boy and smiling at the slight red blush that crept up his neck.

As the people in the skating rink seemed to simmer down, leaving them oddly skating with a few other couples as the time got on Blaine found himself transfixed in the beautiful stranger.

There was something about him.

His pale almost porcelain skin which dashed with red blush every time Blaine would say something in a half compliment. His lips were a cherry red from the brash cold on the Christmas Eve night his cute button nose was red. His eyes were what stood out for Blaine, the flaky blue, green or grey, Blaine couldn't really make up his mind but didn't really want too.

"Favourite colour?" questioned Blaine.


"That's a shade."

"Smart arse, it's navy."

Blaine arched a eyebrow, looking over Kurt and noting his navy blue Alexander McQueen jumper, "looks good on you" he muttered with a slight blush.

"Look at you blushing!" Cooed Kurt, "yours?"

"I don't really like colours, I like colour combinations like a dark blue or red! But I do like pink – Oh! Maybe even light blue and orange, they look so good together but I would never wear them together!" Blaine rambled on, a smile on his face as he happily chatted away.

"Favourite animal?"

"A cat, yourself?

"A dog"

"Favourite book?"

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

"You're a man after my own heart!" Kurt said a grin on his face as he skated around, half hoping Blaine hadn't heard what he had said.

Blaine blushed slightly, hearing his words but choosing to move on.

"Favourite drink?"

"Butterbeer – kidding, it is absolutely amazing but diet cock" Kurt rushed out.

Blaine raised his eyebrow higher than he could as his eyes widened and looked at Kurt.

"I urm –" Kurt flustered out, his cheeks starting to burn and a slight wobble on his skates.

"I mean diet coke!" He said quickly, his skin still pinched pinked as he wished to sink down into a puddle and hide for days.

"I'm sure you did, I'm sure you did.. Favourite smell?"

"I urm, I don't know.."

"So clever.."

"Oi!" Kurt said with a giggle, skating close enough to him to hit his arm gently.

"What type of phone do you have?" Questioned Kurt.


"Pfft, blackberry forever" remarked Kurt earning him another hit.

"Phone number?"

"That's not a real question Blaine" Kurt laughed out, skating away from him a little as there was more of a wide spread of space.

Time ticked on and the pair learnt more about each other.

Kurt found out that Blaine was a English teacher and Blaine still didn't find out Kurt's name.

Didn't stop him from asking after every two or three questions.

"Favourite sexual position?" Kurt asked, doing a spin and looked over his shoulder at Blaine with a cheeky wink.

The frankness of the question made Blaine's eyes pop from his head, his arms go out in front of him as his legs gave away and he fell backwards in a pile on the floor.

He laid on the icy patches, smirking slightly as his head pulsed with a small pain.

"You okay?" Kurt asked, skating over and trying to push his laughter away, checking to see if Blaine was in any pain first before practically laughing in his face.

" I urm – yeah" Blaine said, pushing himself up by his elbows and looking around as his head swam a little.

"Going to tell me your name now?" he questioned, looking up with a smirk on his, the ice below his head making some on his curls pang from the gel and stick up in all different directions making him look far too adorable for the liking of Kurt.

"Come on, let's get you up-"Kurt said, leaning down and taking Blaine's hand in his own, pulling him to a stance as he looked around the empty skating rink.

"Wow, when did everyone leave?" Kurt questioned, biting his lip as a he pulled his hand away from Blaine, trying to ignore the garden of butterflies being let into his stomach.

"I'm not sure.." Blaine replied, looking around and noting they were the only two left.

Kurt looked down at his watch, gasping. "Fuck fuck – shitting fuck!" he exclaimed, quickly pushing himself across the ice to the exit.

It was 2am.

Blaine was quickly behind him, trying his best to stay upon his feet and not fall over.

"Hey wait! Stranger, wait!" he called, desperate to spend more time with the boy. He wanted to know who he was. Wanted to know his name and how he could contact him.

"I- I need to get home Blaine –" the boy blurted out, shaking his head as he took of the skates quickly, his heart racing as he fumbled over the straps.

Blaine sat beside him, starting to take off his own as he bit his lip, watching the boy seem in some sort of a raged rush.

It both took the a few minutes of silence to remove their skates, grabbing their shoes and getting themselves ready wrapping up in their coats and scarves and slight drizzle of snow started to coat the ground around them.

"Please tell me your name –" Blaine choked out, knowing he only had a few more minutes with the stolen beauty as he fussed over getting his scarf to sit perfect.

"I need to go, if we are meant to be, we will find each other!" the other replied, turning around and quickly setting off on his feet, sucking his lips together as if to stop himself from turning around and blurting his name out.

Blaine stared at him, watching him dash out of his sight. He couldn't do this, couldn't let him go.

"Wait!" he cried causing Kurt to stop but not to turn around. Blaine started running after him, faster on his feet now he was off the skates.

He caught up behind him, just in time to hear the other sigh.

Blaine took the others biceps into his hands, holding onto him as he slowly turned the other around to face him.

Their chest were held and flushed together, his heart racing as his own hazel eyes sparkled look dumb struck into the blue flaked crystals. His lips slightly parted, Blaine being left speechless once again at this boys beauty as a single snow flake fell and dropped onto his eyelash, Blaine feeling his heart rise at such a adorable sight.

"Please tell me your name?" Blaine whispered out, so close that his breath mingled with the strangers.

"I can't" Kurt let out, a little breathless from their closeness, not being able to ignore his quicken heart.

"Why not?" Blaine whispered back, ducking his head a little to side as if he was going to kiss Kurt.

"Serendipity" Kurt rushed out, also tilting his head to the side a little.

"But we met before, in the shop, we both went for the same glove. We left Serendipity 3 but then met again after you left. If that isn't fate I don't know what it" Blaine replied, trying to twist his arm a little.

Kurt sighed, Blaine was right.

They had left it down to serendipity already once before this night and they had ended up running back into each other. It was fate.

Kurt inhaled sharply, leaning closer to Blaine if possible.

"My name is Ku - "

The song Teenage Dream chorus out between them, Kurt's phone buzzing the tune loudly from his pocket.

He practically missed Blaine's loud groan of frustration as the slender boy took a step back, his phone still ringing as he took it from his pocket and picked it to his ear.

A gruff voice could be heard on the other end and Blaine watched Kurt's body sag.

"Yes – I'll be there soon, I promise. Go to sleep" was all Blaine heard of the conversation, standing there with his mouth ajar, waiting for the boy to tell him his name again. He had to.

"I have to go – "

"Please don't! I need to know your name!" Blaine cried, his hazel eyes' catching upon Kurt's as they shone from the light of the streets.

Kurt's breath hitched, the boy was gorgeous. He was beautiful, his features stood unique among everyone else, he was something special. Something to be looked after and adored.

His heart was fluttering, telling him to tell the boy his name while his head screamed a different story.

"I have to go" he whispered out.

Blaine took a step forward again, his hands coming to rest on the boys jaw line softly as he felt the other go stiff below his touch.

He let their breaths mingle together again, taking a deep breath, his eyes dark upon the others as he board into them.

"Merry Christmas" was all Blaine whispered out before his lips were on the boys.

And that was it, it was soft and gently as Blaine tilted his head forward, their lips crashing in the middle as they met and moulded together. It was simple and it was sweet. Kurt brought up his hand to cradle his Blaine's face, his head feeling dizzy as his heart speed up in his chest.

Blaine didn't even know what he was doing, but it was too good to stop. Kurt tasted like heaven, Blaine's tongue not even daring to adventure out as he kept the kiss sincere.

Pulling away in a moment of frustration Blaine heard Kurt let out a slight whimper, his eyes were closed as he looked like had just been hit with heaven on earth.

They stared at each other for a moment, both of their eyes swirling with untouched emotions, both showing how vulnerable they were at that time to a complete stranger.

They looked at each other for which felt like eternity, both of them in complete shock but yet mapping out each other's face, hoping to remember what the other looked like.

Their lip crashed together for the second time in what felt like too long, their hands fumbling over each other as they kissed with passion and connecting together in a moment of electricity, sparks jolting through one another as they kissed once again, something they couldn't deny.

Kurt grinned, actually enjoying the feeling of the stubble upon the others face graze over his hand as he felt his palm to the other jaw line.

His free hand came up to mess in Blaine's hair, ringing the curls through his hands, holding onto him and keeping him close as the pair panted for each other, their kiss becoming more in depth as Blaine allowed his tongue to scrape over the bottom of Kurt's lip, almost demanding a entrance.

Pulling back for a breath Blaine swore he heard Kurt make a small moan before he fell forward, crashing their lips back together and a wave of heat and passion locked over him, knowing he couldn't do much more in a park than pull the boy closer, holding his chest against the others in a desperate plea for him to stay.

Breaking the kiss by pulling back, panting, Kurt took back a deep breath, his hand removing from the others hair to allow one finger to run down his face sweetly, taking in his beauty once more.

His own face was clammed red and his lips were sore and swelled, looking at Blaine who had the exact same expression.

A little gobsmacked, a little fire of lust and a ragged passionate in his eyes.

Bringing his hand to run through his hair Blaine's hair once more, a small smile turning the corners of his lips upwards as he let out a small breath, feeling as though a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

Pulling back Kurt looked upon a gob smacked Blaine one more time, his eyes flickering downwards as his smile turned sad.

"I need to go.." was all he let out as he turned on the balls of his feet as started running.

And all Blaine could do was stand and stare.

Half an hour later Kurt arrived back in his dark apartment, tugging off his coat and allowing dropping onto the couch in his living room.

Leaving the lights off Kurt took his boots off slowly, his mind a hopeless blur as he slowly ghosted his way into the bed room, opening the door to lean upon it.

In his bed laid a sleeping form, his heart rising to his chest as the body let out a small sniffle of a snore. A smile spreading across Kurt's face but yet it didn't match the happiness he felt when he was with Blaine, his heart giving a twang at the thought of the boy.

He shook his head, Blaine was no one now. Just another stranger in the street. Taking a small step forward Kurt started to undress, changing into his pyjamas before he slowly slid into bed, his arms slowly wrapping around the sleeping body as he curled into him.

"K-Kurt?" questioned a gruff voice.

"Yes, go to sleep babe, Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas" replied the voice before he was knocked out back into sleep again.

Yes, Kurt had a partner. A partner named Alex whom he would awake with in the morning, exchange presents, one day marry and start a family with.

Blaine was nothing now, just a memory, a person who had done a act of kindness.

The glove tucked neatly in his hand as he slept was nothing.

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