This is my first story this chapter was written with out me thinking much so enjoy.

Chapter 1: Rain Sucks

It was raining lightly over Toronto Canada today. There was no one out walking around outside except for two cats. One gray and oddly enough the other one was pink. The gray one was happily splashing from puddle to puddle, while the pink one trudged along looking extremely pissed.

"Leo will you quit that, your being even more annoying than usual."

"I thought that was impossible like you love to point out all the time"

"I know what I said but you amaze me every day with how far your stupidity can go."

"That really hurts Aeris." Leo said with evident sarcasm.

"It was meant to." as she finished her sentence Leo landed in a rather large puddle splashing Aeris with water effectively soaking her. "GOD DAMNIT LEO!"

"sorry Aeris I didn't me-" WHAM. "ow what the hell was that for?" he said while rubbing his nose.

"Soaking me to the bone you retard, lets just hurry and get to Game Stop before to big of a crowd gathers."

"Fine lets go" Leo and Aeris alike had been waiting for the release of the new Play station/Xbox fusion kind of console. It was basically the same console as both but with the same multiplayer lobby's. It also had all the games released on both console, it was to say in the least amount of words any gamers dream.

After five minutes of walking while Leo cowered in fear of Aeris' seemingly infinite wrath they arrived at the local Game Stop.



"I was just wondering why we didn't just drive the car here?"

"Did you already forget that you decided to loan our car with out my permission I might add, to some idiot, who later crashed it into a light post while he was driving with his ASS!" Aeris yelled.

"Oh yeah now I remember."

"Dumb ass, at least we're here finally." She said as the two walked into Game Stop.

"I can't believe that we're about to get the console of our dreams." Leo said walking to the sales counter.

"Finally something the two of us can agree on." said Aeris following Leo.

When they got to the counter they noticed there weren't any console boxes behind the counter.

"Um excuse me, but were are the new consoles?" asked Leo.

"Fresh out we'll be getting some next month." said the store clerk giving the two a rather tired look.

"How is that possible we reserved one weeks ago." said Aeris angrily giving the clerk a death stare.

"Sorry we didn't have any less or more console than there were reserved." the clerk whispered cowering behind the counter.

"Come on Leo we should go home before I get convicted of murder."

"But I didn't get to play guitar hero."

"If you don't come right now I will shove that guitar so far down your throat you'll have t-."

"Ok ok I'm coming sheesh you don't have to be so harsh."

"Lets just go." Aeris said through gritted teeth.

As they walked away from the store it stopped raining then started snowing heavily. The two cats then ran home as fast as they could before they froze to death. Especially Aeris who was still wet from being soaked by Leo earlier.

When they got back to there apartment they both took off there protective clothing and sat down on the couch to watch some TV.

"Leo I think we should watch the news to see how the weather is going to be for the week."

"ok." Leo then changed the channel to the weather channel.

"It looks its not going to stop snowing for the rest of the week so you should probably stock up on food ad water considering this is a big one." said the weather man obviously faking all the enthusiasm he was showing.

"I hope we don't get stuck in here I'm not sure I could survive a week alone with you."

"It wouldn't be that bad we could pretend to be arctic explorers that get trapped in a cave after the cave collapsed."

"Yeah, sure because every cave has running water, food, and a heater."

"Wow is the only time you use your imagination when you write your disgusting fanfics." said Leo turning around to go to his room to play his Xbox.

Just before he could get to the stairs something hit him in the back of the head.

Yeah I know it sounds like snowed in but that was a total accident so don't continually point that out next chapter should be up today or tomorrow. Sorry for how short it is couldn't think of much to write about.