Okay this is Superbad, but in Harry Potter-version. Ron = Seth, Neville = Evan, Harry = Fogell, Jules = Hermione, Becca = Luna, Nicola = Cho, Officer Slater = Lupin, Officer Michaels = Sirius and the home economics teacher = Snape

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Superbad meets Harry Potter!

Chapter one.

The big party

Ronald Bilius Weasley is... wait, you can just call him Ron Weasley, or just Ron. But, what the heck, let's move on. Right, Ron Weasley is a 15 year old boy. He isn't so very popular and he comes from a big and poor family. But Ron enjoyed his life, he had a great best friend and ...a not so great best friend.

His best friend is Neville Longbottom. Neville was a shy boy and he lived with his grandmother. And Ron's other friend... yeah, let's say he's a little bit different. His name is Harry, Harry Dursley, he's an orphan and he's raised by his aunt and uncle in the muggle world.

Ron had an crush on Hermione Granger, a cute and intelligent girl in his class. But Ron didn't know if Hermione felt the same about Ron. And Neville had an crush on Luna Lovegood, a Ravenclaw.

And Harry... wasn't brave enough to talk to girls. Ron and Neville knew that, but Harry himself didn't actually realized that. Yet. Harry had to good self-confidence.

In potions class, Hermione went to Ron and said: "Hey, Ron."

"Hi." Ron said and smiled.

"I'm having a party tonight and I thought... if... you wanted to come."


"I'm having it in Hogsmeade."

"Cool. -I should -totally come."

Hermione smiled. "You should bring your friends." She walked away.

Ron looked at Neville, he was busy with his cauldron and he talked to Seamus, anther guy in their class.

"Hey! Neville!" Ron said.

"Yeah?" Neville replied and Seamus walked away.

"Hemione his having a big party tonight."

Then, they heard a voice from the hallway, it was Harry shouting: "Hey!" Ron looked at Neville and quickly whispered: "Don't tell Harry about the party." before Harry walked in the classroom and said with an happy smile:

"Wiiiiiiizards! What's up guys?"

Ron rolled his eyes.

"I was just walking down the hall and Cho Chang was walking right in front off me. She had her tight white pants and you could see her black underwear... it was sooo sweet! When I was stalking her and looked on her ass, she turned around and looked confused at me and I said what time it was." Harry looked proud.

"Oh- my- god-!" Ron said and pretended to be happy for Harry, but he was sarcastic. "That was like, the -greatest story ever! Can you please tell it again?"

"Yeah yeah sure, -but after school I'm going to a place to pick up my real fake ID!" And then, he started to dance a little dance, and he sung: "Chicka chicka yeah, chicka chicka yeah, fake ID, fake ID, I'm tight, I'm tight..!" He grinned.

"You're getting a fake ID?" Ron was a bit surprised.

"Yeah. I can show it to you after school."

"Cool, yeah, you must-."

"Mister Duuuursley." A voice said.

Ron, Neville and Harry turned around and saw Severus Snape, the potions master. ….Or, wait, he was just the teacher of the class.

"You're not in this class. Get away from here or get detention."

Harry stared at Snape and then walked away.

Then Snape looked at Ron and Neville and said: "How's going for you to lads? Bad, I hope?"

"No sir, it's going perfectly fine." Neville said with a shy smile.

"How... great."

He walked away.

Ron looked at Neville. Then he walked to Hermione and said: "Hey, Hermione, do you need help, with anything to the party?"

"Yeah, booze."

"I can buy it."

"But, you're not 17." Hermione frowned her forehead.

"Yeah, but I have an fake ID and.."

"You have an fake ID?" Luna interrupted.


"That's sooo cooool. Could you get butter beer?"

"Yeah sure, bring me a list on what you need on the recess."

Hermione smiled. "Thanks a lot Ron, you're a great friend."

Ron smiled. "Um... thanks, um... see you, -tonight, at Hogsmeade."

Hermione nodded.

Ron went back to Neville.

"What's the plan then?" Neville asked.

"We are so going to the party tonight. -Aand we're going to get booze."


"With Harry's fake ID of course."

– –

"You're saying that we are using him for get what we want?" Neville asked outside school.

"Yeah, is it something wrong with that?"

"Uhh.." Neville frowned his forehead.

Ron rolled his eyes. "But do you actually think he will make it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Not pussy out? He promises one thing, and then he pussy out and starts to cry."

"But you have done that too."

Ron glared at Neville. "Yeah, when I was like- 8 years old! We're 15 now! Almost adults."

They went to the road that led them to the entrance hall, the place where Harry promised they would meet. Ron and Neville waited in more than five minutes for Harry to show up. But he never came.

"Where the fuck is he?" Ron said with an angry voice.

"I don't know", Neville said calmly, "maybe he's just late. You're always late for class."

"That's another thing Neville. He pussy'd out. Like, -every fuckin' time! How do we supposed to get alcohol now?"

And then, they heard Harry shout: "Yo guys!"

"Dude, where have you been! Do you have it?"

"Calm down. Yeah, I have it, it's flawless. Check it ooouut." Harry gave him and Neville the ID-card.

Ron gasped. "What the..-"

"It's says you're from Hawaii. That's great... it's hard to trace I guess." Neville said. "Wait, -you changed your name to..." Neville looked at Harry. "McPotter?"

"Yeah." Harry said.

"What kind of a stupid name is that Harry? What are you trying to be, an irish wrock singer?"

"You can pick what ever you want there." Harry shrugged his shoulders.

Ron stared at Harry, then at Neville, and then back to Harry and said: "And you landed on McPotter?"

"Yeah... it was between that or Muhammed."

Ron's eyes got big. "Why the -FUCK would it been between that or Muhammed? Why couldn't you just pick a common name on a normal person?"

"Muhammed it's the most common name in the muggle world! Read a fuckin' book for once!" Harry glared back at Ron.

"Harry, have you actually met someone named Muhammed?" Neville asked Harry.

"Have you met someone named McPotter?" Harry replied sarcastic.

"Because you picked a dumb fuckin' name." Ron said.

"Fuck you." Harry glared at Ron.

"Give me that." Ron grabbed the ID from Neville's hand and said: "You look like a future death eater, number one. And number two; you don't have a first name. It's just says MCPOTTER!"

"One name?" Neville said. "W-who are you? -Voldemort?"

"And it's says you're 21! Why wouldn't you just say you were 17?"

"Ron Ron Ron! Listen up, assface. Every day all the kids to the liquor store and on every single card it says they're 17. I mean, how many 17 year olds do you think they're are in this place?"

"It-it's an fine ID... It will work... just fine. We don't loose you heads, just like that. A-and it's up to you Harry, who do you wanna be? A kid with his fake ID or ...here's McPotter, the 21-year old Hawaiian organ doner?"

Ron slapped his forehead.

Harry started to grin and he said: "I am McPotter!" And he took the card from Neville's hand and put it in his pocket.

"No, you're not!" Ron said. "McPotter never exist. It's just a dumb fuckin fairytale name you FUCK!" Ron pushed Harry away and started to walked away.

"Where the hell is my broomstick?" Ron looked around in the janitor's closet.

"Why did you left your broom there? I mean, you're not the -janitor." Harry laughed.

"I KNOW that Harry!" Ron tried not to scream. "I KNOW- THAT-!"

"Let's leave." Neville said.

Ron and Neville walked away, and Harry shouted: "Hey, are you still gonna pick me up from practice? Can you please... answer me..?"