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It All Starts Now!

Night time at the valley of end, a great battle had been eternally captured in form of statues of the two great rivals; Madara Uchiha and Senju Hashirama. On the top of the former's statue stood a dark figure, seemingly pondering upon something. This figure couldn't help but think aloud whilst adjusting his mask "Let the mischief begin" and with that it disappears.

Soon the most ferocious roar known to mankind was heard and crimson flames could be seen from afar. The night had been painted crimson with blood.

A Week Later- Namikaze Compound

Kushina sat on her bed looking over Naruto who was sleeping peacefully, she moved a little closer and took in his features, Naruto was fair skinned, and had blonde hair, his chubby cheeks had been marred with three whisker-like birthmarks, he was a healthy baby and looked just like his father. She frowned thinking about what happened that night. How Minato had almost destroyed their firstborn's life by turning him into the jinchuuriki of the nine-tails, 'And all because of that bastard Madara.' He was after all the one to rip Kyuubi out of her body and attack the village with his help.


In a Hideout North-East to the Village

The corridors of the building were very faintly lit, so faintly you could barely see anything but the torches that lit the room. The walls had an interesting design like snake scale, this made the corridors seem like a never ending maze where one could get lost without effort. Here nothing but an ominous dead silence could be heard, the ominous aura justified by the dark liquid and the motionless bodies lying just below the torches.

As we move forward and then take a left we see a well lit room with dead bodies of two medic nin lying on the floor just in front of a cot which laid in middle of the room. This hideout spoke of nothing but death and dead bodies. They hid themselves at the doorway to see what was happening. The flash disappeared to reveal Yondaime Hokage with his wife in bridal and placed him near their child.

Kushina now weak and exhausted due to stress from childbirth and having the mighty demon ripped out of her seal, tried to hold Naruto with as much strength as possible, trying to pacify him, trying to tell him that everything would be fine.

Minato really wished time would stop here so that he could be here with his family, so that he could share the joy of Naruto's birth, so that he could forget about what was going on … so that he didn't have to say them one last good bye.

But alas, wishes were wishes and couldn't give a beggar his horse. He was broken out of his thoughts as a horrifying roar was heard. He sighed the village needed him he couldn't think about any sad thoughts now. He knew as he saw Kushina cooing to Naruto to make him stop crying that this wouldn't be very easy but he had to do it.

Gathering his courage he spoke "Kushina," as he stared into her large violet eyes he gulped all his guilt down his throat and continued, "Give Naruto to me, I'm going to seal the Kyuubi into him."

Kushina's eyes widened, "No you can't do that I won't allow you to," she held Naruto closer, "I won't!"

"Kushina please don't make it harder than it is, it has to be done, Kyuubi must be stopped."

"But Kyuubi is too strong to be sealed by one person–"

"I know that's why I must use the Shinigami's help–"

Kushina gasped in disbelief "But that'll kill you! Minato let me reseal him in me, doing so will destroy me and Kyuubi and you and Naruto can live together and Madara won't be able to lay his hand on Kyuubi like today."

"No I can't, doing so will destroy the balance of the tailed beast–"

"Why Minato?" Kushina mumbled.

"Kushi-chan I-"


Kushina tried to catch her breath after that outburst, her face as red as her hair, glaring daggers at the one she thought she could trust while holding on to her precious baby with all her remaining strength. Minato on the other hand was disheartened, he knew it wouldn't be easy to convince her, he knew he should have lied, made some excuse or just nabbed their first born and be done with it but he couldn't do that to them, no he could never lie to his beloved and it cost him her trust and possibly her love. His felt his heart clench upon realizing he would never be able to appease her.

"Kushi-chan I know you are upset and I wish I could explain myself but time is of essence," the wife showed no sign of calming down but he continued "I just want you to know that I am not doing this only because I am the Hokage… but also because I want to protect my family. The only thing I can say right now is that the future will bring disasters and our child will be the one to save the world." With that said he pried his young one from his struggling mother, which wasn't hard considering her weakened state.

After grabbing Naruto he yellow flashed leaving a struggling and crying Kushina. After some time two injured Anbu officers brought a sleeping Naruto to her and reported Minato to be dead.

End of flashback

She was thankful to them for bringing him back and thankful to have survived.

No sooner had she received Naruto, the news of Naruto becoming the jinchuuriki of Nine-tails had spread throughout the village like wild fire. People were already calling for 'death of the demon' and 'vengeance for the loved ones'.

Kushina scoffed 'These stupid villagers couldn't tell the difference between a glass and the water in it and Minato really believed that they would treat him as their hero,' recalling Hiruzen-jiji saying something about that man's last wish for Naruto to be seen as hero.

'That Madara will definitely pay,' she promised herself as her eyes flashed with grim revolution and anger.

As if sensing his Mother's anger Naruto woke up crying, Kushina pushed her anger aside to carry her child in her arms swinging her arms while singing a lullaby, Naruto's mood lightened up as he giggled his cerulean blue eyes flashing with joy at seeing his mother.

When she thought about it she was luckier than the other Jinchuurikis, unlike them she was a secret weapon that a very few knew about so she had a much normal life than other Jinchuurikis were known by the people and were out right hated for existing … by the very people they became weapons for in the first place.

'The least Minato could have done was keep his status a secret instead of showing him off to them before dying,' for all she knew they might had killed Naruto if it weren't for the Hokage.

Kushina was thankful Hiruzen kept their location a secret and had guards around.

'Future will bring disasters,' she had to wonder what Minato meant by it. 'Does it have to do with Madara'

She shifted uncomfortably upon sensing a disturbance but relaxed upon seeing the cause.

"Kushina-nee Hokage-sama has summoned you to the council," Said the cause revealed to be a silver haired Anbu with Dog mask.

"Do I have to?" Kushina asked in irritation.

"I know this is not something you look forward to but we have to take care of the situation before it gets out of hand."

Kushina just stood thinking in silence although she didn't think the situation would change, for all she knew it could get worse rather than better, she then looks over to her babe, sleeping peacefully on the bed, 'Then again how does it matter as long as I'm there for him'

"Fine Kakashi," she looks over to Naruto contemplating something she turned to Kakashi who replied her unasked request.

"Don't worry nee-chan he'll be safe here," Kushina smiled before taking on a serious face and leaving them alone.

He strode towards the edge of the bed as he recalled the events of that night.


Wherever they looked he saw terror, there were dead bodies everywhere some were mutilated beyond description, the ground had been stained with blood and where, many ninjas could be seen carried their comrades,many of whom probably won't be able to fight ever again.

When he got close to Kyuubi he saw many shinobis trying to hold it back and failing miserably.

"Hold it back! Yondaime-sama will be here!" one cried out. "Don't lose hope! Have faith in Yondaime-sama" another cried out.

Kakashi charged towards the beast. He made a few hand signs as a spark came to life from his hand "Lightning Strike" he called out as a streak of said element flashed towards the beast. It struck but barely stung the demon but Kakashi did not let it faze him, he moved towards the frontline to help his comrades. 'Oh shit!'

The beast got bored of slashing and started breathing in and let out a beam burning everything it touched as victims were unable to even scream in pain and the bystanders to be too fear stricken to take an action. As the beam continued to eliminate all in path, Kakashi shook himself out of his fear and started concentrating chakra in his left eye.

"Everyone! Get behind me!"

The shinobi in line of destruction followed their young captain's order while praying that their captain had something up his sleeves.

By the time they had gone behind the captain, Kakashi was done he lifted his head band to reveal … 'Mangekyo Sharingan'

Soon a portal appeared out of nowhere sucking the hot beam of energy into abyss, giving enough time for his comrades to escape while holding it back… but for how long?

The fox losing its patience decided to put more power to fire. With one more breath, it exhaled more flames upon Kakashi who took it bravely though he seemed to be losing his hold on the portal but Kakashi only doubled his effort the stretched pinwheel in his pinwheel like pupil spinning so fast it could come off.

Soon he lost his hold as the portal disappeared into where it came from. Time seemed to slow down as he watched the flames draw closer. At that moment he could hear nothing, not the cries of his comrades to move, not the menacing laughter of the demon and not, if only he had, hear her come as a gentle hand grabbed his firm shoulder.

His comrades had seen him fight valiantly before losing to Kyuubi, just when it seemed that their captain was toast, a girl about their captain's age, with purple tattoo on her cheeks rushed towards him before replacing herself with him in his line of fate.


That was when she turned around with a soft smile on face, a smile that helped him through his guilt and a face he wouldn't be able to see except on pictures, before disappearing into that ominous light, which dimmed with her.

"NO!" Kakashi fell to his knees again clutching his mask, waling his heart out.

The Earth beneath him crumbled as he tried to stand up but in vain as he fell on his knees due to exhaustion, tears in eyes and helplessness clenched in his fists.

Kyuubi was irritated; it just couldn't understand just from where do so many pests come from? His question was answered when he laid his eyes on the village gate. So that was the source of these pests and to end them all e had to do was blow the place out of the roof… well no problem!

The fox started focusing a large amount of chakra at a point right in front of his nose. The onlookers watched in fearful awe as the chakra point grew to the size of a boulder as its color morphed from red to violet with increase in density and intensity of chakra, the fear only increased as the beast swallowed it.

Dead silence was heard as the humans were unaware yet fearful of the demon's plans. All had one question to which they hoped would never be answered… 'What is he up to?'

But wishes are wishes; they soon found the answer as the beast's eyes flashed before it dropped its lower jaw to reveal a beam of light heading straight for the heart of Konoha, chakra potent enough to obliterate the whole village.

Konoha clenched her heart with helpless fear as the light of doom neared. Just as the light was reaching the Hokage monument the light was gone as though it was never there. The people searched for their savior.

"Look over there It's the Yondaime!"

And he was right, the Yondaime Hokage stood right at the top of the monument holding a three-pronged kunai up in the air with the right and a small figure in his left. Soon a cloud of smoke covered him dispersing to reveal Gamabunta with Minato on top of his head. The toad boss leaped cutting the distance between themselves and Kyuubi.

Gamabunta drew out his sword as the fox snarled at them. "Gamabunta-san, just hold him long enough!" Yondaime ordered.

"Kid, do you really have to? I mean you're just too young and your new family life was just about to start," Gamabunta lamented.

"I know boss," Minato sighed "But things don't always go as planned, just- LOOK OUT!" Minato warned as Gambunta raised his sword just in time to block the fox's claw that would certainly gouge his scarred eye.

"MINATO HURRY!" the Toad urged. Minato nodded and started hand signs "Dead Demon Seal" soon Minato saw the Shinigami behind him, to be seen only by the one who summons and the victim. Kyuubi tried to apply force but to no avail as he was pulled by the Shinigami's mighty arms into Naruto and then sealed it later taking Minato's soul who collapsed taking deep breadths. His vision getting blurry, holding his crying son with the strength left in him as Gamabunta laid him down to Earth gently. A he felt his people nearing him; with last of his strength he gave his final orders to his people "He is your Hero, Look well after him" before life left him.

People were stunned; they had lost many loved ones, were close to death and had almost lost what was left of the village of the village all in one night… all thanks to Kyuubi. As if that wasn't enough their leader, the fourth Hokage, also the most powerful man known to the world had died fighting the Kyuubi and (according to these idiots) all he managed to do was turn the fox into a baby, they heard what he said but were too angry to understand or believe their leader.

What the hokage was holding in his hands was not a baby or their 'hero' as he had put it, it was the cause of everyone's misery but right now it was miserably weak and had to be destroyed before its strength was restored. They rushed forward, kunais in right vengeance in left all aimed at the child but a stream of wind stopped them on their track, the cause of it revealed to be Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third Hokage, and two other Anbus.

He whispers something into their ears before

Anger screamed "What do you think you're doing?"

Hiruzen released an intent of kill before booming right back, "SAVING OUR HERO AND YOU FROM YOURSELVES! Right now anger has clouded your minds you don't understand what is happening! You must wait for some time, your questions will be answered!" With that he disappeared in a swirl of leaves with the baby and Anbus.

End of flashback

Later Kakashi found himself in the hospital where Sandaime-sama told him he had been unconscious for three days and that Rin and his Sensei were truly dead and his sensei's son was the new jinchuuriki of Kyuubi and was under guard. He had immediately volunteered to be one of his guards, he had lost most of his family and he'd be damned he let anything happen to what remained of it.

He brushed Naruto's hair appreciating the resemblance between him and Minato.

"Sleep well little bro I'll not let anything happen to you," Kakashi promised, unaware that he would fail to keep it…

Moonlight bar Red light District

The bar had been filled with several visitors who drank their grief out at loss of their loved ones. Every once in a while a grim face would enter in hopes of finding solace while the other while a few people would carry out one of their drunk comrades supporting them. They were people who had lost despite Konoha's victory over Kyuubi, lost their precious ones to the said demon.

After that news spread across the village, many people cried out for revenge and were searching for the demon while others although distraught decided to wait for their Hokage to explain the situation .

Soon a shadowy persona enters the bar, everything about his black overcoat covering his body up to ankles, the collar and the hood covering the lower and upper part of face respectively rang nothing but suspicion but people were too drunk to take notice.

The figure moved towards an occupied table with the Jounin just starting his bouts. The figure pulls out a seat and sits. The jounin, a well-built brunette with clean shave, stares at him but continues his bouts.

"Oh! Such a great tragedy it was," said the figure in a mournful voice.

"Everyone knows, our losses were great, some lost their friends, some their family… I lost my love… that is exactly why we are drinking." The Jounin said, voice modulating between annoyed and sorrowful.

"Yes, but drinking will not make you forget that event, neither will it bring the dead ones to life-"

The Jounin got annoyed and banged the table, releasing a little Killing Intent, before hissing "What are you getting at?"

"Oh- no- nothing at all!" He replied frantically, waving both hands before relaxing "I was just wondering… what you would do, if I told you where the demon was?"

A loud crash was heard. All the heads turned towards the source to see a man holding another man by the collar of his robe with the furniture they were using lay on the floor.


The man in question gazed around and seemed content at gaining this much attention before continuing.

"Very well..."