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Battle of Uzushio Part I

Hokage's Team

As they charged each other, Utakata blew bubbles at Konoha's group to which Tsubasa responded by throwing a hail of shurikens which exploded upon contact with the bubbles creating a thick smoke screen. Both the teams charged into the smoke screen undaunted, each clashing into an opponent.

When the smoke cleared, Tsubasa and Utakata were crossing blades with each other. They had been separated from others who were stuck in their own one on one fights.

Kushina struck at her opponent with vicious swordplay hoping to end her fight quickly and rush to Naruto's aide but her opponent parried all her strokes gracefully.

Hiruzen had summoned Enma in his Bo staff form an instant before dashing into the smoke clashing into an opponent. When smoke cleared Hiruzen found himself fighting a stout hunternin with two black rods.

Okami drew out both of his uchigatanas and deflected the shurikens that his opponent threw at him. But to his surprise the shurikens turned back towards him despite not being attached to any wires. Okami channeled wind chakra through his blades and cut all the projectiles down.

'How?' Okami wondered when he noticed the broken shurikens soak due to the ice on the ground, 'Paper?'

Gai rushed into the smoke with a dynamic entry kick which was blocked by the flat side of two huge whip blades with serrated wielded by a tall hunternin. Gai dodged and struck at the hunternin with taijutsu while the hunternin blocked all attacks and struck at Gai with his blades.

Tenzou used his wood release to capture his opponent with thick wood and was crushing the life out of him.

"Art time! Un!" The blond hunter nin said before Tenzou's wood bindings exploded into smithereens.

Konoha Base

The whole base was in uproar, as Konoha nins fought Kiri nins keeping them out of the base.

"What's the situation?" Kakashi asked Inari.

"Sir! All entrances are secure, the enemies have not breached the base," Inari reported.

"Have they used the hidden mist jutsu yet?" Shikaku asked Inari.

"No sir."

"Odd..." Shikaku wondered, "Are they even trying?"

"Watch out!" Kakashi warned everyone just as their camp was struck by lightning and caught fire. Everyone made it out in time.

"What the hell?" Shisui cursed at the sight before him. Konoha's forces were in panic as random bolts of lightning rained upon them from the sky.

"AAAARGH!" A jounin on fire tried to put out the flame by rolling over the snowy floor only to be struck dead by a bolt.

"Everyone! Take cover!" Itachi beckoned everyone to a camp. Everyone rushed into the camp, hoping against hope that they would be safe in there.

"This storm, it's not natural," Masaru remarked watching the flashes of lightning between the clouds, "He's here."

"Who?" Shikaku asked.

"Kurosuki Raiga the wielder of Kiba, and the last loyal member of the Seven Swordsmen."

Raikage's Team

A, Kirabi and C were using ABC formation to fight three hunternins at once while Atsui and Samui were fighting two and Yugito was fighting one on one against Yagura.

The two jinchuuriki wasted no time in bringing out their bijuu mode. Yugito transformed into a giant fiery two-tailed blue cat while Yagura turned into a giant turtle with three tails.

Konoha Base

"So that's the plan, coop all of us within one place and fry us," Shikaku realized, "Troublesome, your falcons would be especially useless during a lightning storm."

"Not really," Masaru said, "Kirigakure used a similar tactic to prevent Uzu from using its falcons; we learnt from that incident. We have been developing lightning rod units. Unfortunately we have only 82."

"And that still leaves our ground forces vulnerable," Itachi added.

"We should scatter our forces, mix them with Kiri's ranks," Kakashi suggested.

"Raiga might just zap his own forces to get ours," Shisui noted.

"And we would have hard time redirecting the lightning attacks at Kiri nins," Masaru added.

"Then we find Raiga, he should be at a high place with clear view of our base," Shikaku said.

"I found him," Itachi said pointing at a shadow which released a streak of lightning streaming towards the clouds.

"Masaru will lead a squadron to intercept Raiga's attacks and defend the ground forces, Kakashi and Shisui will neutralize Raiga, I and Itachi will lead the ground forces," The Jounin Commander formulated a plan, "Now everyone hurry!"

Everyone scurried off to do their parts.

"Nara-taichou, shouldn't I go with Kakashi-sempai or Masaru?"

"Kakashi and Shisui can handle Raiga, and Masaru has more experience in aerial combat than anyone in Konoha," Shikaku reassured Itachi, "We need you on ground."

Raikage's Retrieval Team

Team Alpha, which consisted of six Kumo Anbu, was rushing through the coniferous forest towards Raikage's team when they tripped and fell.

"What the fuck?" Alpha cursed as all the team members found their feet bound by vines sprouting from the snow covered ground. Before the team could react white men emerged from the snow-white ground and swallowed them into the earth.

From a Peak near Konoha Camp

Kurosuki Raiga watched Konoha's camp from a nearby peak. Raiga was a tall man with waist-length green hair, thick eyebrows and dark full lips. He had already caused a panic among Konoha's ranks as he struck multiple targets at once, frying them to death with his lightning blades, while Kiri nins watched from far.

He held up his twin blades, Kiba, ready to unleash another lightning storm upon the Konoha ninjas, when he noticed movement in air. He looked up to find giant falcons with Konoha shinobi hovering over the base.

"Poor fools, flying during a lightning storm," Raiga remarked, "Fangs of Lightning Jutsu!"

Bolts of lightning struck at the cast of falcons, but instead of being paralyzed or killed the birds were safe, while the lightning bolts were redirected towards Kiri nins. That's when he noticed that each rider was holding a pair of what looked like lightning rods.

"What the?" Raiga cursed, "You would dare steal my lightning!?" Raiga created more bolts and fired them on the falcons, this time he manipulated the bolts like snakes, switching directions at the last possible moment, three were struck down but most of the birds somehow outmaneuvered the lightning.

Raiga fired many shots at the raptors but this time the raptors managed to dodge while their riders redirected the lightning.

"Die! Die! Die!" Raiga cursed every time he fired though he managed to tag a few nins here and there, most of his shots were redirected or evaded. Raiga paused his onslaught to catch his breath and that's when he noticed two Konoha Anbu climbing towards him.

"So Konoha found me?" Raiga stabbed his dual blades to the ground before going through a few hand signs, "Rock Avalanche Jutsu!"

Raiga caused an avalanche which headed towards Kakashi and Shisui. But the two managed to circumvent the avalanche by splitting up and climbing the peak using shushin from opposite sides. They made it to the peak within a few seconds where Raiga was prepared to face them off with Kiba blades in his hands.

"Hatake Kakashi the Copy Ninja and Uchiha Shisui of Shushin Jutsu," Raiga noted.

"Well sempai, looks like we need to change our masks," Shisui joked.

"But a ninja is known by his or her techniques, speaking of which, Hatake, is it true that you can cut lightning?"

"Why don't you find-"

"Lightning Ball Jutsu!" Raiga fired a lightning ball which hit Kakashi spot on and flung him off the edge, "I guess not."

"Sempai!" Shisui cried out before charging at Raiga. Raiga fired a barrage of Lightning Fang jutsu at Shisui who evaded using shushin.

"Hahaha! Do you know what I'm identified by?" Raiga asked, "It's Lightning!" Raiga rained lightning at the peak.

Shisui used his sharingan to keep track of the lightning bolts and shushin to evade them, 'His jutsu works like a real thunderstorm; it takes time to strike the same place twice. I either need to get close or hit him with a strong jutsu. The time gap is too short for a ninjutsu and though I could reach him with shushin but I might not hit him,' Shisui evaluated his options while evading Raiga's lightning bolts, 'I can do this.'

"Is that your best Shushin no Shisui? If you cannot fight me then die like a shinobi!" Raiga mocked Shisui.

"Shushin no Bunshin!" Shisui teleported all around so fast that he was everywhere at once, all of Raiga's attacks missed him. Then Shisui got close to Raiga and took a swipe at his throat.

"Lightning Strike Armour!" Raiga struck himself with lightning creating lightning armour to block Shisui's attack and repulsed him backwards.

Shisui rolled over and stood up holding his arm, he turned to Raiga find him panting but Shisui was not deceived. He could tell Raiga was preparing a big one. Shisui went through a quick series of hand seals and attacked with, "Fire Style: Phoenix Sage Flower Fire Jutsu!"

Several balls of fire flew at Raiga but dispersed, along with the shurikens hidden in them, upon hitting an aura of chakra that burst around Raiga.

Once Raiga had enough chakra he raised both his blades up and released a storm of lightning chakra which spun in a purple tornado before taking shape of a giant dragon.

"Lightning Dragon Tornado!" Raiga set the dragon upon Shisui, intent on obliterating him.

"Susanoo!" Shisui activated his Mangekyo and was covered by a huge green chakra construct in likeliness of samurai armour with spikes all over. Shisui held Raiga's attack back which pushed against his Susanoo's spear relentlessly.


Shisui grit his teeth, his Mangekyo Sharingan feeling the strain of maintaining his Susanoo.

Just then a white spark rushed besides Shisui, into Raiga's Lightning Dragon Tornado jutsu, cut through the attack and struck Raiga in the chest.

"Wha-what?" Raiga gasped before coughing up some blood. In front of him was Kakashi whose right hand stabbed through Raiga's chest with lightning chakra concentrated into his hand. Raiga smirked, "I see... You really can cut lightning..." Raiga said before his eyes rolled over and body went limp. Kakashi deactivated Raikiri, removed his hand and laid Raiga down before closing his eyes.

"That looks different from Chidori," Shisui remarked having deactivated his Mangekyo.

"It's Raikiri, Chidori's upgraded version." Kakashi replied.

"So what do we do with his swords?" Shisui asked.

"We take them to the Hokage," Kakashi replied. Shisui nodded and grabbed kiba blades and placed them inside a sealing scroll.

"We should probably join the-"

"Watch out!" Kakashi warned as he leaped at Shisui and brought him down to the ground in time to avoid a tiger made of poison green flames.

"Impossible!" Shisui said recognizing the jutsu.

"Shisui." A hunter nin said, she removed her mask revealing a fair skinned woman with purple hair and red eyes with three-lines intersecting each other at where her pupils should be.

Shisui turned around, "Tsuki?" Shisui whispered.

Utakata vs Tsubasa

After exchanging a few strokes with Tsubasa, Utakata realized he couldn't match him at close range when Tsubasa cut his blade clean of its hilt. So Utakata backed off but Tsubasa pursued him, intent on finishing him off.

Tsubasa slashed at Utakata with furious swipes but Utakata peddled back with every swiped. Rokubi's jinchuuriki didn't dare use his bubble blower out of fear that Tsubasa might damage it.

"Back off already!" Utakata said, throwing a few smoke pellets in hopes of throwing Tsubasa off his trail by creating a smoke screen.

When smoke covered the two, Tsubasa drew two blades, charging one with lightning and another with fire chakra before slashing them towards Utakata, scraping the blades along the flat surface.

Utakata barely got a warning from a bright light in the smoke before he created a bubble barrier around himself in time to get hit by a white plasma slash which

"AAAARGH!" Utakata was sent hurtling through the coniferous forest, slipped over a frozen stream before crashing into a rock, the impact softened by the snow covering it, "Ugh..."Utakata got up and dropped to the ground in time to avoid getting hit by a kunai. He rolled over to avoid the explosion from the explosion tag attached to the kunai.

"Okay that's it! Saiken! It's time!" Utakata said.

"Let's do this!" Saiken the six-tailed slug replied.

Soon Utakata was covered in chakra till he morphed into a giant six-tailed slug.

'Kyuubi,' Tsubasa reached into his mind for Kyuubi.

"Showtime," Kyuubi smirked before Tsubasa's body exploded with red chakra.

Kushina vs unknown Hunternin

Kushina and the red haired hunternin had been exchanging blades for a while. Kushina struck at the swordsman with swift and precise blows which the hunternin parried with his nodachi.

'Naruto!' Kushina tried to hiraishin to her son's aide but found herself unable to, as something compelled her to stay and fight the hunternin. She put her hands together and said, "Katsu!"

"Pointless," The hunternin said before attacking Kushina with a downward slash.

Kushina tried to substitute but was compelled not to. She managed to block the attack.

"What sort of jutsu is this?" Kushina asked.

"Geas," The swordsman answered.


"It's an ancient technique used to enforce certain conditions upon the victim. In our case, it is to leave only after finishing your opponent and to use only kenjutsu."

"So I have to chop you into pieces before I can leave?" Kushina pushed the red haired swordsman off herself, "Fine with me!" She brought her katana down upon her opponent.

Tenzou vs Unknown hunternin

Tenzou rolled over to dodge another swarm of exploding clay insects from the hunternin riding a huge clay bird.

"That jutsu, it's the Explosion release, Iwa's blood-limit, what's an Iwa nin doing with Kiri?" Tenzou asked the disguised shinobi.

"I ain't with Iwa no more! Un!" The rogue nin replied.

"A rogue nin of Iwa with that bloodline? Then you must be Deidara!" Tenzou deduced.

"Got that right!" Deidara threw his mask away revealing his features.

"Why are you aiding Kiri?" The Anbu asked.

"I'm not doing this for Kiri, I'm doing this for ART!" Deidara sent a clay scorpion at Tenzou who skewered it with wood spikes emerging from the ground.

Tenzou backed up in time to avoid an explosion before using the smoke as cover to launch wood spikes at Deidara in air. The spikes hit mark, but Deidara melted into a clay clone.

"What?" Tenzou barely had enough time to erect a wooden barrier before another explosion occurred, creating shock-waves and flash.

"It's useless! Un!" Deidara boasted as he emerged from the forest cover and walked towards the wood user.

"And why exactly is that?" Tenzou asked while maintaining his wooden barrier.

"Your jutsu uses earth and water doesn't it? Guess how clay is made?"

"Crap," Tenzou said as his wood barrier turned into a clay snake which coiled around him and wrapped him before exploding.

ABC vs Three unknown hunternins

A dashed at his opponent as swift as lightning but as soon as he got close to the hunternin, the hunternin used a wind attack to slow the Raikage down and dodged his attack. This was repeated for a few rounds before A feigned an attack from the left and attacked from the right.

The hunternin fell for the ruse and paid for it with his arm. He forced the Raikage to back off with a fire attack and reformed his lost arm with black tendrils, mich to A's annoyance.

B drew out eight blades; two in hands and six between his joints. He took a rather awkward pose and charged them with lightning chakra then dashed at the hunternin with huge blade wrapped in bandages like a twister but the hunternin blocked all the blades with his blade. Instead of slicing through the huge blade, Kirabi's blades had their chakra drained as the huge blade ripped its bandages revealing a huge blue spiky shark like blade.

"Samehada likes your chakra," Kisame complimented Kirabi and twisted his blade breaking all of Kirabi's blades.

C charged at his opponent with lightning chakra running through his sword. C's opponent drew out a double-edged straight sword and parried all of C's attack. After four blows, C's blade started chipping off forcing C to back off.

"That sword, is it the Kusanagi?" C asked.

"What if it is?" The hunternin asked nonchalantly.

"There's only one shinobi who wields a Kusanagi jian and he is wanted in Konoha," The Kumo nin replied.

"Bingo," Orochimaru removed his mask and grinned at C.

Yugito vs Yagura

Niibi fired rounds of pressurized blue fire bullets at Sanbi from all directions while going all around the turtle demon. Sanbi was tanking all the attacks from Niibi, returning fire with pressurized water balls every now and then.

Despite an elemental advantage against Niibi's fire and an environmental advantage as water was readily available in form of ice, Yagura resisted the impulse to blitzkrieg against Yugito keeping in mind her superior agility. He was waiting for the right moment to go on the aggressive. On the other hand, Yugito was getting frustrated with the lack of success against Sanbi.

'Matabi, we have to finish this soon,' Yugito told Niibi.

"Isobu has a thick shell. The only way to defeat him is to hit him in his soft spots," Matabi told Yugito.

'And that would be?' Yugito asked.

"The eyes, that's the reason he always keeps one closed," Niibi replied.

Just then a thick layer of mist covered the entire area.

"Be careful, this is his mystical mist jutsu," Matabi warned her jinchuuriki.

'Got it!' Yugito replied. They stayed still, waiting for Sanbi to make his move. Soon enough, Niibi heard the sound of rushing water and jumped in the air in time to dodge a water bullet. She swerved mid-air to dodge another. As soon as she landed she saw Sanbi rolling towards her like a bowling ball. She rolled over to the side letting Sanbi hit the trees only to be surprised when Isobu phased through them instead.

Just then a huge water bullet hit Matabi head on, sizzling into vapor upon contact with her fiery chakra. Before she could recover Sanbi emerged curled like a giant spiked ball and crashed into her, upon contact her entire body was covered with thick corals. Before Niibi could recover, Sanbi crashed into her again and again and again. After being hit several times, Yugito couldn't maintain her transformation and returned to her human form and fell to the ground fighting to remain conscious.

As Yugito's vision blurred, she saw Yagura stand next to a man in orange mask before losing consciousness.

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