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One day I was doing cartwheels and round-offs a hand caught my ankle. I wriggled my ankle the persons grip was like steel. But then I had an idea I flipped over so I was standing the right way up. I put my free foot on the person's chest. I looked down and realised it was my best friend Nico di Angelo. He released my ankle and I removed my foot from his chest. I offered my hand to him, reluctantly he took it.

So I should explain who I am. My name is Fern Spiro my godly parent is obviously Demeter. So I had bright green eyes and long brown hair with green tips (I mean down to knees long) which is normally pulled back in a French plait.

" Fernie , you should do some more sword training instead of doing these ridiculous girly stuff." He grinned when he called me Fernie cause he new I hated it.

"Shut up Death boy " I hissed.

He pouted " did I make little Fernie mad" he said as he patted my head. He joked about my height 'cause I was like a head and a half shorter than him.

" At least I'm not a giant." I shot at him.

" Better than being a dwarf" he shot back. Then he smiled at me and I smiled back.

" Gods, why do you guys always smile at each other" We looked back and saw…