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Chapter 17: Saint vs. Sinner part 1

The past several hours were complete chaos as now it was about to get even worse as an impending attack on the entire city was in peril from another threat of the renegades.

"So they want to use this on us?" Joe asked.

"Yeah they originally designed this as a last resort to a more bigger problem like terrorists or an uprising of a country, but they were going to use this on you guys." Jason revealed a surprising fact to them.

"Temple really hated us, but why go this far?" Pierce asked.

"Yeah I mean it's not like we're that big of a threat to him or the world right?" Shaundi asked.

"It's not just about The Saints…it's about me." Jason said.

"Why you?" Joe asked.

"Because I'm the last remnants of his dirty deeds and the fact I know too much about his other "deeds" and believe me if I went public with them he would murder the world to stop me." Jason said in a dark tone.

"Hey if he's gonna use that thing on us then why not tell his bosses what he's up to?" Pierce pointed out.

"Pierce you're a genius." Jason said as he asked for his phone and began dialing a number.


"Yes I'd like to speak to Senator Hughes please." Jason asked.

"I'm afraid she's not available right now."

"Well can you pass on a message for me?" Jason asked.

"Yes what is it?"

"Tell her that The White Demon is with the people in purple now and that she is missing something important in her garage." Jason said casually.

The line went silent as Jason put the phone down on the table and sent it to speaker phone.

"Wait for it." Jason said to them all.

"TYLER WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" it was the voice of Senator Monica Hughes who sounded quite pissed.

"Ah Senator good to hear from you, now you know what I'm calling about right?" Jason asked.

"Temple said you joined The Saints and are planning to leak national secrets and had to send The Icemen after you." she said Temple's lie to cover up his true intention.

"Well you should know him by now that he lied about that and just wanted to kill me and The Saints, oh and he took The Deadalus." Jason said.

"He took it?! Now I know you're joking and how can I trust a burned agent?" Hughes asked.

"Ok how about proof his illicit activities over the years and proof he helped murder my brother Richard Tyler, Kinzie would you please send the files to our lovely Senator." Jason asked as she nodded and began to send all the evidence to her.

"Tyler…these files are…alright what do you need?" she asked.

"Simple The Saints once again will pull your ass out of the fire and stop him from his rampage and the rest we'll talk once we're done." Jason laid it out for her.

"Fine leeway for you and The Saints, do whatever it takes to stop Cyrus Temple and the remaining Icemen and I'll give you whatever you want." she said making the deal.

"Good to know Senator, we'll update you on anything new." Jason said as he hung up, he looked to the other Saints. "All right who here has a plan?" he asked.


"How far are we out from Steelport?"

"Not far, we'll be there in one hour."

"Soon we'll get them all and that traitor."

"They will all burn."


Everyone was now at Kinzie's warehouse as they all began to gear up and prepare for what was coming.

"I've got the satellites locked onto the entire city but so far no sign of Temple." Kinzie said as she looked at her numerous monitors.

"He could be jamming all satellite communication and covering his location." Oleg pointed out.

"I'll try to adjust the frequency see if he's masking himself." Kinzie said working on that.

On the top floor Joe, Shaundi, Pierce, Viola and Jason were arming themselves with weapons.

"We got any sort of plan?" Viola asked.

"Find Cyrus and his lackeys, kill them and blow up their toy." Joe said.

"That's it?" Viola asked.

"It's worked all the time in the past." Shaundi said.

"It's our thing." Pierce said agreeing with her.

"I like it, let's do that." Jason said agreeing with that plan.

"But we have no idea where they are?" Viola pointed out.

"I found them!" Kinzie called over her communicator.

They all made their way to the main area and Kinzie had up on her monitors the location of a faint but visually looking ship of sorts.

"The Deadalus." Oleg said as they all saw the massive warship on the monitors.

"That thing's huge." Shaundi said.

"Is what I said." Pierce said as they were both in awe of it.

"How do we stop it?" Viola asked.

"For the first time I got no clue." Joe said.

"We hit it with a well placed strike." Jason spoke in as he was in full combat gear. "I'm the only one who knows where it's weak spots are so I have a plan and it may take some total utter freakin chaos to pull off." he said.

"Our speciality." Joe said as they listened in on the plan.


In the central station of The Deadalus Cyrus Temple along with Rocky and Kim were in view of the city.

"What're your orders sir?"

"Prepare to open fire." Temple ordered.

All personnel began locking their targets as they all had one each.

"We're ready sir."

Cyrus looked at the litany of targets and only thought for a second.

"Fire away." he ordered.

A barrage of shells and missiles began to hit every building in sight as rubble, glass and fire began to fall from above.

The ground was littered with people still being evacuated from Steelport they were being given cover by Saints who were also trying to take on the massive flying fortress but were being blown away with each shot of it's cannons.

The destruction of Steelport and it's citizens was inevitable.

"Sir you have a call."

"Patch me through." Temple said.

"It's me." it was Jason.

"What do you want?" Temple asked.

"Turning myself in." Jason said.

Hearing that he sounded surprised he wanted to hand himself over without a fight.

"How do I know this isn't a classic Tyler trick?" Temple asked.

"You don't but I get the message loud and clear, stop your attack and you can have me, no one else has to die because of me." Jason said trying to do the right thing.

"Then you come out to the top of the Saints headquarters, unarmed and alone." Temple requested.

"Done." Jason agreed.

"One hour be there or I blow up the bridge out of the city." Temple warned.

"Fine." Jason said as he cut transmission.

Jason made his way there as he knew he was going to his death but he knew it would mean saving lives and of those he cared about.

He made it to the Saints headquarters and took the elevator up to the top floor and went out to the outer deck and towards the helipad as he awaited an escort.

While waiting he thought about the good things in his life.

His mother making him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off, or how she would make him oatmeal for breakfast or whenever he was sick or sad she would always read him a bedtime story, regardless of her job at the time she was the perfect mom to him.

When she died his brother Richard became his guardian and wanted to be just like him, even the day when Jason got into his first fight at school he told him violence wasn't always the answer, or when he had his first crush on a girl he told him to be himself, those were his best memories of his brother.

When he was enlisted into the army and then into black ops mission he was then placed into the Icemen, he was one of their best and succeeded on all his missions but one.

He was asked to infiltrate the Japanese mafia as he was able to become a high ranking lieutenant and gain valuable information but in order to get the main info he had to go to the boss and that's when he met her…the boss's wife Yumi she wasn't a typical mob boss's wife, she hated her husband and wanted out but was afraid of him, Jason offered her a way out and she accepted but their time together had made them close and eventually lovers which conflicted with his mission as he tried to do both her husband found out and tried to kill him but she took the bullet and died instantly which enraged Jason as he shot anyone in his path leaving nothing but bodies and any valuable info destroyed.

That led to him being burned and going into exile until the day he met her Viola DeWynter, by saving her life and joining The Saints he knew his life would change forever, he hadn't found a means to an end he found friendship in these rogues and love with Viola.

At first Viola to him was a woman in peril then finding out she was a lieutenant in one of the most infamous and popular gangs in the world The Saints, he knew it was an opportunity to use his skills for something else than the people that abandoned him, he could do what he wanted and in doing so he was enthralled into a war with another gang as he helped take them down one by one his feelings grew for Viola and eventually they fell in love, finally he had something worth fighting for.

He saw the helicopter with a V-Tol escort arriving as the copter touched down on the landing pad out came both Rocky and Kim with armed guards.

"Really? All this for me? You guys really are that scared of me." Jason mocked them.

"I'm not the one who's surrendering because he cares for some low life thugs who are wannabe celebrities?" Rocky said.

"And a slut who threw herself at you." Kim spat at him.

"Well when your father and so called friends decide to teach you a lesson by killing your brother in cold blood it tends to blur the lines a bit." Jason came back.

"Hands up." Rocky ordered him as he did.

The two guards went to him and brought his hands behind his back and they handcuffed him as Rocky approached him he just punched him in the stomach hard as that winded him.

"Let's go." he said as they took him on board and the left for The Deadalus as they arrived in minutes and he was escorted through the hallways and into the command centre where standing at the console and many monitors was Cyrus Temple.

"So it's come to this…I lose another son." Temple said in a past tense.

"You did the day you killed my brother." Jason said.

Temple turned to face his son. "You did the right thing before more people had to die." he said.

"I know so why don't you leave the city and get whatever you have planned for me over with." Jason said wanting him to finish it.

"All in due time…arm all weapons fire on my command." Temple made the order as he went back on his word.

"Knew you would do that." Jason said.

"You should know by now I don't make deals with terrorists." Temple said.

"Takes one to know one." Jason said seeing how much of a hypocrite his father is.

"Ready and-"


Hearing that sent some fear towards Cyrus, Rocky and Kim as they looked to Jasoon who was still restrained.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"What's going on?!" Temple asked.

"Weapons are not responding and we can't get any response on the defense systems!"

"We've been hacked!"

Temple took a guess how and looked to Jason who looked oblivious and walked up to him.

"How are you doing this?!" he asked.

"Well let's just say when you asked me to hand myself in I figured you'd pull this stunt and I decided to have my very own cracker jack surprise just in case you actually grew a conscience and stop this but guess I was right." Jason explained as Temple searched him and found a small device that was transmitting a signal of sorts.

"We're under attack!"

The alarms blared as they base was being assaulted by choppers and V-Tol's as it was The Saints.

"I've had enough of this!" Rocky said pulling out a gun and pointing it at Jason's head.

"I said not to kill him." Temple said.

"Well plans change old man, he should've died in Japan but guess you were to sentimental to do just that." Rocky said revealing another truth.

"You were going to kill me anyway." Jason said.

"BOOM!" an explosion rocked the place and Jason took advantage of the chaos and just dove into Rocky sowing he had undid his restraints as they began to fight but from the viewing window of the command center a V-Tol crashed though there.


"Boss! They're sending more V-Tol's after us, we can't get close enough to land on it, we'll have to fight them!" Shaundi said.

"Let's take them out and then we get in and help Jason." Joe said.

"Hope we're not too late." Pierce said.

"We won't be." Viola said.

Is Jason ok? Will they get to him in time? Will they stop Temple?

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