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Chapter 18: Saint vs. Sinner part 2

"Uh…" opening his eyes slowly Jason could see the room was in complete ruins as fire spread through the place.

His ears were still ringing and looked around to see if his father or his old team-mates were breathing and saw there was no sign of them and guessed they were trying to escape.

"Where the…uh…my head…" Jason said to himself as he slowly got up and a bit woozy from his injuries.

He looked around and saw that Temple, Rocky and Kim were nowhere in sight as he saw a handgun on the floor, picked it up and loaded it and went after them.

The place was on alert and most of the staff were either running from the battle or to it but some managed to see him and they tried to kill him but he fought his way through anyone who tried to as he saw out from a smashed window heading to the hangar was the three of them as he needed to get down there fast.

Racing down towards the hanger he fought his way past several armed personnel as he got to the hanger and was stopped by a single gunshot nearly hitting his head.

"Guess we all knew it would come to this." Rocky said as Kim reloaded her rifle.

"Can we do the honours?" Kim asked Temple.

"Go ahead I'm heading to finish what I started with The Saints." Temple said as he took off in the aircraft.

The three of them were left alone in the blazing fortress as the stage was set.

"Let's finish this." Jason said.


Meanwhile in the air the dogfight was raging on as STAG jets were pummeling Saints jets and helicopters.

"Boss we're getting hammered here!" Shaundi said as they dodged shots and explosions.

"Keep it up we need to get through and find Jase!" Joe said.

They kept on going as the communications channel opened up.

"Kinzie?" Joe said.

"I think I know where Jason is, he's not far from you but the way is blocked off by hundreds of airships you'll need to find a way past them without alerting your presence to them." Kinzie said.

"I'm already on it!" Joe said as he got out of his seat and towards the open door of the ship.

"You gonna do what I think you're gonna do?!" Shaundi asked.

"Need to ask that?" Pierce said.

Joe just jumped out of the helicopter he was free-falling fast and was now maneuvering in mid air avoiding any oncoming debris, aircrafts and gunfire but then he took a quick detour and landed right into the hangar of a STAG helicopter and just started shooting anything that moved as he got in three headshots and proceeded to the cockpit and before the pilot could react he shot him and guided the craft towards some oncoming STAG jets and shot the controls and bailed again as the craft collided with many of the aircrafts as he continued to free-fall and once again took a detour and shot out a jet's window and killed the pilot as he took the seat and guided himself towards the airship.

"Knock-Knock!" Joe said as he fired several missiles towards the airship as they blew a hole wide open as Joe took the ship right towards it.


Jason was in the middle of a gunfight with his two former team-mates as he was taking cover behind some debris while both sides exchanged gunfire.

"Come on Jase! You know this is pointless Kimmy's a good shot and you know one false move and it's lights out!" Rocky said trying to remind him of a fact.

"Well if I wanted to take my time it would be three but right now I have a very clear shot so any last words asshole?!" Kim asked him with her finger on the trigger.

Jason knew they weren't bluffing and had to do something fast or it was game over and began to look around and as he looked up and made a decision.

"Alright if I come out now can I at least die with some dignity?" Jason said giving his terms of surrender.

"Fine." Rocky said reluctantly as Jason came out of hiding.

Their guns still pointed at him as he had both hands up.

"Show your gun." Rocky ordered as Jason produced it.

"Throw it away." Rocky ordered as he did that.

"You're gonna shoot me anyway so get it over with." Jason said.

"No not yet, I want to do this the old fashioned way…put em up!" Rocky said as both men got their fists up.

They exchanged blow for blow as both men knew they were evenly matched in hand to hand and were ignoring the fact the place was going down as Kim had her rifle on Jason the entire time.

"Can't get him in line." Kim said to herself as both men were still in hand to hand combat.

Both threw massive hooks and even began to counter one attack after another, Jason got in a kick but Rocky turned that around into a leg lock and hit a few grounded fists but Jason then countered grabbing his left arm and got him into a triangle choke but modified it as he used his shin to try and crush his larynx but then used the momentum and flipped him over as he went flying towards Kim and crashed into her.

Jason had now had enough of this game and went for him again but Kim tried to block him and just quickly got thrown to one side and Rocky looked up to see Jason just mount him and he brought down a barrage of fists just bloodying his face as he did not stop one strike after another came down on him as all of Jason's anger, hatred and grief came down on his former friend.

He stopped and saw he had battered his face into a bloody mass and once again Kim tried to get at him again and grabbing her before she could touch him and threw her into Rocky as both were dazed and Jason grabbing some loose cables nearby ripped them from the wall and began wrapping them around the two as he knotted the cable now binding them both together.

"You want to be together then hope this keeps you that way…" Jason said as he then dragged them to the edge.

"Oh Jase wait a sec! You don't have to do this!" Rocky pleaded with him.

"Jay-Jay please for old times sake and for Wes and Morty don't do it!" Kim also pleaded with him.

He was thinking about for a second until a loud creaking and then a huge explosion as crashing towards them was a fighter jet and Jason just rolled out of the way as it just stopped shy of the edge of the hangar as the cockpit opened up and hopped out and individual.

"Fuck me that was a ride…" as he saw Jason. "…Jase?!" he called.

Jason looked and saw it was Joe. "Joe?! Nice entrance." he said as they greeted one another with a high five.

They then heard some groaning and saw both Rocky and Kim were hanging by the cables on the tip of the jet's missile.

Jason approached them and looked them in the eye. "You won't kill us right? I mean you're not like those scumbags!" Rocky said trying to weasel his way out of his predicament.

"Me? No I would never kill my friends." Jason said as he was calm and that relieved about that.

"But him that's another story." Jason said looking to Joe who was back in the cockpit and pushed the missile release.

Rocky and Kim went wide eyed. "JAAAAASSSSSOOOOONNNN!" Rocky screamed as they were propelled outside and the missile along with them were disintegrated.

"That's for Wes and Morty." Jason said as Joe hopped out to meet him.

Joe presented a gun to him. "Shall we?" as Jason took the gun.

"Let's finish this." he said and both of them raced off to find Temple.

They both hopped into the jet and Joe was able to pilot it out of the hangar and into the air as the battle was still going on.

"Where'd you think he's gone?" Joe said as he was piloting and shooting his way through the chaos.

Until Jason saw something that shook him with fear.

"Holy shit is he crazy?!" he shouted.

"What is it?!" Joe asked.

"Temple, he's arming a rail gun directly at the city." Jason said as Joe could see the massive gun.

"I can see that how bad is that?" Joe asked.

"It's more than bad he's even got a nuclear warhead on it, if he launches that it could take out not just the city but most of the east coast, we gotta sink this ship into the water now!" Jason said as the situation has become dire.

"I'll try to get us closer, get Kinzie on the line and see what our options are." Joe asked as Jason did that taking his phone.

"Kinzie?" Jason asked.

"Jason? You're alive!" she said glad he was still breathing.

"Yeah and we all won't be if Temple has his way with that rail gun he's got." Jason told her.

"I see it and a warhead as well nuclear also, okay give me a sec and…we have a weak spot if you're able to land on the base of the gun you can disable the guidance system but the quicker option would be to disable the controller of the weapon." Kinzie gave options.

"I'll go with option two, he's mine." Jason said as they approached the weapon.

"Jase get ready I'm about to nosedive this bitch!" Joe warned as Jason undid his seatbelt and opened the cockpit up.

"I'm ready go for it!" Jason gave the green light.

He just sent the plane into a dive as they were about to attempt a suicidal drop within inches of reaching their target Jason leaped out of the cockpit and got a hold of the ledge as he held on by one hand but was able to get another hand on and climbed on up to the gun as he was on he loaded his gun and headed onto the control room.

There was no security, no defence of any kind just a small room with monitors and one seat.

"So this is how it ends?" Temple said as he turned around in his seat. "Gunned down by my own son, guess it's fitting." he said getting up.

"Hands up!" Jason ordered him as he just stood there not complying.

"Do you ever wonder why I left? Why I abandoned you both like that?" Temple asked.

"Not really figured you went back to your actual family." Jason said keeping his gun pointed at him.

"I did it because you deserved better and after she died I had to get to you both but Richard didn't want me around you or himself but I convinced him that you needed out of this life and do something more meaningful." Temple said.

"No you did it to take control of me and gain yourself a weapon, you succeeded and I was the agent you always wanted." Jason said.

"But then you decided serving your country wasn't enough and you tried to run off with that slut." Temple reminded him of the day he wanted out.

"Until someone blew my cover and Reisha got killed so I did what any man would do and avenged her death." Jason said flashbacking to that day.

"And then we arrive to why your brother had to pay, you got your brother killed over some slut an-"

He got cut off with a fist connecting with his face as he and Jason went into a close quarters fight as both engaged in a move for move and hold for hold contest as each time one threw a move the other had an answer for it but out of nowhere Jason caught him with an uppercut but Temple came at him with one of his own as he drew out his knife and swiped at him as he cut his chest lightly.

"You shouldn't have come after me." Jason said as both went at one another as Temple went to stab him Jason had a hold of the knife as a struggle for control was on.

"I did all of this because The Saints are a threat to the world and you can't even see that!" Temple said as he was getting the upper hand.

"No you're wrong, they are a necessary form of order and chaos, the only reason you want them gone is because these guys punked you out." Jason said then infuriating him and then getting the upper hand back.

Both father and son fought as they broke off the hold and the knife fight continued with their blades clashing and Jason swiping and caught Temple on the face as he managed to cut him across his face as he bled from the attack.

"How do I stop this?" Jason asked. "Don't make me ask twice." he said getting his knife ready.

"You can't I set it to a timer you only have five minutes until this thing blows the city into the ground." Temple made clear.

"Then I'll have to blow this thing before it does." Jason said as both men went at one another.

The fighting intensified as an explosion nearby rocked the area and causing Jason to lose his balance and his weapon leaving him vulnerable as Temple came at him as Jason tried to block the knife but he switched hands and stabbed him in the right part of his abdomen as Jason fell to the floor and Temple going over to him.

"It didn't have to be this way, you could've made better choices, Richard would still be alive, your friends would still be alive and you'd be around to raise your child." Temple said knowing he had more to lose as he went over to the console and began to press buttons.

Jason still on the floor bleeding and hearing his father's words not just motivated him but enraged him as he pulled the knife out of him and slowly got to his feet.

"I'm not dead yet." Jason told him as he turned to see him standing there. "Give me your best shot!" he demanded.

"You just don't learn." Temple said going after him again as he threw a right but was blocked and received a head butt and began throwing fists at him hitting one after the other not stopping a moment as he was getting to the point Temple's face was a crimson mass and his knuckles were bleeding.

Looking down on the face of his bloodied father he brought his fist and clenched it and went for one more blow but stopped and thought for a second.

"No…you don't get off that easy." Jason said not delivering the final blow.

He got up and went over to the console and tried to shut down the weapon as he hit every button but nothing seemed to work.

"Dammit." Jason said out loud.

"Jason? Jason come in?!" his comms was going off as he answered.

"I'm here." Jason said.

"You ok?" it was Viola.

"Got a knife wound but ok." Jason detailed his injury.

"Temple?" she asked.

He looked to see he was unconscious.

"Down, I can't stop the rail gun." Jason said as he was lost on what to do.

"Jason it's Kinzie, are you near the controls?" Kinzie asked.

"Yeah." he answered.

"You need to sever the controls, I'll be able to make the weapon self destruct from here." she said.

"So in other words wreck it." he said in simple terms.

"Pretty much." she said.

Jason pulled out his gun and fired at the controls with several shots ripping through the circuitry it destroyed the console.

"Done." he confirmed.

"I'm in andshut down." Kinzie confirmed. "You only have seconds to get out!" she warned.

"Plenty of time." Jason said.

He looked around as he saw his father laying there he sighed heavily.


Meanwhile on the outside the fight was still going on as Joe along with the rest of his crew were waiting for Jason to make his move.

"Come on Jase." Joe was saying as he was waiting on him to make his exit.

As the entire craft began to explode…"Look!" as emerging from the flames of destruction was Jason as he ran as fast as he could and with a bit of a gap to the helicopter he jumped to the cargo door and made it as the entire Deadalus began to go down into the sea.

"Jase you o-what the fuck is he doing with you?!" Joe asked seeing who he had with him.

"Seriously?!" Pierce said also not believing it.

"Why would you save that piece of shit?!" Shaundi said also not happy.

"Really? After everything that he's done to you?!" Viola said agreeing with them all.

Jason looked down at Temple. "He's my father, I have to prove I'm better than him otherwise I'm just like him if not worse." he stated. "He has to stand trial for what he's done." he made his intentions clear.

They all nodded agreeing with him as Viola just hugged him as both of them embraced.

"You're an ass." she said to him.

He chuckled as he was just happy he made it out alive.


They landed on solid ground as the cleanup was being done by Saints and local authorities but then the arrival of someone they didn't expect to see.

"I got this." Jason said as the suits approached them. "Senator Hughes…been a long time." he said.

"Not long enough, so you hack into government files end up being burned then you go and join The Saints and to top it off almost blew up Steelport so tell me should I award you or arrest you right now?" Hughes asked.

"Well I did stop a traitor from blowing up the city and I exposed his illegal activities to you and I believe The Saints for the second time just pulled your ass out of the fire as you co-ordinated with us to bring down the traitor Cyrus Temple and save thousands of lives." Jason said as he appealed to her political side.

"I do have…Presidential aspects, this would be a call for me to enter the race and having you all in my pocket would be handy when needed." Hughes realised her own uses for them.

"Doubt that Senator and besides would you really want the one man who knows about all the very unscrupulous things the American Government as well as all world governments have done over the past fifty years against you or does the sound of him being exonerated and possibly given an honourable discharge good enough?" Jason said making it clear what he wanted.

"Fine, I'll make the arrangements but you better not step foot in DC again." she made it clear to him.

"Oh Senator we both know I could walk in and decimate the capital without even trying." Jason also made clear as she gave a look and left as armed soldiers took Temple away both father and son gave each other a look and he was escorted to an armoured transport van and taken away.

"So now what Jase?" Joe asked.

He looked around him surrounded by his friends as he knew what to do.

"Whatever the fuck we want."


Some time had passed and The Saints were gathered in the hospital.

"So we just wait out here?" Pierce said.

"Yeah as it's family only in there." Shaundi said.

The sounds of screaming were heard from down the hall.

"Man she's getting torn up in there." Joe said as they all agreed.

"I've heard some terrible sounds but that is like scratching a chalkboard against another chalkboard." Oleg said as the screaming continued.

"I'm glad I got my tubes tied." Kinzie said as she was trying to block out the noise.

As then in came Zimos with two nurses on each of his arms. "Thanks for the check-up ladies." he said as they left.

They all gave him a look. "What? You can't expect a playa to be sitting on his ass for hours and not do anything?" Zimos said.

They didn't even bother to respond as it was pointless.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" the loud screaming was heard from the other end of the hallway.

And then there was crying as the gang heard that and knew it had happened.

Out came dressed in hospital scrubs was Jason as he removed his mask and cap to face his friends.

"I'm a dad." Jason announced as they all came up and congratulated him with handshakes and hugs.

"So is it a boy or girl?" Joe asked.

"It's a boy." Jason announced the birth of his son.

He was again congratulated.

"And a girl." Jason then announced the birth of his daughter.

"Wait you had both a boy and a girl?!" Pierce asked a bit confused.

"Yeah funny thing, it's hereditary in Vi's family to have twins." Jason explained how that happened.

"You think one kid is bad just wait until it hits you with a double whammy." Shaundi said as he knew what she meant.

Jason smiled. "I'm looking forward to it." he said. "Why don't you all come and meet them." he invited them all as they did.


Jason was in the maternity wing as he was looking at his newborn children through the viewing window.

"It's something isn't it?"

"Yeah, never thought I'd get here." Jason said.

"You know this will change your life?"

"I know, so how exactly did you escape dad?" Jason turned to face his father.

"Wasn't hard, so this your life now?" Temple asked.

"They are my life and you want to fight we'll do it, not now but any other day." Jason stated.

"I only came here to see you and see my grandchildren." Temple made clear.

"Why?" Jason asked.

"I'm leaving and I'm not coming back, you can have your life with your family, I'll leave you alone." Temple said giving his word.

Jason looked him in the eye. "If I ever hear or see you again…I'll kill you." he stated as Temple was about to walk away.

"Don't lose them." Temple said as he left.

Jason then turned around and looked on at his children as he knew he was right.

They're my worldnothing else matters

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