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Chapter 2: Induction

It had been several hours since the incident and all Saints lieutenants had been assembled for a meeting in their crib atop the tower which was more secure and more bulletproof and missleproof.

They all awaited one more member's arrival to discuss what went down with Raven's Watch as they sat in the living area as then the member was Pierce as he entered looking a bit annoyed.

"Man this better be important I was in the middle of some sweet pussy and was about to get a-"

"Pierce shut the fuck up! No one wants to hear your shitty sexcapades!" Shaundi said as he shot her a dirty look and went to sit down next to Oleg.

"Ok so how did this all happen in short?" Boss asked Viola who was sitting next to him.

"Like I said, I almost got kidnapped by those assholes and out of nowhere Jason saves me, we took off and they came after us and we got back here and here we are." Viola explained the incident in short.

"So what about this new group…Raven's Watch?" Shaundi asked.

"All members are of four different gangs in the four corners of Europe and have been in business for nearly thirty years, operating on various fronts like, human trafficking, drug smuggling, fraud, money laundering, among other things." Kinzie explained as she pulled up a file on her laptop.

"I have heard of such a group, they are not to be taken lightly they've committed some unspeakable acts against their enemies." Oleg said telling them of his knowledge on this new group.

Jason hearing all of this was pretending not to as he was looking out of the building's view of the city.

"So what do we do about it playas?" Zimos asked through his custom made voice box.

"Do what we usually do, find out info on them, make a plan on who to attack first and fuck shit up for em." Boss said in his calm and focused mode of behaviour.

As they began to agree with that plan as it was business as usual for The Saints as then their attention turned to Jason.

"What about him Boss?" Shaundi asked.

"Well he did save Vi and also took some of those dicks out for us…Hey Jason get over here!" Boss called out to him as he went over to them and stood in front of The Saints.

Jason pulled down his hood and revealed his, short brown messy hair, his blue eyes staring at them and some stubble on his face but was barely noticeable.

"Let me guess you want me to join?" Jason asked.

"Well yeah but I can give you a hundred thousand right now to fuck off and not look back, but that would be a mistake so how about it?" Boss asked him giving him two options.

"I guess if I take the cash I could run and hide until they get bored and stop looking for me, but that's not me unfortunately and since these guys started it I guess I wanna help to finish it." Jason stated as he wanted in.

"Alright you're in, welcome to The Saints." Boss said as he was now a member of The Saints.

"Hey Boss, doesn't he need to go through an initiation first…we all did it?" Pierce mentioned as he nodded in agreement.

"Tyler, before you become a full member you gotta fight for it." Boss said as he went to the outside section of the floor and the crew followed as did Jason.

Seeing that they all formed a sort of circle around the helipad he guessed what it was and went to the centre of it and awaited what was coming.

"Ok boys and girls this is an initiation so Jason…you ready to fight for it?" Boss asked him as he nodded.

As then five random Saints closed in on him and he just got ready to fight them.

One came running at him as he threw a fist but Jason sidestepped him and grabbed the exposed arm and with one huge elbow coming down on the back of the Saint's arm a loud crack was heard and he was down and out wailing in pain.

The second attacked him from behind as he grabbed him holding him back as the other three took turns in hitting him but he broke free and hit an uppercut on one, another with a massive roundhouse kick to the head and the third tried to swing for him but he countered with a kick to the back of his leg bringing him to one knee and he grabbed his head from behind and just trusted his hand into his throat cutting his oxygen off.

As then the last guy knew he was all alone and just ran right at him but he just kicked him in the gut brining him to a stop as Jason then brought his palms out and hit him both sides of his head hard as the shot disoriented the Saint member he then nailed another body blow to his upper chest cavity and followed it up with another shot to the jaw knocking him out.

"Alright that's enough!" Boss called out as he'd seen enough and the injured Saints were taken back in and Jason stood tall.

"Am I in now? Or is there a three week waiting period as I don't think I'll be alive by then." Jason joked as the Boss approached him and extended his hand as he accepted it and now he was a Saint.


Jason was offered to have his initiation party but he declined as he wanted to get back to his apartment and rest so Viola offered to take him back there.

"So what's it like being a Saint?" Jason asked as Viola drove.

"It's got it's perks, good source of income, fame, roles in shitty movies." she said.

"Shitty movies?" Jason asked as she sighed knowing he would laugh about it.

"I did a sort of role, wore an outfit fit for a hooker end of story." Viola said as she did not want to go into anymore detail.

"Ok I won't ask, so does this sort of thing happen to you guys a lot?" Jason asked.

"On a regular basis but it's been a year since we've had anyone face us, where do I turn?" Viola asked.

"Take a right on the next junction, so why were you at the graveyard?" Jason asked.

"I'll tell you if you tell me why you were there." Viola said making a deal.

"Ok I'll tell you, here park around the corner." Jason said as she did so and they had stopped.

They got out of the car and she saw the building, it was a normal apartment building but it looked like complete shit, as they went in via the front entrance of the building and the inside said it all.

"Oh god it's like a crack den in here!" Viola commented on the state of the place.

"It was one but they got bored and moved on, it's up this way." Jason said as he led her up two flights of stairs and they were on the second floor and both travelled the hallway and stopped in front of the door labelled 3C as he took some keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door.

"Welcome to the apartment." Jason said inviting her in as she accepted.

The place looked a bit messy as there were empty boxes everywhere and it seemed there was packing going on as she walked past the kitchen and it was filthy, full of unwashed dishes and food cartons littered the place.

She walked past the bedroom seeing the door was ajar and saw it had been slept in and looked a mess with clothes all over the floor.

As the living area looked just as bad with boxes, clothes and stuff piled into a corner as he quickly cleared more clothes off the sofa.

"Sorry for the mess haven't had a chance to sort things out." Jason said as she took a seat on the sofa as he cleared more stuff off the other chair and sat on it.

"So why were you there?" Viola asked him.

"I was visiting my brother." Jason bluntly said.

Viola seeing the sad look that came across his face knew it wasn't a good thing to bring up. "I'm sorry, when did it happen?" she asked.

"About a month ago, he was killed while in the line of duty." Jason told her of how his brother died.

"He was a cop?" Viola asked.

"He was an NSA agent…he got killed." Jason explained how he died as Viola knew how it felt to lose family.

"I was at the graveyard visiting my sister." she said as the look she had was the same he had as he was surprised by that.

"I guess I wasn't the only one seeing a sibling, how'd she die mind I ask?" Jason asked her.

"She was killed by a man named Killbane, me and her were part of a group that was against The Saints called The Syndicate, when our leader was killed me and Kiki tried to take over leadership duties but Ed-Killbane in a fit of rage grabbed her by her neck and snapped it like a popsicle…" she started to sob a little.

Jason seeing this he could see it was hard to talk about and then searched around himself and put in front of her a box of tissues as she took one and dried her eyes.

"Thanks…sorry for being like this, I don't usually do it but ever since she died I get upset about it." Viola said as she continued to dry her eyes.

"It's okay, I understand but I never knew how he died, you saw it happen in front of you, did you kill him?" Jason asked.

"I didn't but a friend of mine, Angel did but he died fighting him." Viola said as she had revenge but not by her hand.

"Better than nothing I suppose, are you sure you're ok?" Jason asked.

"I'm fine, look you'll need this." Viola handed a cell phone over to him. "This is for us to keep in contact with you, it's linked to our cells and also it's been locked to one signal and isolated from public networks." she said as he looked at it.

"Thanks I needed one of these, when will my first job be?" Jason asked.

"You'll get a call and instructions, just wait and see, I gotta head out." Viola said as she got up and he led her out and opened the door to let her out.

"Jason…thanks for everything, I'll never forget it." Viola thanked him as he smirked.

"No problem and I'll see you soon." Jason said as she gave him a smile and left.

He shut the door and locked it as he went into the bedroom. Time for some shut eye.

Putting his cell and gun on the bedstand, took his jacket and shirt off and just collapsed onto the bed.


Four men sat in a room filled with monitors as they all had a picture of each Saint on them and were discussing the day's events.

"Report…what have you done Malik?"

"I sent my men after Miss DeWynter as you said but they encountered an…unexpected problem."

"What kind of problem?"

As then a picture of Jason was pulled up.

"Who is he?"

"No idea, we've searched for his records but…"

"But what?"

"His files are government protected, we cannot access them without tipping the authorities off of our presence."

"I say we up our presence in Steelport, send Desmond and his crew, they will suffer for their insubordination."


Jason woke up the next morning as he opened his curtains and it was now a clear day for once as he went into the bathroom, showered, brushed his teeth and got dressed as then he heard his cell go off and answered it as it was a message which read.

Go to Planet Saints on 43rd street, I'll be waiting outside.


He sighed as he knew this was it, his first job as a Saint as he was eating some toast and just left out the coffee, took his gun and left the apartment and locked up.

Looking around he did not know Steelport that well and looked at his cell as he used the GPS app he had o nit and used that to get to the store as he walked there and within about twenty minutes he was there and saw Pierce waiting by his car for him.

"Wonderin when you'd show up." Pierce said.

"Ok why did you ask to meet me here?" Jason asked as Pierce put his hand on his shoulder and led him into the store known as Planet Saints.

"Being a Saint is not all about how you perform, it's how you look doing it." Pierce explained to him as Jason surveyed the very purple store with all sorts of designer clothes.

"What's wrong with what I wear?" Jason asked as he felt a little insulted.

"Well firstly you're wearing the clothes from yesterday and second these are not the stuff I want you wearing." pierce said as he made a nod to the cashier and Pierce led Jason through to the back room.

"This is what I'm talkin about." Pierce said showing him a more better range of clothes.

Jason looked at each one and was beginning to like it as Pierce grabbed some of his choice and Jason holding them and seeing what he'd picked out had only one thing to say.

"Pierce…do I look like Vanilla Ice motherfucker?" Jason asked as then he dropped the threads.

"Fine then you pick your damn outfit!" Pierce said as Jason gladly accepted.

Looking further on he grabbed some stuff he liked. "I'll wait for you outside in the car just come out when your ready. " Pierce said leaving him to it.


As Pierce waited he then saw the door of the store open and emerged Jason in brand new clothing.

"Now you look more like a Saint." Pierce said.

Jason was now wearing a dark purple shirt with a black blazer, suit pants, some suede black shoes and what looked like an Italian leather belt as he liked it and got into the passenger side of Pierce's car and they drove off.

"Where we headed?" Jason asked.

"Got a few stops to do, need you to help me stay safe while I make them." Pierce explained.

As then Jason loaded his gun. "Never a dull moment when you're a Saint." he said as it was about to begin for him.

He's now a Saint but what will be waiting for him around the corner?

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