A Mother's Prayer

A Hunter x Hunter poem by Cielo-chan 2002


"I'm going to take the Hunter exam and I'll become a Hunter, just like my Otousan!"

It still rings in my ears, Gon. It's been almost a month since you left, and yet I can still hear your laughter and cheerful voice so vividly, as if the trees kept them in their leaves, and the wind would play it over and over.

The lake still sparkles with your smiles and the animals are eagerly waiting for you.

I miss you, Gon.

Twelve colorful years with you has made my monotone life into a canvas full of shades and variant tones. Every little token of affection you have given me are safely kept. Your mother would have been very happy to see you.

I bet she already is, seeing into what you have grown into.

Yet, I am now, the luckiest woman in the world and I am proud of whom I raised.

I wonder what you are doing right now. I just sneezed, thinking perhaps I passed your mind somehow. I can't ask you to write, nor can I write to you. I guess I'll never know until you come back.

Gon, take care of yourself well. I know you can hear me, with your gifts of raised senses.

The wind will carry my prayer to you.

I love you, Gon.



1. Sappy, isn't it? Well, I was feeling a little emotional at that time. I haven't seen my mom in three years (she's working overseas) and I sort of feel what she is feeling at certain moments; you know, that unmistakable bond between mother and daughter…

2. Anyways, I hope you liked that short thing, although I think that it belongs to a sort of poem type of literature; like a monologue or something.

3. That's it! Comments are always welcome!