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What if instead of Mukuro, what if Hibari was the one who met her? He was admitted into the hospital the same day Nagi had her accident and needed a heart transplant. Nagi's mom wrote her of so the doctors decided to use Nagi's heart since they're both are compatible and have the same blood-type (they also have mist flame, but that's another story.) so when Hibari woke up form his operation, he found himself haunted by a purple haired shy ghost.

Chapter one: 2 Hearts.

'Unbelievable...I heard everything. I'm... going to die...Somehow its feel like breathing a sigh of relief... it's finally...over...'

Nagi closed her eye, praying at least for a quick, painless death.

"Hurry, we need another pint of blood, A-. Did any of you contact his parents?" the doctor asked frantically as he tried to staunch the blood flowing from the chest wound. "The boy has to have a surgery now to save him!"

"The boy doesn't have any relative, Dr. apparently he lives alone." One of the nurses answered.

"Kuso!" the doctor cursed. "Then go check the morgue if they have any body with suitable heart for the boy!"

The young doctor stared at the paper in front of her in disbelief. Not only her parents wouldn't do an organ transplant for the girl, the mother even had the nerve to write her off, telling the hospital to use her organs. For a moment, the doctor pitied the young girl.

"Hey, Dr. Sano." One of the interns ran in, breathing frantically. "Dr. Kozue from the OR needs help. He wants to know if there's any body in the morgue with a perfect heart. He needs to do a heart transplant to save one of the patients."

The female doctor could only shake her head. Most of the bodies at the morgue right now had being claimed and the ones that are left haven't got the suitable heart for transplant.

"Then, the boy dies." The intern walked out, unwilling to go back and tell the surgeon they going to lose another patient that day.

Looking down at her desk, Dr. Sano stared at the form in front of her before making her decision. "Wait, Yamato-san! I think I have the best candidate for the transplant."

Breathing slower and slower, Nagi clutched her bed sheets as her body racked in pain. The morphine seemed to lose its effectiveness as she can actually felt her stomach boiling in pain. She tried her hardest to hold back her tears.

Please, let her die with some dignity!

Then someone came into the ward. From the haze of pain, Nagi dimly recognized her as the nice doctor that tried to persuade her mother to donate her organs to her. The doctor slowly walked to her bed, patting the girl's hand in sympathy.

"I'm sorry for unable to save you." Te doctor said sadly, "but you have the chance to save someone now." The doctor injected a syringe with a clear liquid into her tube.

Nagi softly sighed as the pain eased away, her eye drifts close, faintly noticing the doctor was crying.

She sat up to find herself in a field. Bemused, she stood up, staring across the grassy plain. Is this afterlife?

Slowly she walked, as if someone was calling her. There, sitting on top of pile of rocks, was a young man, staring up at the sky.

Momentarily feeling shy, Nagi climbs up the pile of rocks and sank down beside the boy.

The boy turned, his steel-grey eyes stared at the violet eyes that were staring up at him curiously.

"Are you an angel?" Nagi asked shyly. The boy grimaced as Nagi twiddled her fingers nervously.

"Is this another of that stupid illusion from that pineapple herbivore?" he restlessly looked around, "Where is he?" he demanded. Nagi shook- her head, ignoring the mumbo-jumbo the boy was sprouting; I mean really? Pineapple herbivore, illusions?

"I-I think this is the afterlife." The boy frowned before accepting the girl's statement.

"At first I thought I was in another illusion." The boy pulls his knees to his chest and rests his chin on it. "Then I remember someone stabbed me and pushed me down the roof." The boy turned and stared at the girl. "What about you?"

"I had a car accident." Nagi said softly, staring at the field. "" the doctor said I lost a lot of my internal organs and my right eye." She touched the eye sadly. "My parents gave up on me and left me to die."

"That's… sad." He frowned. "I supposed your herbivorous parents thought you were weak."

"Herbivorous?" Nagi asked shyly.

The boy nodded, his wild black hair crowned his pale face.

"Herbivorous as in weak, grass eating people that needs to depends at other herbivore to live." He stared at the purple haired girl in front of him, "You're an herbivore too."

"But," Nagi frowned pensively, "I eat meat too. And if I'm a herbivore, that make you one too." She points out.

The boy shook his head rapidly, "No, I'm a carnivore."

"Carnivore? Does that make you eat people too?" Nagi asked wide eyed.

"No, that's a cannibal." The boy stared at her curiously, "don't you learn it in school?"

"I'm homeschooled. I never went to school before. Do you go to a school, Kumo-san?"

"Kumo-san? Why do you call me that?"

"Because you remind me of the clouds above." Nagi points above them, "always drifting in the vast sky, never to be bind by anything. Plus," she said shyly, "you never told me your name, Kumo-san."

"Oh." The boy seems satisfied with the answer and turned to the girl, "then I'll call you Hisagi since you look like a rabbit."

Nagi blinked, "But my name is Nagi."

"Then Hinagi." The boy looked smug that the girl had no heart to tell him off. "Tell me about your school, Kumo-san."

"Thank god the heart's a perfect match." The doctor sews the wound close. "It's a miracle that the donor had the same blood type as the patience and her heart is compatible with the boy."

(And they had the same flame attribute, but that's another story.)

"We're unable to save the eye though." The doctor frowned. Doctor Sano, who was helping with the surgery, looks up. "The donor's right eye is still intact. Could you use that?"

The doctor thought about it and nodded.

"- and there's this herbivore that always scream every time he sees me." For some reason, the boy found himself talking at the girl in front of her. Maybe because he was feeling lonely, or perhaps because by talking out loud, the landscape felt less scary.

Of course, he wouldn't admit it out loud.

The girl continued to stare at him, but instead of feeling crowded, he felt calm around her. The girl would occasionally smile at him and asked questions but he didn't felt irritated at all. In fact he felt happy to answer back, finding the attention the petite girl paying at him felt quite nice.

Suddenly both of them looked up as the landscape began to shift. Both of them noticed that they body began to fade away.

"I guess its time for us to leave." Nagi said, smiling at the boy. "See you around, Kumo-san." Nagi whispered softly as the landscape fades away.

Hibari suddenly opened his grey eye, feeling drained. He found himself staring at the white ceiling.


He was in a hospital. And judging from the multitude tubes hanging around him and bandages wrapped around his chest and his right eye, he just had a surgery. How long had he being here?

Cursing at his temporary immobility, Hibari struggled to sit up when he noticed her.

There, the purple-haired girl in his dream was sitting at the corner of the room, staring at him in surprised horror.

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