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Chapter 13: Lal Mirsch and the Rain Guardian


As Tsuna munched through the last bits of Yatsuhashi, he watched Gokudera riffled through the content of his future-self's suitcase (Tsuna's still trying to wrap the idea around his head) and blinked as Gokudera found a letter in it. Apparently the letter was full of G-Script, something Gokudera wrote while in school.

The silveret quickly tried to decipher the letter, muttering to him. "Gu-Ar-Dians Ga-Ther …" the two of them was so observed with the letter, they didn't realize that someone was standing behind them.

"I knew it."

The two Guardians twirled to see a be-cloaked person standing among the shadows created by the canopy.

"Nice to meet you." The person pull out its weapon and pointed at them, "and Goodbye."

Tsuna was breathing deeply as his flame fades away, the flame-lit centipede coiled tightly around him. Gokudera, who was still trapped, cursed in three different languages as the unknown assailant jumped down from her perch.

"Congratulation, you passed I'll waive killing you." The girl took off her goggles to reveal amber eyes. "My name is Lal Mirch."

Tsuna suddenly collapsed onto the forest floor, his body aching from the attack he took. Gokudera quickly ran to the boy, helping the brunet up. "How's the injury?"

Lal meanwhile, ignored the boys and was looking at the sky. Whatever she saw at the sky, had clinched her decision as she turned back at them. "The struggle was too loud. It'l be a matter of time before they find us." She tossed a pair of chains onto the forest floor. "Wrap these around the Vongola rings. The Mammon chain will seal the power of the rings." She shows the rings around her fingers, diligently wrapped with the chains.

"The fuck?! You attacked us out of the blue and want us to do whatever you say?! Besides, how do you even fucking know about the Vongola rings?" the silveret screamed. "Who the hell are you?!"

Lal merely wear back her cloak and pull out two pairs of shoes out of nowhere. "We should leave quickly. You can't go barefoot; put these on."

Tsuna stared at the shoes he was holding on his hands and looked back at her. "Please, we're not even from this time. We don't even know what on world is going on."

"Don't talk back."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" Gokudera spat back, "Why do we have to listen to your ass?!"

"Guys who can't follow order are better off leaved to die than saved." The girl softly quoted, her determined eyes stared down at them. "And I don't have time." She turned away, "At least wait until we reach out destination before you start asking questions."


"Your secret base of operations."

"O-our secret base?!" "Don't tell me…this era's…" Tsuna paused when he realized something. "Is Reborn here too?! He should be here after being hit by the ten-year bazooka. Or," Tsuna remembered brightly, "even if our Reborn isn't here, the future one should be still around." Gokudera nodded.

"Who knows?" Lal said nonchalantly, still not looking at them. "The only reason why my body is still developing because the others are no longer here. Colonello, Viper, Skull…" unseen by the two boys, she was clenching a dark pacifier, "all of the most powerful infants, the arcobalenos…" she said softly, "they're all dead. So of course, Reborn…" she turned to look at the future mafia-don.

"Isn't here."

Tsuna was staring blankly at the campfire, his mind still reeling at news he heard that afternoon. Gokudera was eying him worriedly while Lal was also staring into the bright flames, lost in her thoughts.

Lal suddenly turned at them. "We have time now. So I'll tell you what I know."

Tsuna head snapped up. "R-Really?!"

"I belong to the Vongola's organization of the CEDEF."

"Wait? Y-you're on our side?!"

Flame crackled at the background as Lal stared at them. "The whole of Vongola is currently in a state of emergency. I agreed to investigate the situation and check out the condition of the 10th family."

"A state of emergency?" Tsuna asked. "That's right." Lal looked Tsuna in the eye, "The Vongola headquarters fell two days ago and was destroyed."

The mafia-don to-be choked at the news. It was impossible. Wasn't it Reborn who lectured him day in and day out about how great was Vongola? The total idea of how the great mafia empire toppled (especially told by a total stranger) was insane. It was simply impossible.

Ignorant or simply ignoring Tsuna's inner turmoil, Lal continued, "Currently, there are no survivors from the headquarters, and the 9th unaccounted for. CEDEF team hurried to the rescue, but we lost contact."

"That bullshit!" Gokudera spat, "how can the great Vongola be destroyed?!"

"Maybe not ten years ago. But, now? There are some families who can do it." Lal said bitterly, "The Millefiore family. The boss' name is Byakuran."

"Byakuran!" The two boys exchanged glances, "That's the name the future Gokudera mentioned!" Tsuna was muttering to himself, "M-maybe…what she's telling us…is true?" The brunet was horrified with the implication, "Then everyone… Reborn… the coffin… it all makes sense now…"

Lal continued to explain what she knew about the current Mafia war and how significant were the Vongola rings on the war when her head snapped up and she stared at the mist parachute and balloon, where one of strings were pointing west. The girl dived for her cloak and on the same time, threw sand onto the fire.

The two boys leapt away from the fire, Gokudera spat out sand from his mouth. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Enemies!" Lal hissed, "Now's not the time to get all emotional! Those guys are strong. They find us, it'll probably be over!" she quickly dragged them deep into the wood and hours later, stopped behind a huge boulder, eying the surrounding.

She quickly ducked down, and hissed, 'It's just a scout. Be quiet and stay still."

Small tremors shook the forest floor and the two teens quickly gaped at the monstrous machine stomping pass them. "That's a Gola Mosca."

"That's the second generation Gola-shell: Strau Mosca." Lal explained, "The military has been selling secrets of the black projects to other families other than Vongola." She suddenly stiffens when the Mosca turned at them. "The Strau shouldn't be able to find us since Mammon chains sealed the ring's powers." When the Mosca marched toward the boulder, she turned at them, looking almost panicked, "Did you make sure the chains secured around the rings?"

"Ah!" Tsuna suddenly pull out a ring out the pocket, "Lanchia-san gave me this ring."

"Why didn't you tell me?!" Lal quickly launched her arm mounted gun. "We can't win this fight. Run as fast as you can the moment I attack them."

"We can help!"

"Don't be stupid!" Lal stood and twirled aiming the gun at the robot, "Run!" As Mosca aimed the missiles, a figure jumped out of the gloom, and drew a cut on the head, sending shockwave and crashing the program. Tsuna quickly realized he recognized the attack. "That's attaco di squalo." Gokudera hissed.

The figure stood up, laughing brightly. "I guess I can get a point off this guy." Both Tsuna and Gokudera gaped at the handsome young man standing in front of them, his sharp eyes laughed at them. "The pitch-hitter has arrived!"


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