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What if instead of Mukuro, what if Hibari was the one who met her? He was admitted into the hospital the same day Nagi had her accident and needed a heart transplant. Nagi's mom wrote her of so the doctors decided to use Nagi's heart since they're both are compatible and have the same blood-type. When Hibari woke up from his operation, he found himself haunted by a purple haired shy ghost.

Chapter 3: On road to recovery… And of dual-colored eyes.

Nagi don't felt special at all. Other than able to teleport herself and occasionally floating by herself, it was as if she was an invisible human, not a ghost.

Where was her soul chain? Wasn't there anyone going to come to guide her to the afterlife? Are there monsters out to eat her?

(Here, Hibari intervened into one of her musing; pointing out that she watched too much Bleach. Nagi retort that she doesn't watch detergents. Hibari smacks his head in disbelief and proceeds to introduce her to the world of Anime.

Wait, Hibari watch anime? )

"- and that's why Carnivore are always on top of the cycle." Hibari lectured to the thin air. Tetsuya stared weirdly at his chief prefect before entering the room.

"Err, Hibari-san. You're talking to yourself again." Tetsuya tries his hardest and yet failed as he quailed under Hibari's stare. Muttering about needing to get him a glass of water, the pompadour haired prefect quickly ran out of the room.

"T-That wasn't nice of you, Kumo-san." He looks up to see Nagi frowning at him. The boy grimaced back, but didn't say a thing. They were together long enough for Hibari to know that the ghost was a tender-hearted herbivore.

After acknowledging the fact the girl was there to haunt him, Hibari found himself talking to the girl out of boredom. Sleepless nights and boring afternoons melts away as he talks to the petite ghost, ending up teaching her about biology. (Or rather ecology.)

"-what about headaches? Any urges to puke or something? We need to know if there are any complications with your new heart." Hibari only glared at the doctor, barely resisting the urges to bite the doctor in front of him to death.

"Um, err; I guess there's nothing wrong then, Ahaha. Err, let me call the nurse to help me remove the bandages around your eye." The doctor scuttled away.

Hibari stared into the mirror, for once in his short, important life, was speechless. Back staring at him from the mirror was himself, with dual colored eyes. His right eye was now deep violet.

The good doctor, realizing the incoming explosion, quickly ran out of the room, dragging the nurses away.

Nagi floats to Hibari, waving her hand in front of him.

"A-Ano, is anyone in there?"

Hibari turned to the young ghost, his pale skin looked almost green as if he was going to be sick. "I looked like the stupid pineapple herbivore."

Nagi tilted her head, thinking. During one of their numerous conversations, Nagi remembered him ranting about a pineapple using uncouth methods to fight him. Until today, she still not sure if he was using metaphors or he was actually really talking about a pineapple.

"Um, is that bad?"

"Of course, it's bad!" Hibari snapped, turning to yell at the ghost to find him staring into a pair of dual-colored eyes.

"I-I ask again, Kumo-san, is there something wrong?" if possible, those dual colored eyes became bigger; sparkling with the bright life had taken from this petite ghost. Hibari coughed and turned to hide his blush. It was the first time someone ever stares at him like that.

That afternoon, after much cajoling, forcing and begging, Hibari agreed to go for therapy. (It was the first and last time he ever went there. He proved to the doctors he was feeling well enough after beating up several male nurse and nurse aides.)

He went back to the room to find the purple-haired ghost (Hinagi, he should really remember that name) sitting at the edge of the bed sadly staring at the sky outside.

"What now, herbivore?" the girl turned and he can see translucent tears raining down her pale cheeks.

"They're burying me today." She points at the cemetery beside the hospital. He went to the window just in time to see a group of men lowering down a coffin into the ground.

It was then it really hit him.

She was really dead.

He turned to find the girl standing beside him looking down.

"They buried me with your heart in there."

Kusakabe entered the room to find Hibari staring down at the graveyard.

"Tetsu, go down and buy me a bouquet of violets. Then go to the cemetery and put it on the new grave there."

Tetsuya blinked before going out. One learns to not question Hibari Kyouya, how ever weird his request was.

Hibari watched as Tetsuya put the bouquet onto the grave. He turned just in time to see Hinagi materialized beside him. She too, was watching the pompadour haired boy.

"Arigatou, Kumo-san." She said shyly. "Violets are my favorite flowers."

3 days later.

"I look like that fucking pineapple herbivore." He grumbled as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. Behind him, he can see Nagi staring at him from his bed. Today was his last day in the hospital and he was getting ready to check out, just waiting for Tetsuya to finalize the last few papers and pick up his medicines.

Actually he could have walked out two days ago (no one was going to stop him) but for some reasons, he felt quite reluctant leaving the little ghost behind.

"I-I think you look pretty with those eyes." Nagi whispered before looking down at her lap as Hibari turned to glare at her.

"Pretty? Don't be stupid Herbivore. I look like a freak with these eyes." Hibari points at his now dual colored eyes. Nagi looked up and stared at him. The same dual eyes were staring back at him.

"I-I still think it's pretty because now Kumo-san looked like me." With a loud 'cheh' Hibari turned, hiding his light blush. The true was he must rather die than to admit that he too, thought the dual-eye colour looked cool.

Walking in the cold evening, Hibari watched as cold puffs of air drifts upward. Ignoring Kusakabe walking behind him, the perfect finally waved the faithful attendant away, leaving him to walk the final stretch alone.

Well, not alone.

Finally tired of ignoring it, the boy abruptly stopped and turned around, just in time for Hinagi to stop smack right into him.

"Oww!" Hibari watched as Hinagi rubbed her forehead. "T-That hurts, Kumo-san."

Blinking, the boy looked at the ghost in front of him. "Can ghost feel pain?"

"I-I think so."

"Oh." Hibari shake his head, no, that wasn't what he was going to ask about. "I man, why are you still here? Aren't you going to…afterlife or somewhere?"

"Um, I wanted to haunt you?" irritated, the skylark flicked her on the forehead.

"Can you even scare someone looking like that? Don't make me laugh, herbivore."

Nagi tried to scowl but instead only managed to look even cuter. "H-How many time do I have to tell Kumo-san I'm not a herbivore? A-And my name is Nagi."

"Then drop the stutter." Hibari rolled his eyes, "you sound like a wimpy ghost, herbivore."

"I-It's Nagi!"

The two continue to argue all the way to Hibari's residence. Later that night, Nagi realised that Hibari didn't protest when she said wanted to haunt him.