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I felt myself regain consciousness. I hear the sound of cicadas and someone breathing deeply and evenly, and then I open my eyes and see the breathing is coming from Naru. She was sitting near my door with her legs crossed and nodding her head in her sleep. She must have been keeping watch and fallen asleep.

I sat up and looked around while I waited for my brain to reboot for the day. Then it hit me, 'wasn't I a five-year-old when I went to sleep?'

The door slid open and Shinobu walked in.

"Sempai, you're awake," she whispered so as to not wake Naru.

"What happened?"

"It's probably best if I let Naru-sempai explain. Go ahead and wake her, she'll be happy that your okay."

With that, Shinobu left and gave us some privacy. I got up and slowly walked over to Naru to rouse her.

"Naru, Naru sweetie." She looked so peaceful and calm I just wanted to stare at her until she woke up like the time we fell asleep on the beach together. Luckily, my attempt to rouse her wasn't too effective so I decided to do just that.

I was able to bask in the beauty that was my fiancé for a half-hour before she started stirring on her own.

"Hi babe, go back to sleep if you want. I was fine just staring at your angelic face."

She tackled me, not in a bad way though, sobbing.

"I'm so sorry honey, I just reacted when I saw Shinobu crying. I guess I still haven't calmed as much as I thought." She always puts herself in the role of the villain when this happens, that's why I always have to remind her that she HAS made progress.

"Naru, at least you went for altitude instead of distance this time. By the way, what happened after I went airborne? The last thing I remember was getting close to the ground and not much after that."

"You landed near the Annex. It must have still been mad about what we did and took revenge on you because you were beat up kind of bad. We weren't sure you'd wake up." Naru explained drying her tears.

"Especially since you held back so much." I began with a smirk.

"You noticed that, huh?"

"Who knows your punch better than me, honey?" I reassured her with a joke. "I had the strangest…coma dream? Is that the right word? It was back when we first met and…"

"Sandbox or Onsen?"

"Sandbox, it would have been a different kind of dream it was in the Onsen." Naru gave a little mischievous smile at this. "And I remembered everything that has happened so far and at first I thought that maybe Su was messing around with time travel or something. You started crying because I didn't use the nickname we gave you and thought that I was mad. Then we went to a Clan Alliance meeting and met Tsuruko."

Naru looked at me with a worried expression on her face. "Okay, that's it. I've finally gone and done it, you're getting a CT scan ASAP." She got up and tried to pull me up by my arm.

"It was just a dream, Naru. You're being paranoid." I told her as I did my best to weigh myself down to keep her from taking me with her.

"The Annex temporarily cancelled out your immortality or whatever, what if you were seriously hurt or had a concussion before you recovered?" She looked me in the eye while she said this.

"You know, you were just as worried seventeen years ago when we fell down the stairs and you thought I hit my head." I mused of the memories that may have been a dream.

She gave me a quizzical look. "Okay, now you're officially talking crazy. Off to the hospital we go, sweetie."

"Oh, come on Naru I'm fine." I whined.

"Better safe then sorry, come on."

I knew that there would be no convincing her so the only avenue I saw was distracting her. So I gave her the hottest kiss I've ever given in hopes that it would be enough to make her forget about going to the hospital.

She resisted at first but eventually gave in. We broke the kiss and she looked at me with a hard stare.

"Isn't there anyway I can get you to stop worrying?"

"Get an MRI, that's how."

"Oh, fine. If there really isn't another way."

After the emergency room gave me a clean bill of health and Naru was placated, we went back to the Hinata in comfortable silence.

Naru decided to break our silence when we got to the stairs leading up Hinata Hill. "So, how did the talk with Shinobu go anyway?"

"She took it a little better than we expected."

"Sometimes I wish you had a brother around her age. She'd probably latch onto him and never let go."

"Hmm, maybe. Hey, how long was I out for anyway?"

"Two days, sorry again"

"I'm fine honey, stop worrying. How long was I airborne?"

"An hour and a half."

I hug her happily and jump up and down. "That's three times the record! That's my Na-chan!"

When we got back, Shinobu came forward and asked if I was okay.

"Please tell everyone that I'm fine and to stop worrying." I sighed.

The rest of the day, I did my chores and spent some quality time with the girls before dinner. I had a spar with Motoko, watched some TV with Kitsune after she closed the Teahouse, played hide and seek with Su (which was really her using her latest Mecha-Tama to hunt down Tama-chan and me making sure she didn't do too much damage to the place while trying to stay hidden), and helped Shinobu make dinner.

Dinner was somewhat noisy as usual. I wasn't paying too much attention because this was the first time that day that I had time to think about the experience I had or whatever it was. Was it a dream, a vision, no it was real. I also thought about what Naru had said when we were coming back home. What would things be like if I had a brother around Shinobu's age? Would they get along? Would she truly accept him or would she just see him as a substitute?

After dinner, Naru and I spent some 'quality time' together. Remember what I said about her being extra affectionate after she looses her temper? Well, my airtime wasn't the only record set that night.

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