A/N: So, I'm trying to get my 5 stories up. It's been a long, long time since I've written fanfiction...and not on this site! The lack of screening sometimes irked me. But I've been relying more and more on when I get the urge, so I decided that I'd like to put myself to work doing something I like, and help people write. This isn't going to be particularly long, and is planned to just be this one-shot. I'm not particularly convinced of my skill or dedication, but I hope it's not too terrible! ~TheWonderfulShoe

It was a day like any other. With her head in the clouds, Hitomi heard a classmate call.

"Read my fortune!" Came the request. Drawn back to earth, she turned to the other girl with a sad sort of smile, and Hitomi apologized.

"Sorry—I gave it up." She answered simply.

It was enough for the other girl, the classmate who shrugged it off and supposed that perhaps it just hadn't been to Hitomi's liking. Or maybe it was for a goal or a bet or in exchange for a votive. Who knew? In any case, it was enough that she wasn't doing it anymore. For Hitomi, the situation was more complicated.

How could she forget the boy from the sky? The one with beautiful wings he thought were a curse, who could fly and ease her fears and incite her longing with a single dream, or a dream of a dream. She wondered sometimes, almost confused to uncertainty: Was it a dream? Or maybe a vision?

She eventually came to the same conclusion, each time. It wasn't. It couldn't be. Time plays tricks on the mind, and sometimes she doubted herself. But each time, she found herself at the same place. It was far too real, to have been imagined.

And just as she would begin to think that, maybe she was longing for just a dream...there would be a flash, some little movement in the corner of her eye, the shine of a small, pink gem. And she would once again find a white feather to take home and replace the old one on her desk, with her pencils. The one that, inevitably, would have disappeared.