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Jack's life was far from perect,He was a 17 year old youth still wasting eight to nine hours of his life in highschool, his mother was now in a deep state in depression, His youngest brother ,Omi(though Adoptive) was a mere thirteen years old who kept thinking he could talk to their very dead brother Clay using Ouija boards and ancient rituals to communicate with him,God knows where he discovered these rituals Most likely his nutty psychiatrist, and his father if ever rarley showed up to the house, he still took care of the bills and money for the things the family needed (food,clothing,etc) but... he just...stopped coming home to the house or he would show up stay a few minutes and not return for another three to four weeks or latly months. That was maybe actual the reson his mom had gone into her depression, although it did take time to get over a death of a loved one, she had still not recovered from the death of her eldest loving son Clay, and it had been two years since that horriable accident , which Jack wouldn't like to think about right now Thank you very much. Besides that his father was rarely home to comfort her about this still known issue, so she had stayed in the master bedroom and wouldn't step foot out side of her room unless Clay had magically come back to life so things can get back to the way they should be.

It was Halloween also known as October 31st, whoop de doo Jack thought to himself with a very unexcited sarcastic tone wondering why he thought it was such a big deal when he was he was younger. Oh he just loved giving kids in the same damn costume free candy, but then again people over the years started getting smart and decided going to the wealthy part of town to get their candy since rich people gave them that full candy bar stuff none of that mini crap, and smater people decided to wear two costumes and go to the same house to get more free candy. another useless and soon forgotten thought Jack had as he was wallking back home from the Seven eleven carrying two bags of mixed candy since his little brother had pretty muched begged him to get more. Not more for trick or treaters of course, but for his own little greedy self. Jack now breathed out a long sigh as he unloked the door to his second story house. It wasn't a house that would make a person want to stop and look at the beautiful was a house that gave off a vibe that made people want to stay as far away from it. Even Jack's nice neighbros who he had known forever had gone mute since Clay's Death. Roses that were once red ,blue and even yellow were either dead or now withering, the walkway wasn't welcoming,old white paint was chipping, even the "welcome" mat didn't make it look less scary the house it self looked like it belonged in the movie:The Blaire Witch Project.

As Jack entered His home he was greeted with a very unwelcoming smell of Asparagus and cooked potatoes with chesse and brocclui, don't get him wrong Asparagus with cooked potatoes was actual a good meal to jack, but it being re-heated was a rather sickening smell. "JACK"! a very enthusiastic voice was heard from the kitchen."Omi calm down I have your candy right here!" as Jack made his way into the kitchen he saw his little brother sitting in a kitchen chair with a red but long robe around his little form eating the leftover meal from yesturday with the biggest brightest smile a child could have,clearly the robe was Jack's but Jack deciding not to get on Omi's tail about going in to his room yet again,without his permission. jack placed the two bags of candy on the crowded counter next to the dirty dishes in the sink, only God would know how long they have been in there. Looking at Omi now he wondered how he had grown to love this twinkie he called a brother. At first he remebered when he was six years old and his mother and father had brought home a two year old boy from the orphanage the size of a speck of dust, or which he used say with dis-satisfaction about the new member of the family. Then Omi just grew on him, Omi had a way of working his way into people hearts. His overly happy self which Jack still did not understand how one could be so damn happy especially in their current living condition, but he also admired Omi ,he always had a way of finding the bright side of things, no matter what the problem hard to find a person like that, Jack was thankful he acutally could say he had one in his life.

"Guess what Jack" Omi said in an all to familiar happy voice

"Chicken butt" Jack said this and laughed at his own horriable joke, Omi giving him questionable look.

"No". In a dramitc like way Omi proudly said"tis the day we talk to Clay!, and maybe get you a dang boyfriend or something so you can stop being lonely and sex-less" Omi more murmered the last part but it was still audiable to Jack's ears.

"...Wait what did you say! and who is we"?

"umm well me you and..."

"Oh no way in hell is that loon coming into this house ,moms already a loon her self we don't need another one in here!"

It wasn't the fact that Omi wouldn't give up this I can talk to our dead brother Clay crap or because their mom had turned into a complete mute, no it was because Jack hated Fung. Fung was an elderly chinese man with a few wrinkles here and there, he was a nice cheerful man ,good at his career, but he was the one who believed living people were capable of talking to the dead and demons, he was also the one responsiable for putting that crap into Omi's head. The man was suppossed to be curing Omi not making it worse! Now Omi believed he could talk to Clay through letters,rituals and anything else that the man had filled his head with.

"well you see the thing is"...

"JAKIE!" an unwelcoming voice yelled


'You really shouldn't use bad launguage Jack". said Omi" Mom wouldn't like it.

"mom is pretty much dead her self sooo she wouldn't really care in my opinion". Jack said in a matter of factly tone."And when did he get in here"?

"Awww jack don't be like that , who now appeared out of the hallway leading to the living room said," You know this is important to Omi so just particapate in it, and around 8:10ish."

Jack let out a long irrated sign" fine what are we doing this time?"

"We're going to be using an old love ritual to find your soul mate or at least talk to him!" Dr. fung was way overly excitied to be saying this.

"I thought we were talking to Clay? Not some soulmate that just ganna screw and leave".

"We thought about that and well...You are always nice and handsome and helpful.." Omi Just kept dragging on with his adoring words, which started to annoy Jack deeply.

"Alright Fine! I'll do the stupid love find thing" although Jack had agreed to do this it didn't stop his pout which consisted of his pink buttom lip to poke out on his unsual pale face clearly saying he didn't want to do this.

"You're acting like a child Jack, and a man wants a man not a boy".Said Fung acting as he were the Love Guru

ohhh one day one day. Jack said under his breath to no one in particular but himself.

"this night we will be using a ouija board."

"ohh big fucking surprise there", Jack said while still pouting.

He recivied two glares from both Omi and the loon "Fine lets hurry up and get this over with." Still not one hundred percent into this lover match making thing, but for the sake of Omi's happiness why not. Nothing happens when they attempt to talk to Clay so why would it be any different.

Gathering around a small coffe table Sat Omi,Fung , a still mooping Jack, and a traditional Ouija Board that was placed on the small coffe table.

"okay everyone put both your hands on the planchette, I am sure we all know the rules by now, which are do not under any reasons take your hands off of the planchette unless who ever we're talking to says goodbye, right?" the loon Now talked in a serious tone neither Omi nor Jack had ever heard, it was a bigger surprise on Jack since he thought the man was some loon who needed to lay of the cronic in his personal opinion.

"You sound a little too serious , its not like if we do take our hands of this peice of plastic wood anything will happen, its not a big deal." Jack said in a now bored expression.

"The fact that a soulmate is indeed a big deal, to find love is what everyone hopes to find". Answered Fung.

"Whats the difference between a Soulmate and Love?" Now a curious Omi asked.

"There is no real big differance they both seek love,but soulmates are more of a supernatural being like a demon ,love is mostly between two humans, And demons are more desperate to find love, and when they do find it they will not give it up him/her very easily".

"why"? Jack's curiosity clearly spiked.

"Well demons are very possessive of things they claim to be theirs they won't let anyone keep them from their soulmate not even death, and who could ever love a demon since everyone thinks they're blood thirsty monsters who feed on people's pain and suffering,but people forget demons were once angles so maybe just maybe they're is a little good in some of them."aswered the loon

"Pfff all the Paranomal Activity movies have proven that demons are indeed not good". Jack answered still bored as ever.

Omi who decided to break the akward silence the three had shared said: "Oh well...Jack isn't it cool a demon is forever tied to you, with a firery bruning passion of love?"

Jack aswered in an pointed out teenage way"Not really, Demon or human they're all the same, screw and leave". Another pause was shared between the group of three.

"Well If no one has nothing else to say we shall begin".

As the three figures put they're hands on the heart shaped wood, the questions began.

"okay who shall go first?asked Fung now in a more cheerful mood.

"I think Jack should go first since were finding his lover and not the other way around". Omi politely suggested.

"I'm not asking the air a question". Jack said in a more bored tone.

"come on Jack Omi has a point." pointed out

"fine for Omi, not you." Jack said this as he glared at the elderly yet satisfied man.

"Hello is anyone with us"? Jack felt extremely dumb for asking the air a question as he had said earlier. Then the Planchette started moving and he swore to God he wasn't doing it.

"Omi or Or old man maybe even both stop moving the peice of wood". Jack said in a now scared demanding voice.

Both Omi and asnwered saying they were not moving. As the planchette moved to the "yes" on the Oujia board Jack was about to get up walk away,Take the candy dish on the kichen table, go up the stairs to his room and act like nothing had happened while he ate the remaning candy in the dish, but in that room they were sitting in made him feel like someone was telling him not to move, like a spiritual but not an entirely evil entity was keeping him from doing so. Omi was far to well behaved to lie and the loon who was into talking to cretures and the dead wouldn't lie about moving the palette or what ever it was called.

"Ohhhh my turn are you a male or female!" Omi said in a more excited way then frightned way like Jack felt.

The small peice of wood went towords Four letters M-A-L-E spelling male.

" the loon Laughed at this and said"Guess everyone and everything Knows your sexual orientation".

At this Omi also went into a fit of giggles.

"screw you"! Jack said in a very loud angry voice and now rising blush staining his ghost white cheeks.

Finally when the laughing was under control and Jack a little more relaxed the group again started asking more questions. Jack who was feeling like he really didnt want to particapate in this any further had now regretted asking a simple five worded question.

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plantchette:small peice of wood shaped like a heart used to point/direct towards the letters on an Oujia board.


the whole soalmates being supernatural beings is not real (sadly)but I just needed to add something to the story to make it fit , in future chapters.

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