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"How does your nose feel?"

"Shut up Chase." This had been the fifth time Chase had questioned how Jack's nose had felt, and at first Jack thought Chase was actually concerned for him. But as Chase asked him a second time, Jack could practically sense the humor in cocky demon's voice.

Initially it was Jack's fault he had gotten a nose bleed and was still feeling pain in his nose. Jack should have known better than to jerk off Chase in the shower, and because of the slipperiness of the warm water and soap suds, resulted in Jack's hands moving a little too fast to the point in which they had ended up punching himself in his nose.

Did Chase even bother to help him when blood started gushing out of his nose? No. Instead all Chase did was fall flat on his ass in the shower laughing at Jack as he got under the water jet to stop his nose bleed.

"You're just mad Chase." Jack huffed out in frustration as he walked side by side next to Chase, who looked as if he was about to have a laughing fit any minute." You're just mad because your blow job was interrupted."

"I am nowhere near mad, more amused actually." Chase snickered.

"Amused about what Sir?

"Amused over the fact you have very small hands."This statement sent Jack marching passed Chase as Chase stopped to laugh at him.

"Jack!" Stopping only when he felt Chase's hand grip his arm, Jack turned around surprisingly to see Chase have an apologetic look.

"Look. I'm sorry for laughing at you. You forgive me."

"No." Turning back around to continue walking, Jack was once again stopped when Chase got in front of him.

"Jack I said I'm sorry."

"I don't care." Crossing his arms over his chest, Jack continued to be angry with Chase. Or at least attempted to be angry with Chase, if it weren't for Chase putting on his best pouting face.

"Pwease forgive the innocent demon."

"No." Jack tried to make himself sound stern and instead his 'no' came out shaky and he ended up having to bite his lip to keep from laughing.

"Pweety pwease." The now suddenly sweet demon wasn't going to let Jack be upset with him any longer, and it seemed that he was going to use his charm to persuade him to forgive him.

"Stop." The now slightly feeling better red head said with a quivering lip.

"Stop what?" Chase questioned furrowing his brows together.

"Stop trying to make me laugh, I'm supposed to be mad at you."

"Then stop trying to be mad, then you can enjoy laughing." Jack actually thought about doing so it would be technically easier, but Chase still deserved to be tortured for a couple of more minutes. So instead of taking on Chase's suggestion Jack just glared at Chase and resumed being angry at him.

"Okay fine." Holding up his hands in an' I surrender manner' Chase apologized to Jack in a formal manner. "See I apologized now will you stop being mad at me?" Wrapping an arm around Jack's waist, the two began walking down the sidewalk once again.

"I'm surprised, never thought you would be the type to apologized, even if you owed one."

"You'd be surprised by the things you don't know about me." Those words made Jack think. Chase knew plenty about him, but vice versa, Jack could say he barely knew anything about Chase. Normally knowing this Jack would be kind of saddened by this, but surprisingly he wasn't. In fact not knowing a lot about Chase would make it more interesting when it came about knowing things about the strange demon. Even if those things were negative qualities about him Jack would happily deal with them.

"So back to what we were discussing, I can't believe you think Sherlock would be the top in a Sherlock and John situation."

"The correct words are Johnlock" To this Chase rolled his eyes.

"And I can't believe you haven't dropped this subject yet, you stupid demon." The question 'Who would top if they were a couple' came up after Jack and Chase had risen from their sleep when Chase had called Jack a Star Trek nerd, when Jack cooed when he saw it was on the television. In which Jack replied "The obvious sexual tension between Commander and Captain is what pulls me in." Thus both had added their two cents in which who would top if they were a couple. Which lead to several other couples, and eventually to Sherlock and John or simply Johnlock.

"I'm just saying John is hefty while Sherlock is skinny and smart, everybody knows smart and skinny people usually bottom."

"Hefty Chase, what is hefty?"

"Something I have since you bottom."

"I can top." Jack stated pouting while trying to glare at Chase. "I could top and you would like it. Like it so much you wouldn't even remember the name your mama gave you"

"Yes once you get hefty maybe you will be given permission to my ass but until then, happy walking funny, and my mother didn't name me." With a suck of his teeth Jack rolled his eyes and decided he might as well add to the conversation."Sherlock would be top because he is smart and thin, while John is round and plump and kind of cute so there. "Haven't you even watched the BBC Sherlock?"

"No because I'm not glued to the T.V like you." Chase stated.

"It's not T.V its Netflix, thank you very much." With another suck of his teeth Jack gave the stubborn demon a good punch on his arm.

"You do know that when you strike me I don't feel it." Chase sated with a smug look on his face.

"Oh my bad we all can't have super out of worldly strength like you, you smug Smauge."

"What the hell is a Smauge?"

"Just drop it. You are clearly not as intelligent as me, and your brain wouldn't be able to handle the definition of Smauge.

That earned him a playful shove, in which Jack countered the shove but was not very successful, and not wanting to end up like Princess Fiona in a pile of bushes, Chase and Jack stopped their game of 'push comes to shoves' and walked in mutual silence.

"Chase…Where are we going exactly?" The curiosity of the small red head was wearing thin, curiosity often led to trouble but sometimes trouble was meant to be found.

"Men's warehouse." Was the short cut answer he received from the slightly taller demon.

"Cause I'm going to like the way I look." Jack stated in an elder man impersonation.

"Please be quiet, silence is treasured."

"Too much silence can drive a person crazy", Jack countered attack feeling badass. "Have you ever heard of the most silent room in the world? They say it's so quiet you can hear your organs working."

"Yet demons aren't people." To that Jack didn't have anything to say and remained silent while Chase pulled him along the boulevard as they soon turned into the Men's Warehouse.

"Oh it smells so wonderful in here it makes me moist."

"Spicer I swear if you do not shut up."

"Okay fine, just trying to be funny." Putting his hands up in surrender Jack wandered carelessly around the large, might he add expensive store while Chase went into etiquette mood and talked with a clerk.

Jack being his teenager self sat on one of the waiting chairs and decided to examine the magazines on the coffee table. With no luck with the magazines Jack started whistling, or at least attempted to whistle since he was never good at it, so all that came out was his body air.

Thirty minutes later the middle-aged clerk and Chase rounded the corner to where the red headed whistler (not really) was seated. Jack immediately noticed about a dozen pairs of suits in the clerks hand as Chase pulled him out his chair and the three of them walked to the dressing rooms.

"Are you buying all the boys in my English class suits or what?" Nudging Chase in the arm, Jack gestured over to the suits the clerk was holding with a tight face as if he could collapse in pain at any minute.

"These suits are not for your classmates. They are for you to try on, and pick one or maybe three out, maybe all of them if you want them?" Turning towards the clerk Chase gathered the different shades of suits from the clerk's hand and held out a black one for Jack to try on.

"Are you crazy? These things cost about-"

"I didn't ask you how much they were did I?" Quirking a fine eyebrow Chase dared Jack to challenge him. As much as arousing challenging Chase felt Jack wasn't in the mood to argue. Practically snatching the expensive piece of attire from Chase's grip, and sucked his teeth once again.

"You should really stop all that teeth sucking business, very bad habit you should drop it quickly."

"Whatever." Shutting the dressing room door Jack began to undress, then redressing with the silky feeling suit. Jack being a lazy American teenager didn't bother with his tie and stepped out the dressing room to find his demon messing with a lovely suit on his body, fiddling with the wrist cuffs.

"Really Jack."


"Can't dress yourself for shit I see." Staggering over to the pouting red head Chase tied Jack's tie for him, then stepped back to admire him in the jet black suit.

"What do you think?" Crossing his arms Chase started circling Jack to get the full look of Jack in a suit.

"You look dead sexy in a suit."

"Not me the suit you're wearing crack pot."Snorting Chase gestured to Jack's attire.

"I like this one, let's get it,"

Furrowing his brows Chase questioned if Jack was sure he wanted this one or if he wanted another suit as well. "Yeah I'm done. Trying on to many suits will have me feeling like Dr Penguin.

Furrowing his brows once more," Who?" Chase questioned. To which Jack simply told his oblivious demon to drop it. Chase instructed Jack to leave the suit on, as they made their way to the checkout counter. Chase simply ripped the price tags from his and Jack's suit and paid for them. In the dressing room Jack hadn't bothered looking at the price tag knowing it was going to be incredibly high, but he started to feel uneasy and he shifted from foot to foot. His tux and Chase's together must have cost a fortune, and the most expensive thing someone bought him was his bed set.

Jack was pulled out of his thoughts when Chase nudged him to the exit and then outside there was a black cab waiting for them. Pulling into the cab with a huff, Jack was silent the whole drive to the unknown place Chase was hauling him to.

Jack's eyes got comically wide when about a hour later the cab stopped in front of a very large, might he add expensive restaurant. Jack opened his car door and stepped out and watched Chase pay the driver then, grab Jack around his waist and lead him to the large restaurant's doors. Jack didn't even remember sitting down at his table or even ordering. But when a glass of water and a plate of hot soup was placed in front of his, Jack grabbed the spoon on left and began to stir the chunks of various meat around in his who's never been in a fancy restaurant didn't know how to act. He felt socially awkward with Chase sitting across from him looking as if he owned the place himself.

"Jack why are you so nervous."

"I'm not. I'm cool, calm and collected, the three big Cs.

"Are you telling me this or asking me?" Chase responded with a quirking an eyebrow and picking up his glass of water to take a sip.

"I'm telling you of course. It's just you know everyone else up in here is nothing but uppity."


"Yes! I mean look at that women, look her drink her uppity water in her uppity champagne glass, with her uppity manicured soft looking hand.

"Jack what's bothering you? I know you have a lot of pet peeves but even what you said right there is ...weird." Setting down his glass Chase looked Jack over with a concerned face.

Sighing Jack set down his fork and put his head in hands, ignoring the fact that he had his elbows on the table. "I just, I guess I feel out of place eating in a place like this. And wearing a suit too, and eating all this uppity food and… I don't know. Running his hands over his face Jack continued before Chase could respond. "Chase what would happen if; say you and I didn't last?"

"I would die, or at least slowly." Chase answered calmly, as if expecting the question.

"What? Why?"

"Well just like wolves, demons mate for life, and though maybe they fool around with others they are still tied to that one person. Since I love you its more complicated." Readjusting his tie Chase folded his hands on his lap.

"Complicated?" Jack questioned.

"Yes complicated and over dinner I really don't want to-

"Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're acting like somebody else gets me frustrated, life-

"Please stop Jack; no one wants to hear that." Chase grumbled while rubbing his forehead, irritated that Jack had interrupted him by singing that horrible song.

"You know you like this angel like voice god has gifted me."

"Well resend the gift because it's damaged. Now tell me what's really bothering you?"

Opening and closing his mouth Jack shut it, and then started biting his lip. He watched as Chase gave him 'I don't like waiting Spicer' look.

Sighing Jack confessed. "I don't need this."

"Need what exactly Jack?"

"All this fancy dandy stuff. I like the idea of being spoiled, hell who wouldn't?" Pausing to sigh. "But I don't need you to express your I guess love for me in materialistic things Chase." Now fiddling with his spoon Jack looked down at his very expensive bowl of soup. "Honesty I like it when you don't know how to express how you feel. It's kind of a mixture between cute and amusing. And even if this isn't about expressing how you feel, I still don't need it."

Jack jumped when he heard Chase dropped (more of slammed) his dinner fork on his plate. He then grew insecure when Chase rounded the elegant table towards him. The red head was then pulled to his feet by an amused Chase Young.

"Then shit let's leave I'm tired of wearing this monkey suit."Letting Chase's words register in his brain Jack giggled. Giggling then bursting out with laughter the two both laughed and snorted out the restaurant bumping into several workers and fellow couples.

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"Why didn't you tell me sooner you were uncomfortable?"

"I didn't want you to feel like I was under appreciating you." Sighing Chase pulled Jack into a tight half arm hug that said everything, though as they were walking Jack's once peaceful thoughts were over taken with thought of his father and his anger, he would soon meet once he was home. Hopefully Omi had tried his best to calm his sure to be angered father to the best of his abilities.

"Ew we're riding a subway home?" Flaring his nostrils Jack peered up at Chase as if he had lost his mind.

"Know a better way home?"

"Yes, I can ride your back.

"I don't feel like carry your fat ass, nor do I feel like hearing you scream in my ear like a banshee."

Huffing the stubborn red head climbed aboard and sat his tush on the hard seats. Jack ignored Chase when he sat down close to him, and instead trapped himself in his thoughts and looked at the graffiti across from where he sat. There wasn't a lot of people on the train, maybe because it was late at night on a Monday Jack didn't know and he really didn't care. His worries were more on how is father would yell at him for A: Leaving the house and not telling where he was nor calling him. And B: He wasn't attending school regularly. His father had engraved in his siblings and his minds that education was a foundation to a successful life.

"What's wrong with you?" Nudging Jack's arm Chase put his arm around Jack's lean form.

"You should know what's wrong with me."

Sighing Chase rubbed his eyes, "I can't tell what's wrong with someone just by looking at them Jack."

"Then maybe you should observe instead of look."

"Do not speak to me in riddles Jack, I've heard enough of them in my early years."

Sucking his teeth, a habit he might consider dropping Jack folded his arms and peered up at Chase. "My dad's going to be pissed when I get home."

"No he won't."

"Chase he most certainly will." Throwing his head back against Chase's arm, he ignored the very pointed 'whatever you say cupcake' from his significant other. Hopefully Jack would get a grounded till eighteen, a very loud yelling, and no T.V ever again from his father.

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