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Jack and Chase had been making their way home slowly. Walking in the forest that led to Jack's home they were in not certain type of rush. Jack would admit that it felt as though they were taking a causally walk as if they we're on their honey moon. They were just talking. Talking about really nothing at all and at the same time everything.

They had small silent breaks in their conversations, none awkward though. And when Jack thought about it he really wasn't in a rush to get home, especially only to get in trouble with his father. He knew he would at least receive three lectures and maybe a threat to be grounded for life, as well as Chase looking to be the evil no good boyfriend.

Jack dredged seeing the boring brown front door of his house, he also thought he was going to have a panic attack as he watch Chase waltz in front of him and ring the doorbell.

"Chase have you lost your marbles?


"Yes what are you doing!?"' Chase clearly doesn't know what his dad is about. His dad may seem to be uninterested in his kid's lives, but deep down he was extremely protective of them. Jack remembered his dad wouldn't allow him to go to Raymundo's house when he was in the fifth grade just because his parents wouldn't give him their fax numbers. Yes. Their fax machine number.

"What are you 75? That metaphor is so outdated." Jack sighed, Chase continued. "Jack promise me you won't be mad."

"Why what'd you do?"

"Nothing remotely bad."

"Chase what did you do?"

"…you're very alluring when you're upset." Chase responded cheekily. Jack was about to lose it, he was still upset about Chase laughing his ass off to him falling in the shower. And he may seem like a bi-polar psycho but Chase really was due of getting told off.

"Your anger makes your red eyes really pop."

"Chase I'll kill-"Before he could finish his threat (which ultimately Chase would fine cute and amusing) because of his father's smilingface opening the door and swiftly inviting Chase and himself inside.

"I expected you guys later, how was your night together?"

"Dad are you okay?" Jack was worried this happened before. His dad was so pissed once because he and a bunch of friends were shooting rockets out of their backyard, and he was so angry he started being nice. Jack stupidly believed his dad was fine about almost burning every green bushy thing in their yard.

He was horribly stupid at the time and had been grounded for five months. And as a second punishment he had to replant everything in the hot sun, which was also horrible. This time he was just hoping his dad wouldn't reach into that not so hidden gun collection, and start firing rounds into Chase.

"I'm fine why, wouldn't I be." Turning towards Chase slowly Jack gave the ultimate peering under the eyebrow at an angle death stare. "How was your guys night?"

"It went very well Sir. Jack and I had fun."

"That's good to hear, I swear you guys remind me of the misses so much. Especially that scowl you're sporting Jack, exactly like your mother." Turning away from his son and Chase, Mr. Spicer made his way over to the living room, where he resumed watching whatever was on the TV. As Chase was readily about to follow in after him, he was stopped by a hard tug to his hair.

"Chase may I speak with you?"

"I don't know Jack, we just got here we can sit with your dad and catch up."

"Now." Pulling on the back of Chase's hair he pulled Chase up the stairs to his room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

"Chase, what the fuck did you do to him!?"

"Nothing bad, I just fixed his mind a little bit."

"You brain washed my dad?"

"No I sped up the process in which he would accept everything about us." Jack could only gape in disbelief. Even though now his dad was 100% on the Chack (he had been trying to find a good couple name) train but he'd rather have his father have authentic feelings on their relationship especially the demon part. Definitely the demon part. And how and why would Chase do that?

"Again have you lost your marbles?"

"I assure you no." Pinching the bridge of his nose Jack again couldn't believe this was the man he had fallen in love with. "Chase you can't just do that."

"Why not?" Tugging Jack to sit beside him on his bed, Chase smirked at Jack. "You're dad would have accepted us, even after the whole 'chase is a demon knowledge'. Lifting Jack's chin with his fingers Chase gently kissed his nose, while a bubble of affection filled his chest when Jack nose scrunched up during the contact. As much as Jack really wanted to be pissed off at Chase slowly that anger was starting to diminish, as Chase slowly started peppering kisses over his face, venturing towards his collar bone. "Chase I'm still mad at you." Jack only received a stiff hum in reply as Chase's lips started sucking another mate mark on Jack's neck.

"And you have to explain why you went all beast-y on me during sex." Jack all but breathed this out as he ran his hands through his mate's long hair. Mate. Jack smiled softly to himself; that word was starting to sound oh so pleasant. As Jack's moans continued to fill through his room Jack let himself be pulled on top of Chase as the two interlocked in a passionate kiss.

It was then Chase's turn to moan out Jack's name as Jack made his way down the brute's neck kissing and nipping along the way.

"Shit Jack you're the best thing every," Slowly Chase slid his palms up and down Jack clad ass. "I swear you're my moon." Jack abruptly stopped at that statement giving his best perplexed face to Chase.

"You're comparing me to the moon?" Squinting Jack questioned again where Chase's head was at. "You know how strange that sounds."

"Not like that Jack." Chase paused to slide his palm up and down Jack's thigh, where did his pants go?

Were Jack not so close to Chase's mouth he wouldn't have heard this quite sweet lengthy confession.

"I mean you're beautiful idiot. Not in some weird I'm obsessed with pale skins only, but that we're complete opposites. I'm dark and you're light."Positioning Jack to straddle his lap Chase contained. "Jack even when I knew we were meant to be, I never thought I would actually enjoy having a mate. Really I just saw it as another person that would stab me in my back." Now rubbing his hands up and down Jack's waist. "Honestly before I would have just treated you like another hole to fuck. But it wasn't until like when I had physically met you I realized that you would be something special. I compared you to the moon not because you're pale but because you're mysterious. I don't know how but you have made me actually want to do things for others."

"Maybe it's my charming good looks?" Jack teased lightly as his hand rubbed up and down Chase's torso slowly unbuttoning his shirt as he went along, splaying his hands over the now freed flesh. Chase then gripped Jack's forearms not hard but enough to pull attention.

"Spicer listen!" Jack could only stare wide eye. "I fucking love you."

"Chase I know-" Oh he knew Jack knew but he wanted to remind, and damn it he'd do it every day just to watch his mate's eyes widen and hear the hitch in his breath every time.

"I really fucking love you. I never thought I'd want to protect someone, to cherish them, and to fuck only them. Never thought I call someone mine, especially not someone as loud and sarcastic as you. You are mine Jack Spicer, but you know what else," Jack responded in a shake of his head. "I'm yours." Complete silence and heavy breathing from both parties filled the room.

"Well gosh my poor heart and garters, I never would have thought to find a man just as you." Putting his hand to his collar bone in a mock surprised along with a horrible southern bell accent.

"You're so fucking annoying." Rubbing his palms in this eyes Chase couldn't believe his mate had to be fucking snarky. "And you're a big softy, who deserves a reward for such a confession. The plan was to seduce Chase by slithering down his chest in a sexy manner due to Chase hastily flipping Jack on his stomach "Hey!"

"Hello" Chase replied cheekily. Gritting his teeth Jack pushed up on all fours "Not hey like hello hey as in-oh shit." Yup rimming was nice, rimming was very good. Letting his arms fall back on his mattress Jack rested head against his arms. Jack swore he didn't remember any part of his clothing coming off in the process but if Chase had Jedi mind powers he could probably do about anything.

How and why did rimming feel so good? Jack's breath hitched is his throat as Chases tongue prodded at his rim, not yet entering, just teasing. He felt Chase's thumbs pull away his cheeks to get even closer until he moaned out in pleasure of Chase's tongue piercing him. Shit it was good, it even felt better than the first time, and when Jack felt a cold finger (where did Chase get lube from) enter him in a single stroke Jack's mind exploded.

Truth be told during sex your mind isn't blank you're still very well producing thoughts still at a mile a minute. All of Jack's thoughts were on Chase. Some less sexual then others but none the less on his mate none the less. Especially that expert tongue and fingers as they tapped the small bundle of nerves that had Jack moaning like a cheap whore. One became two, which then became three, with Jack very well fucking Chase's fingers and arching his back incredibly low.

There was a fast sound of pants unzipping and Jack peered between his legs to watch in pleasure as Chase stroked his ridged dick rigorously prepping himself with lube before he entered his mate's body slowly. Maybe it was the curve in his spine or the way Chase pulled in slowly, but this time definitely was better than the first. Maybe it was due to not being rigged with nervousness but Jack could feel every pulse every vein on Chase's cock as it pierced his body.

With his head now between the small hole his arms were now making, Jack could only sigh in content as the head of Chase's cock came in direct contact with his prostate. Jack let a small whine ( A manly whine dammit) fall from his lips as Chase slowly pulled out all the way before sliding back in into his mate's hot body. Knowing where Jack's pleasure spot was Chase made sure to drive down on his thrust each time earning himself a moan of his name off of Jack's swollen kissed lips.

Chase obviously wanted to go slow. Fuck that shit. Even if Jack was the one who was getting fucked he was still going to do things his way. He was far away from being power bottom status but fuck it. Flipping Chase on his back (how'd he manage that?) Jack positioned himself straddling Chase's lap, with hands on Chase's knees he drove himself down. His movements were clumsy at best but he quickly got a speedy rhythm. He moved his hips in a circular motion to make sure Chase's cock continuously drove over his prostate. Just hearing his name fall from Chase's lips and knowing that he was the cause of it happening brought him that closer to the edge. Jack sped up his actions wanting to bring Chase closer to the brink enjoying the slick slap sound of his ass colliding with Chase's thighs, as he bounced quickly on his cock. He anticipated feeling Chase fill him up, and watch in satisfaction as Chase would pull his face into a frown, as he watched as his cum leave his one's body.

He was pushed over board as Chase gripped his length and gave three long stroked before he was coming on his chest and his stomach, stuttering hips and all. Chase followed soon after or maybe as Jack he came, and Jack hummed in content at feeling the remembered feeling of Chase filling him up to the brim.

Jack shakily pulled Chase's softening cock out of his ass and fell his side, breathing heavily sighing as he felt a familiar arm wrap around his waist. Jack was near sleep before Chase interrupted. Holding Jack's close to his chest "Jack you know I have to take Hannibal's offer."

Sighing hotly against Chase's arm, Jack scrunched up his brows in frustration, although he couldn't see the emotion Chase could tell Jack had a scowl on his face. "Why can't you just trick him, or attempt to trick him, and beat him at his own game like Will Graham?"

"Who?" Chase was really of these damn references.

"You know Hannibal, Will Graham… Hannigram, Never mind," Jack snorted, swatting Chase's arm in the process. "I know rationally this is the best option – the only actually. But the thought of you actually killing someone is- disheartening I guess."

"You don't have to agree with it Jack but, I'd kill everyone on the planet if it meant I could spend just even five minutes with you. Look at it as killing those who have actually done something horrible. Not petty shit like stealing put like killing, and raping, Jack like Hannibal mentioned this is only those already condemning?" Turning Jack in his arm to stare in his crimson eyes, "And I promise you will never see me actually do it, not even a trace. I know that doesn't help in the least but please Jack, you don't have to accept it but I'd rather have you allow it then, be afraid of me."

"I can't be afraid of you, just. I don't know for some reason thinking about you killing someone is." Sighing Chase kissed his mates temple in what he hoped would bring comfort. There really was no loop hole out of this, either kill or loose ever seeing Jack again. And the latter wasn't even something he was about to consider. Turning his head slightly chase made way to plant a sloppy kiss on Jack's lips but was then rejected.

"Kiss me."



"You have ass breath." Chase really couldn't remember laughing out loud. "It's your ass idiot."

"I know." Jack brightly smiled kissing his mate, before laying his head on his chest, wrapped in his arms and falling asleep.


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