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It was about 9:15 pm and the questions were still going on, the group of three decided to go in an order starting with Jack then Omi and lastly . As the questions contiuned Jack every now and then would feel a cold breeze sweep by him as if a window was open but he decided to shrug it off and think nothing of it.

"Jack it is now your turn", pointed out.

Still completly bored out of his mind Jack decided not to argue and went on with his question.

"How old are you?", the Planchette then moved to the letters a-b-o-u-t spelling about then to the numbers 1500. Jack sat there in disbelief, his so called lover was over 1500 years old! '


"what" Omi asked.

"He's old"

"Jack hes most likley a demon and just because he is over 1500 years old does not mean he looks old Jack, you should know that" Dr Fung stated in a matter of factly tone.

"Well my mom said I'm not aloud to date people eight billion years older than me so"...

"But you said moms pretty much dead so she wouldn't care" Omi said.

Jack just sat in his spot on the carpeted floor with nothing eles to say knowing he had lost this battle. As it once again grew silent in the living room Omi once again broke the silence asking the Ouija board another question.

"What's your name".

The plantcheete then moved to C-h-a-s-e clearly spelling Chase.

"Last name" Omi then added

Then the Platchette then once again moved to the letters Y-o-u-n-g

"Hmm Chase Young is it, How did you die?" asked

the peice of heart shaped would then moved spelling out that "Chase Young was not dead".

"Hmmm okay if your not dead...why are you still here? You would think you would have better things to do then talk to us.

T-o a-b-o-t-a-i-n s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g o-f g-r-e-a-t i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-c-e the platchette spelled out.

"And that is?" Jack asked clealy not carring it was Omi's turn.

"Hey it was my turn...

"Be quite Omi" said demanded in a more serious tone " Jack finally has intrest in communicating with his Lover". After this being said Omi had quieted down and no longer cared about his turn that was obvious lost.

Jack watched as the Platchette spelled out "you" in horror, yah that candydish was looking mighty fine right about now.

As Jack was about to walk away from the now silent group the Planchette made a sharp turn and quickly spelled out a message "You can not escape me Spicer I will make sure of that"

"Hey what is going on!"

Taking a deep breath explained that this wasn't an a weak demon they were dealing with.

"What are you talking about?" Jack asked now in a more frightend tone

"The demon we are communicating with is very powerful and seems to be very attached to you Jack,like I said early your soulmate is likely to be a demon and nothingwill make him stop trying to make you his.

"Well I'm pretty sure he wants a girl mate instead of a boy one" Jack tried to tell himself this to make his situation seem less the Platchette once again moved again but this time to the "no" on the board as if answering Jack's statement. Then the platchette again moved and spelled out that it only wanted Jack and would have no one else.

"How is this palette thing even moving without being asked a question?" Jack asked in fear.

"Like I said early your lover seems to be a very powerful demon".

"He's not my lover damnit!

As this was said the room grew cold and the lights began to flicker in a very scary way that had Jack scooting closer to Omi who didn't seem to be affected by this one bit.

"I think your making Chase mad Jack" Omi said in a calm voice that certainley was not normal for this type of situation.

"What I'm I doing to upset Chase!'

"You clearly stated that you want nothing to do with him, which upseted him". stated in a more calmer voice than Omi did.

"Indeed I dont want anything to do with him, and I am done with this whole Ouija board crap, I'm going to go up to my room and we will not discuss this any further. If Omi and his nutty physcrichist wanted to stay up late talking to Jack's so called demon mate so be it but he was done, this Oujai board session had crossed well over his creepy-shit meter.

Getting up from his spot from the floor Jack made his way into the kitchen and grabbed the candydish from the counter and went up the he was now in the hallway he paused briefly to stare at his mother's slighty ajar bedroom door, but then continued to his room not in the mood to deal with his robotic mom at the moment, God why could't she just crawl out of her depression already.

Slamaing the door to his bedroom he made his way into his bathroom not caring that he still had homework to complete,he then set the candydish on top of his bathroom counter and took of his clothes and turned on the shower head. Un-wrapping a mini snicker then popping it inside his mouth he felt another cold breeze, maybe Omi and the loon were right maybe..he was some demon's obssession. No he was letting that Ouija session get to his head, now stepping into the lukewarm water. Jack soon began washing his skinnny white as snow body, as Jack was in the middle of washing his hair he heard what seemed to be a dark chuckle, and it was very clear and loud as if it was in his room or the bathroom. Deciding to ignore it he fininshed washing his ruby red hair then rinsed the suds out, then stepped out the shower Jack rapped a towel around his small waist.(1.) Jack then picked up the candydish and made his way to his bedroom where he sat on his bed eating the remaining candy.

Jack then heard another deep chuckle and rose to his feet and heard a dark deep meancing voice.

"You seem a little jumpie" said an unknown voice.

Before Jack had the chance to scream he felt a strong arm wrap itself around his waist and the other tip his head slighty. As Jack was forced to look into the eyes the color of amber he noticed they didn't look like normal human eyes and looked more like feline eyes. He also saw a very sexy looking man that looked like he was of the asian descendant this man also had long ass hair that looked a little green when it shined in the light...and this man was very well naked.

Before Jack had time to respond or quesion who this man was the unknow man dipped his head and roughly planted his lips to Jack's pink plump ones, felling the unknown mans lips pressed against his made Jack gasped which allowed the still unknown man to slip his tounge into Jack's wet carven known as his mouth. Jack heard the unknown goregous man groan in what seemed to be pleasure. Jack flelt his tounge being sucked on and licked by the strange man. Not able to resist the lustful urge and teenae hormones Jack soon began to move his tounge with the nameless man, then he soon was pushed onto his bed with the unknown man hovering above him then laying on top of him not pressing all of his weight on Jack.

Then removing his mouth from Jack's from lack of oxygen he then lowered his head into the crook of Jack's neck and started licking and nipping at the soft skin of Jack's neck.

"Mmmmm you taste better than I imangined".

Jack responded to this statment by moaning in pleasure from the sweet torture the man was giving him.

"I've been waiting for this for years". The unknown man was now making his way to Jack's obvious erection under the towel which now hung loosley around Jack's form. Jack came out of his pleasure filled mind when the nameless man made his way down towards his danger zone. Little warning sirens went off in Jack's mind he was letting some guy he didn't even know feel him up!

Reaching over across his body Jack grabbed the forgottten candydish and smashed it onto the touchy-feelie man's head. Candy and glass meet the carpted floor.

"THE FUCK!" The unknown man was now sitting on the floor cluthcing his head in his hands.

"Who the hell are you!"

"Oh you know who I am red head" said the unknown stranger with a sly smirk on his face.

chase the name seemed to echo inside of Jack's head.

"Chase?" Jack responded questionably

"Correct" Chase soon stood to his feet and made his way to Jack, who in turn kept backing up on his bed till his head met his headboard.

"y-your the demon we were talking to through the Ouija board" Jack said in disbelief.

"Yes I am and by the looks of our little communicating session, you seem to not know your place". This was said from Chase's lips as he crawled on all fours to jack on his bed.

"What do you mean I don't know my place?, A-and how did you even get out of the board? Jack was now stuttering with his words and trembling in fear.

Chase was now inches apart from Jack and he placed both of his hands on either side of Jack's head which was leaning against his headboard.

"Well you seem to thinik that you in fact are not mine, and you opened the portal the freed me from my confinments to the living side by talking through to me using the Ouija Board.

Chase now only a breathe apart from Jack inhaled his scent.

"Mmmmm you smell wonderful".

"T-thanks" was Jack's simply reply "What are you even here for?"

"You, And I am now satisfied that I have you".

"What makes you think I am yours". Questioned Jack.

Chase deeply chuckled, "Oh Jack Spicer You are mine and it's high time you learned it.

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