Just a Young Justice adaption on the famous Teen Titans episode 'How Long Is Forever?'. Did I ever mention how much I love future views? Please enjoy

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~ Warped ~

Mt. Justice

21st November 15:40 EDT -

It was supposed to be a normal covert mission.

But...Young Justice missions were never normal and for some reasons, the sidekicks always ended up in combat.

„A villain called Warp has attacked the Central City museum various times now. We do not know what he is out for." Batman said as he showed the available informations on Warp on the screen. Along with a little bio it showed a picture of the man. He seemed rather old, maybe in his forties, with a greasy grin and an unsteady grown beard that covered his jawline and his chin.

"Your mission is to find out what he is planning and report to the Justice League. Do not attack him. I repeat do not attack him." Batman gave them his usual glare and Wally pulled a face, waving his hands "Yeah yeah we know." rolling his eyes he finished his banana, cleaned his hands with a clapping and evened his goggles on his forehead.

"When shall we depart?" Aqualad asked Batman, causing the dark knight to turn his head to the leader of the Young Justice.

"As soon as possible." the Atlantian looked at his team and received a nod from each person. "We're good to go. M'gann, ready the bioship."

"Already done." the red head said. Batman looked after them as they left.

Somehow, he had a bad feeling about this but he couldn't help but sending the Young Justice since the Justice League was busy and he did not want to drag the Justice League International in, as they were busy with finding their place.

Taking their usual places in the bioship, Wally rubbed his hands in excitement "Aaalright guys, Central City! My town!" he called and Robin let out his laugh. "I BET you'll trip over your feet and totally bust the scene. Because that's what you always do."

"So not true. I know every stone in Central." Wally called and Kaldur rose a hand. "I actually think Wally will be a great help here, since he knows the surroundings."

Munching another bar of chocolate, Wally frowned. "You know if you say it like that it sounds like I'm not a help in other missions."

"Finally you see it yourself, Kid Mouth." Artemis said dryly and Wally narrowed his eyes "At least I'm not useless when I run out of arrows." he said "You will be screwed anyway. Central City museum is tight, won't find any open space to shoot so you might have as well stayed home."

"I saved you from that robot in the first place! Without me you would be dead by now!" Artemis called back and Robin rolled his eyes. "Oh man they're at it again.." he mumbled and Kaldur looked over just as Wally wanted to rise his voice too.

"I could have totally vibrated out and beat that thing but-"

"ENOUGH!" Upon hearing the voice of his leader, the speedster was silenced and sat back down. He and Artemis were sulking until they reached Central City museum.

"The next parking lot for museums visitor is another block round so if he needs an escape car, he will have to walk a bit." Wally said as they all switched into covert mode and M'gann camouflaged the bioship and eventually herself. "Miss Martian?" Aqualad asked and she nodded.

"Link established. Everyone online?"

"Right on the spot, beautiful."

"Hearing KF and you loud and clearly."

"Online too.."

"Sadly I hear Baywatch as well."

"I heard we are all linked. Alright. Robin, you and Kid Flash will go inside and try to find any evidences. Keep inside the lobby and do not activate any security systems.

Miss Martian, you and Superboy will fly above to the roof and check out everything over there. Artemis, you'll come with me, we'll check the outsides. Everyone clear?"


Following Kaldurs instructions, Robin and Kid Flash went inside the lobby. The police had unlocked the front door for them before and after they had entered, the door was relocked.

"Trapped." Robin pointed out and Wally groaned "I hate being locked in.." he whispered and looked straight ahead.

Searching the lobby, they couldn't find much more evidences then the police already had.

There wasn't even a plausible way for Warp to enter the scene. No break-in signs, no crushed windows. Nothing. As if he would just simply teleport in and out.

"Anything on the roof?" Robin asked and could feel M'gann shaking her head.

"Nothing. It's just like he has never been here.."

"Robin and Kid Flash", a voice behind the best friends said and they turned around in shock. Speaking of the devil.

Standing in front of them was Warp himself. And he was grinning wide. In his arms he hold a clock. An ancient looking clock. "Of course!" Wally called and hit his forehead. "The doom clock!" while informing the others they had found Warp, Robin frowned.

"Doom clock?" he asked and Kid nodded, keeping an eye on Warp. "It's a clock that is said to rule over world itself. On assumption, this clock shows how much time there is left until earth will fall apart. It is said that some ancient sorcerer had once build it to predict world's end and that it will definitely come true when this clock stops ticking." he quickly explained when the others had joined them. Warp had patiently waited for his speech.

"You really do know your stuff, Kid Flash." the cheesy grin wide "Or should I rather say Wallace Rudolph West? Born to an alcoholic father and a whiny no-good mother?" Wally let out a gasp and stared at him.

"How did you-"

"I know everything about you six. The Young Justice. Who do we have there? Aqualad – Kaldur'ahm born to an Atlantian woman and a genetic changed surface-wanderer that had become an Atlantian as well. What was his name? Calvin Dunham?"

Kaldur stared at Warp and was too shocked to move. How did he know? He never told anybody else except for Artemis. And he was sure Warp and Artemis had never met before. Warp turned to face Superboy and Artemis with an overconfident grin.

"Superboy, named Conner Kent by his so precious friends. Truth be told, you're just a weakened copy of Superman." Conner let out a growl. "I'm not Superman.." he said. Bobbing up and down on his heels Warp whistled "I know. Never said so. You'll never be as good. Artemis. Artemis Crock who wasn't even creative enough to come up with a proper secret identity. Plain girl with a criminal mother and a SO interesting sister. A little Alice that was betrayed by her Cheshire Cat." he said and Artemis pulled an angry face.

"You better shut up now!" Robin called and threw a birdarang, but Warp dodged it easily. Instead he turned to Robin "Boy Wonder. The most famous sidekick ever. The Batmans protege. Robin. Your friends should know your na-"

He didn't see Wally coming. But suddenly the speedster was there and hit Warp's jaw hard. The man stumbled but hold his ground. Still wearing this grin that pissed Wally off.

"Robin to Justice League, we have found and set Warp!" he called into his com.-link but the only thing that answered him was static. "Shit! Static!" he called.

"Thanks." Warp said grinning and started to run away but Wally was at his feet right away. "Rob! Piggyback!" the acrobat nodded, shot his grappling gun and swung on the back of his best friend. Finally, Aqualad has recovered from his shock. "Attack!" he just commanded the others. On a nod they set off as well.

They soon figured that no matter what they tried, Warp was one step ahead of them. He knew their powers and their every weakness. Dodging another birdarang, he sunk his hands in his pockets and pulled a green glowing stone out.

"Superboy, wait!" Artemis called, who had seen the cryptonite but it was too late. When Conner came close to punch him, he reached out and punched the clone with a cryptonite-armored fist. There was an ugly crack when his fist hit Conners jaw, making the cryptonian scream and sent him flying into the next wall. "Superboy!" M'gann called and flew over.

Meanwhile, Warp wanted to escape again, jumping back when Kaldur used the water from a faucet close by. Reaching out his hand he sent a fire stream that burned Aqualads arm, causing the leader to trip back. Suddenly, he opened a wormhole – and Wally swore to god these things just did not exist. "He's getting away!" Robin said. Artemis pulled an arrow, aimed and shot, pinning Warp to the wall before he could jump through. The acrobat had claimed his best friends back again but as they ran, Warp had already loosened the arrow. Turning around he shot an extremely sticky mass at Wallys feet. And being his clumsy self, Wally ran right into it. "Ooh!" waving his arms he fell down right on his face – Artemis laughed at the view. Wallys fall – however – was like a catapult for Robin. "Whoa!" he called out as he was thrown into the wormhole. Just some seconds after Warp.

Quickly Wally got up again, reaching out his hand to his best friend "ROBIN!"

But it was too late.

The hole was closed and the museum was silenced. Kid Flash stared at the situation in shock. Shock that he had just lost his best friend.

No! No way! He did not! Wormholes did not exist!

"He..he's gone.." Miss Martian said and helped Superboy up.

"No!" Wally called, trying to kick his feet free. "No, no he's not! Wormholes do not exist. He has been teleported! I'll find him!" giving another hard donkey kick he broke free, performed a roll forward and set off running in the same second.

"Kid! Wait!" Kaldur called after him, but Kid Flash was gone.