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~ Sober ~

Dick wondered why he was wearing civies.

Then he finally noticed the most striking feature of Wallys future self.

Wally was sitting in a wheelchair.

He couldn't hold back anymore. "Y-Your kidding right?" he spit out and took some steps into Wallys direction. The former speedster had his arms rested on the side supports of the wheelchair. He had looked up to Essence while she was explaining but upon Littlewings burst, the heroine had stopped talking. That caused Wally to look at Dick. "Y-Your not sitting in a wheelchair, are you, Wally? You're not! Come on, stand up!" he didn't care if he was embarrassing himself in front of the others. Instead he grabbed the hand of his best friend and tried to pull him out, BEGGING that all of this was just a sick joke.

"You're Kid Flash! There is no way that you're sitting in a wheelchair!" he called desperately. Seeing his best friend like that brought him close to tears. That wheelchair explained Wallys whole sick appearance. The slim face, the wrinkles in his eyes. The scars on his wrists. NO! Dick refused to believe Wally could have even thought about trying it. It had to be something else. Suddenly everything made sense. Kaldurs face when he mentioned Wally. And that he wouldn't tell him what happened. Just what had happened to him in the past twenty years?

Worst of all - Why wouldn't Wally stand up? Why did he just stare at Dick in bewilderment with that Irish green eyes he had seen just yesterday? His eyes weren't as vivid and shining as they used to be. They seemed gray. As if they had seen a lot of sorrow and tears.

"Wally, please stand up!" Dick begged him and now he felt the tears rolling down his face. That wasn't real. Wally sitting in a wheelchair wasn't real. He was sure, Wally would stand up any minute and be all like 'Just kidding, Rob!'.

But he didn't.

Instead Wally realized what was going on.

He remembered Kaldurs call yesterday night. "He came back." At first Wally couldn't believe it, but then Roy had convinced him.

But seeing him in front of him now was almost too much for the red-head to bear. It was Dick. Undoubtedly. It was his best friend that had been gone for so long. It was his best friend he had run three days for to find him but failed.

Wally swallowed hard and furrowed his brows. He shook Dicks hand off his and grabbed his wrist instead.

"Excuse us, Essence." he said with a low voice, turned the wheelchair with one hand and drove out, pulling Dick along.

The black-head still wanted to believe that all of this was a sick joke. He was dreaming and when Wally pulled him out to the lofty plain of the mountain and the young acrobat was hit by cold air, he breathed deep and closed his eyes. "If I open my eyes again I'll be back in good old Happy Harbour and you'll stand next to me and laugh." he muttered to himself. To strengthen himself he nodded and opened his eyes. His shoulders dropped when Wally was still sitting in that wheelchair and looked at him with sad eyes. "Sorry Dick, this ain't a dream." he sad and Dick looked at him desperately. Even his voice wasn't the one he knew. The puberty vocal change had made Wallys voice hoarse and kind of lost. Though it wasn't really a bad sound. /God! Dick focus!/ "No..you can't be sitting in a wheelchair." the acrobat croaked and sank to his knees in front of Wally. The red-head let out a sigh "I'm afraid I do. I can't actually believe you're here and..wearing Haileys clothes." he smiled weakly but figured Dick wasn't in the mood for the jokes. Instead Robin stared at him, awaiting an explanation.

Former Kid Flash pulled a face and looked to the side. He knew this look on Dicks face all too well. "I am sorry." he said and Dicks shoulders dropped even more.

"I can't explain. It would ruin your life. Also.. I don't want to spoil you, dude, you have to sit through and watch it yourself until the end." again he tried to joke and ruffled Dicks hair, but the black-head felt the need to slap him. Why was he still joking? He was sitting in a goddamn wheelchair! Everything about this picture was wrong. That sick smile on Wallys face as if he was still trying to convince himself that he'd be fine. He clearly wasn't! His broad shoulders but his slim legs in that skinny jeans. The scars on his wrists.

Dick shook his head and got up to hug his best friend. "I'm sorry", he sobbed and covered his face in Wallys neck. "I am so sorry for not helping you. I am sorry for whatever happened and I am sorry that I wasn't there to prevent it. I'm just sorry, Wally." the red-head had looked a little startled at first but then wrapped his arms around Dick and gently caressed his back. "It's okay." he whispered. "It's okay Dick, don't blame yourself." he said in his ear and Dick just couldn't think of anything else then crying. Why was it that bad? Why did the future had to be like that? Wally deserved to be the Flash. Instead he was sitting in a wheelchair! He just couldn't overcome that fact.

He needed to get back and prevent this future at all costs. No matter what it took! Reluctantly Dick let go of Wally. He was still as warm as he used to be. Just like some hours ago when he was sitting on the back of his fifteen-years old self. Littlewing loosened his mask and wiped the tear out of his eyes before he put his mask back on. "Okay, I think I'm ready for this." he said and Wally nodded, looking at Dicks perfect pokerface.

"Let's get back inside."