It's a secret no-one tells

One day it's heaven, one day it's hell

It's no fairy-tale, take it from me

That's the way it's supposed to be

You will fly and you will crawl

God knows even angels fall

No such thing as you lost it all

God knows even angels fall

When Sam woke up the next morning, it was to discover John sitting at the table, notes spread all across the wooden surface and several books lying open in front of him. Dean was nowhere to be seen. John's eyes were fixed unblinkingly on the book's pages, and he was muttering under his breath. Trying not to make too much noise, Sam slid out of bed, grabbed a change of clothes and locked himself in the bathroom. After he'd showered and changed, he entered the motel room again. John was sitting where Sam had left him, and still, Dean was absent.

With a gentle sigh, Sam crossed to the sofa and pulled his boots on. This action finally drew John from his rapt concentration, and he fixed Sam with a piercing stare.

"Where are you going?" He asked, voice hoarse. It was obvious that he'd had no sleep.

Sam stalled for a moment, before making up his mind. "A friend of mine and Dean's from school got admitted to hospital last night. I got the text at about one this morning."

"Mm, I heard you." John nodded, and Sam's stomach churned.

"So I thought I'd go see how he's doing."

His father paused for a moment. "Did he get attacked by something?" A fire was now dancing in John's eyes.

"No!" Sam said, a little too quickly because John's eyebrow docked. Heartbeat rocketing from panic, Sam lowered the loudness of his voice and hastily backtracked. "No, he.. He only tripped and broke his arm."

"Oh," John relaxed back into his chair. "Thought it might have been a lead. I'm getting nowhere here."

"You'll find it eventually, sir." Sam said, relieved that he had dodged the bullet, still uncomfortably aware of his heart having leapt into his throat.

John merely grunted in reply, and Sam took that as his cue to leave. He stood from the sofa and hurried from the motel, pausing once safely outside to release a breath he was not consciously holding. He then took off along the road, heading for the bus stop. Unbeknownst to him, John was watching him carefully from the motel window, frowning.

In Gabriel's hospital room, he was still fully wide awake, sitting back against his pillows. The nurses had been in earlier that morning and removed all of the pads and tubes from his body, announcing that he would be able to leave once they had given him one last check-up. Castiel was sitting on the chair Sam had sat on yesterday, hands cupped in his lap, eyes on the floor. Gabriel eyed his brother carefully, before breaking the silence.

"So.. How are you and Deano doing? Do I need to kick his backside yet?"

"Everything is fine, Gabriel. He informed me this morning that he wishes to see me again. And that you won't interrupt us this time."

Gabriel snorted. "Well excuse me for saving his brother's life."

"He understands that." Castiel said. "I believe he was making an attempt at humour."

"Which of course sailed right over your head.." Gabriel muttered under his breath.


"Nothing, bro, nothing."

There was a moment's silence between them once again. Castiel frowned slightly, and his hands clenched slightly in his lap. This action didn't go unnoticed by Gabriel, whose eyebrows knotted together.

"What's wrong?"

"You told Sam about us." Castiel said. It wasn't a question.

"Yeah, I did." Gabriel replied, a little sharply. "That a problem?"

"No. I want to tell Dean, too.. But.." He trailed off, blue eyes going back to the floor.

"But you don't know how he'd take it." Gabriel finished, and Castiel nodded.

"Cas, as your friend, I think you should tell him." A voice from the doorway spoke. Both of them looked up; Gabriel grinned and Castiel managed a weak smile as they saw Sam making his way into the room.

"He may not be as understanding as you were, Sam.." Castiel said quietly.

"I'm not saying he won't freak out a little, Cas. But he cares about you, a lot. Trust me on that one."

"And hey, not much of a relationship if you're constantly hiding a secret from him is it?" Gabriel said. "Anyway, I'm being let out today. If he reacts badly, I'll be glad to beat some sense into him."

"That will not be necessary, Gabriel." Castiel said firmly.

"Awh, why not? I promise I won't drop him in a wormhole or anything!" Gabriel whined.

"What?" Sam laughed.

"Gabriel, I said no."

Gabriel pouted, looking more like a three year old child than an archangel. "That's not fair.."

"Wait, you can drop people into wormholes?"

"Sammy, I can create anything, anywhere, anytime." Gabriel said with a wink. "Case in point," He snapped his fingers and a lollipop appeared in his grip. Sam stared open-mouthed as he unwrapped it and placed it in his mouth.

"Remind me never to piss you off.." Sam muttered.

Dean had left the motel room as soon as he woke up that morning, announcing that he was going for a walk and that he'd be back soon. He needed to clear his head after that bizarre dream. First of all, why was he dreaming about Castiel with wings? Secondly, why was his father trying to shoot him? It just felt so real, it left him feeling quite sick, and he was in desperate need of fresh air. After he had walked all over the town and had just reached the door to the motel room he heard his mobile ringing in his pocket, and answered it.

"Sammy?" He asked, for that was the name that had come up on his screen.

"Hello, Dean." Castiel's voice sounded through the device, and even though it was only his voice, Dean still felt a jolt in the pit of his stomach.

"Hey, Cas. Are you with Sam?"

"Yes, we are at the hospital. Gabriel is being released today."

"What? But he was in a really bad way when we visited him last night! He was unconscious!" Dean cried, utterly amazed.

"I know. But he has recovered."

"How the hell..?"

For a while, Castiel didn't answer. Then, eventually, he spoke, "Dean, I would like to rearrange a time and place to meet you."

"Wait, what about -?"

"I will explain when I see you."

"Oh.. Okay, well, I'm free now."

"Do you know the woods nearby the school?"

"The woods? Yeah, I've just walked past them."

"Meet me there as soon as you can." He said, and then ended the phone call.

Dean stared at his mobile for a while, before he slid it back into his pocket and spun on his heel, setting off again. Just behind the motel room door, John had been listening in, particularly when Dean had shouted. His sons had been acting curiously for some time now, and he wanted answers. They could have even been enchanted by whatever it was he was after. And if they were, he would be unable to get a straight answer from them.

Sam had told him that morning that a friend of theirs had been admitted to hospital early in the morning. The way Dean was reacting, it sounded to John as if they had already been to visit a friend at the hospital. And both of them had been back late last night. Their stories simply didn't match, and John wanted to know what the truth was.

Making up his mind, he grabbed his car keys and also left the motel. Dean had mentioned woods. He would get there before Dean and wait, and then follow his son. Maybe he could lead John to what he was looking for.

Within ten minutes, Dean was back at the woods. He continued walking; hands shoved in his jacket pockets, leaving the smooth concrete pavement for soft, grassy earth. The trees stretched high above him, covered in emerald green leaves, blocking out most of the sun. A strong breeze whistled through the gaps in the foliage, hitting Dean and making him shiver, pulling his jacket tighter around his torso.

He glanced around, looking for any sight of a tan trench coat, and finally spotted Castiel sitting on a bench on the outskirts of the woods, right beside a dirt track leading into the trees. Dean felt a smile creep onto his face, and jogged over, settling himself next to Castiel.

"Hey." He said.

"Hello, Dean." Castiel said with a small smile.

"Sam still with Gabriel at the hospital?"

"Yes. Gabriel will be out within the hour, so Sam wanted to stay with him."

"Sounds like Sammy.. So come on, spill. How'd Gabriel manage to get himself checked out so early?"

For the first time, Castiel looked slightly doubtful. His gaze slipped from Dean's, who panicked. It was the first time Castiel had ever done willingly broken eye contact with him without being distracted by anyone else. He dipped his head, catching Castiel's eye again, a horrible cold descending down his spine when Castiel looked away. The boy looked scared as he caught Dean's eye again, his blue eyes glinting with fear.

"Cas, what's wrong?" Dean asked gently, bringing his hand up to cup Castiel's face. "What's happened?"

Castiel had relaxed into his touch, closing his eyes. "Nothing has happened, Dean. But I need to tell you something."

"You can tell me anything."

Castiel's eyes slid open again, and he managed a rather weak smile. Then, without a word, he got to his feet and pulled Dean up with him. Dean was surprised to discover there was a lot more muscle in Castiel's arms than his skinny frame gave away; he had pulled Dean up with barely any effort. Keeping his hand locked in Dean's, Castiel then began to walk into the forest, following the pathway. Dean kept close behind, his fingers curling tighter around Castiel's.

"Why do we need to go in here, Cas?" Dean asked after they had walked in silence for a few minutes.

"What I have to say I do not wish to be overheard."

Dean opened his mouth to respond to that, but Castiel glanced at him over his shoulder, warning him to wait. They fell back into silence. For a few more minutes they walked, before Castiel suddenly veered off the path, following a trail he obviously knew. He pushed low hanging branches out of the way, never once slowing down his pace or releasing his grip on Dean. Above them, the tree canopy created a greenish tinge to the light. It was strangely beautiful, with only the sounds of their footsteps and the creatures that called the forest home scurrying about.

All of a sudden, Castiel came to a halt. Dean, who had been peering up at the trees, hadn't noticed, and walked right into him. It was like walking right into a brick wall, and Dean stumbled backwards, shocked at both the abrupt halt and the solid form that was Castiel's body. They had stopped in a small clearing. The ground was covered in dewy grass, colourful flowers blossoming in random pockets all over the place. The trees seemed to bend slightly, obscuring the sun almost completely; only the weakest rays of sunshine were able to break through. Everything else shone with the same green light created by the leaves of the trees.

"I used to come here when I was younger." Castiel explained, turning around to smile serenely at Dean. "Whenever I needed peace and quiet."

"Yeah, yeah I can see why.." Dean nodded, giving the clearing a glance. "So.. Why don't you want to be overheard?"

Castiel sighed gently, and released his grip on Dean's hand. Once again, the scared look passed over his expression. "I have wanted to tell you this for a long time now, Dean."

"Tell me what?"

"Gabriel told Sam last night, and it has given me the courage to repeat his action." Castiel took a deep breath, as if trying to calm himself. Dean noticed that he was clutching the folds of his trench coat, as if he were nervous.

"Cas, what -?"

"You need to know what I am, Dean. What my whole family are."

And before Dean could even form a response to that, Castiel had backed away several paces. His body twitched, and Dean stood frozen to the spot as two black wings stretched out from behind Castiel, arching up high above his head. His feathers were jet black and so shiny they glinted in one of the few sunbeams breaking into the clearing. As Castiel raised his head to look back at Dean, they moved too, very slowly and gracefully. Dean's eyes were fixed on them, his mouth hanging open slightly, eyes as wide as it was possible to go.

"What the hell.." He muttered weakly.

"My whole family are angels, Dean. Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel.. And our Father is the Father of all creation."

"No.. No way." He mumbled, shaking his head. "This is some kind of sick joke, right, Cas?"

"This is the truth, Dean."

"No way. Angels don't exist, God doesn't exist.." Dean was still shaking his head. "This has gotta be a joke."

"This is no joke, Dean." Castiel said firmly, taking a step towards the Winchester. He froze however, when Dean scurried several paces back. "Dean..?" A jolt ran through his wings, and the hands that still clutched his trench coat tightened.

"Just.. Just tell me what the fuck's going on here, Castiel." Dean snapped, pointing a finger accusingly at the boy before him. "Did Gabriel put you up to this? 'Cos this isn't fucking funny."

"This is not a joke Dean. Gabriel told Sam this last night, and he accepted it."

"No! You are not a fucking monster!"

For a moment, Castiel was silent, but a shiver ran through his wings. He turned his eyes towards the ground.

"You are correct. I am not a monster." Castiel replied quietly, and the hurt was evident in his voice now. "I am an angel. If I were truly a monster like the things you and your father hunt, I would have attacked you a long time ago. My brothers, Gabriel aside, would have killed you all had they known about you. Gabriel and I tried to keep you, Sam and your father safe from them. I kept you safe, because for the first time, I felt a profound bond between myself and a human being. You." As he spoke, his wings curled around his body protectively.

Dean remained where he was, his initial panic beginning to ebb away. It was true that he and Castiel had been alone together plenty of times. It was equally true that both Castiel and Gabriel had gone out of their way to always be around him and Sam at school. Could that have been because they were keeping an eye on them, for fear of Lucifer finding them first? And even now, as he stood there, being told he had developed a crush on an angel, minutes were passing by and Castiel wasn't attacking. He and Dean were completely alone, and Castiel obviously harboured secret power. And yet, he was just standing there, looking just like a kicked puppy, his blue eyes pleading silently.

"Cas, I -" Dean began, ready to apologise, reaching towards Castiel.

The rest of Dean's sentence died in his throat as he heard a noise behind him that doused his insides in ice. The cocking of a gun. He whirled around, arm dropping like a lead weight to his side. John was standing there, shotgun aimed directly at Castiel, who was looking from Dean to his father.

"Dean..?" Castiel whispered, now sounding scared, wings curling further around his body.

"I'll shoot it in the wing. That'll slow it down." John snarled angrily, finger curling over the trigger.

Dean wasn't even aware of doing it. His feet just moved by themselves. One second he was standing just in front of his father, watching as he aimed a loaded gun at his boyfriend. The next, he was right in front of Castiel, still facing his father, curling his arms around Castiel's form protectively. His wings felt soft under his fingers. Castiel's hands curled around Dean's arms tightly. In front of them, John's jaw had dropped and his grip had tightened on the gun.

"What the hell are you doing, Dean?" John snarled.

"You're not shooting Castiel, sir." He growled, voice equally menacing.

"Dean.." Castiel whispered from behind his back.

"Move boy!" John bellowed, apoplectic with rage. "If it's supernatural, it dies!"

Dean scowled, his nightmare bubbling up to the surface in his mind. "I won't let you shoot Castiel." He replied, his tone ice cold.

Just then, there was movement to the right of Dean and Castiel. They both turned to look in time to see Gabriel leading Sam into the clearing. Gabriel was laughing about something, and Sam was grinning in response, his hand held tightly in Gabriel's. They both froze when they saw the scene before them. Then, with a snarl of fury, Gabriel dropped Sam's hand and started towards John. Only Sam launching himself forward and grabbing the back of his jacket stopped him.

"Let me go, Sam! Nobody threatens my brother!" He spat as John turned the gun on him instead.

"Dad, stop!" Sam yelled, yanking Gabriel backwards and stepping in front of the now snarling boy, arms thrown wide. "You're not shooting either of them! Not unless you're willing to shoot us first."

There was a tense few moments in which John turned from face to face. Gabriel was staring at him like he was longing to rip him apart limb from limb. Sam was glaring back at him with furious determination, the glint in his eyes making it obvious that he was not going to budge. Dean had a similar expression to Gabriel; that if John took one step closer, he would do anything to prevent him from reaching Castiel. Castiel was the only one not looking at John; his blue eyes as ever were fixed solely on Dean.

Suddenly, there was a snap from somewhere behind Sam. He whirled around. Gabriel was still looking downright murderous, but his hand had risen, having just snapped his fingers. When twigs cracking reached Sam's ears, he turned again and saw to his immense shock, John turning on his heel and walking away without a word, the gun trailing on the ground behind him. Stunned, Sam glanced back at Gabriel.

"He won't remember a word of this." Gabriel said, his voice still malicious. "He's going back to your motel and he's going to sleep. He won't wake up until I let him. And when he wakes up, he's going to think he solved the case."

"You're not gonna hurt him, right..?" Sam asked tentatively. He was furious that John had turned the gun on both Castiel and Gabriel, but he was still their father, and he still loved him.

"Believe me Sammy, I want to. Really bad. But I won't. Good thing you stopped me, Kiddo," He said, finally lowering his arm and looking up at Sam, "Otherwise you'd have had to watch me rip him a new one. Literally."

Sam sighed with relief, and pulled Gabriel into a hug. As soon as they'd left the hospital, Gabriel had suddenly gone very quiet and started dragging Sam in the general direction of the school. When questioned, he simply snapped that Dean was being a moron. He seemed to calm down the closer they got to the woods, however, only to properly lose his temper when he spotted John with the gun. Now, he was grinning as he hugged Sam back. He happened to glance over at Dean and Castiel, and sniggered.

"C'mon Sammy, let's get out of here."

"Huh? Why?"

Gabriel didn't verbally answer him. Instead, he nodded towards their brothers. Sam released Gabriel and glanced up in time to see Dean turning on his heel and enveloping Castiel in his arms, holding him tightly. As Castiel's wings curled around the two of them and he saw Dean's face lean closer to Castiel's, Sam rolled his eyes and grinned, turning both him and Gabriel around.

"Yeah sure. I feel awkward being near them right now. What are we gonna do?"

"Well, we could always go back to mine.. And I can show you just how sensitive an angel's wings can be.."

Laughing, Sam removed his arm from Gabriel and shoved him. The small archangel smirked as he stumbled sideways, catching himself and jogging to catch up with Sam.

Dean and Castiel opted to go back to the motel for a number of reasons, the main one being neither wanted to risk overhearing whatever their brothers were up to. Upon their arrival they spotted John who, true to Gabriel's word, was lying flat on his bed, fast asleep. Dean led Castiel over to the sofa and the two sat down, watching the television. After a while, Castiel snuggled right up to Dean, resting his head on the Winchester's shoulder, and Dean curled his arm around Castiel's shoulders. A worryingly long time later, Sam and Gabriel arrived, their faces flushed and hair mussed. The moment Dean spotted the state his brother was in, he shot Sam a smirk and raised eyebrow. Sam's face turned an even brighter shade of red and he looked away.

The rest of the evening was spent with the four of them squashed together on the sofa, watching pointless shows and talking. Most of their conversations resulted in Dean and Gabriel bickering with one another, while Sam and Castiel sat and watched. As midnight crept closer, Gabriel transported himself and Sam who knew where, so Dean led Castiel over to his bed and lay down with him, arms curled protectively around the angel. They stayed like that until Dean eventually fell asleep. Castiel lay beside him, tightening his hold around the human, his human, watching as he slept peacefully.

When Dean awoke the next morning, it was to discover John up and about, shoving their belongings into their bags. On Sam's bed, his little brother was just stirring, but when he realised what was going on, he sat bolt upright in unison with Dean.

"Dad, what's going on?" Sam asked, throwing the covers off and leaping out of bed. Dean followed suit.

"Salted and burned the bones last night, so problem solved. We're moving out of here." John replied, and without waiting for a response from either of his sons, he left the motel.

Sam turned to Dean, his horror painted over his face. They had assumed that Gabriel would have left their father in his trance for at least the rest of the weekend. It appeared they were mistaken. Before either could say a word to the other, John was back, reaching for the strap of Dean's backpack.

"I'm dropping the stuff from the library back, and then we're out of here. Make sure you're ready." And with that, he left again. The moment the door slammed behind him, Dean turned his vision to the ceiling.

"Dean, what are you doing..?" Sam asked, eyeing his brother as if he'd finally snapped.

"It worked for you, didn't it?" He replied, still watching the ceiling. "Cas? Cas, can you hear me?"

For a moment, there was silence. Then, the fluttering of wings reached their ears, quickly followed by a yelp from Sam. Castiel had appeared directly beside him, making him jump out of his skin. There was a second sounding of wings, and Sam fell right into Gabriel's open arms. He stood there, leaning against Gabriel's chest, pressing a hand over his pounding heartbeat.

"I am never gonna get used to you guys doing that.." He whispered weakly, making Gabriel chuckle.

"What did you call me for, Dean?" Castiel asked, stepping right into Dean's personal space.

"It's our dad. He's making us leave. Again." Dean replied. "We've got maybe ten minutes."

"Ah." Castiel said quietly, nodding his head.

Dean visibly bristled. "That's all you got?"

"Deano, cool it. It's not like we're just gonna let you two up and vanish into thin air." Gabriel said sharply, a warning glint in his eye. "Besides, you can just call us any time and we'll be there in a second. Two, tops."

Castiel smiled, reaching forwards to take Dean's hand. "I will always come when you call, Dean."

It was lucky the two of them were so engrossed in staring at one another, because they didn't spot Gabriel mimicking retching behind them. Dean did hear Sam's peal of laughter though, and turned around in time to spot Gabriel bent over, mouth open, midway through his impersonation. He then had to duck to avoid the remote control that Dean launched at his head.

Moments afterwards, the sound of the Impala approaching reached their ears. Sam quickly grabbed Gabriel by the front of his jacket and pulled him in for a kiss, which he happily returned. Dean turned away from them with a groan, a sound that he repeated when he saw Castiel still watching them. His head was tilted to the side like it always was when he was curious.

"Dude, what the hell?" He muttered, stepping into Castiel's eye line.

Castiel didn't answer him straight away. Instead, he stared directly at the t-shirt Dean was wearing, facial expression giving away nothing to do with what he was thinking. Then, just as Dean was about to speak again, Castiel reached up and entombed his fingers in the soft fabric of Dean's shirt. Before the Winchester could say a word, he was yanked forward just like Sam had done to Gabriel, and Castiel placed a quick kiss on his lips before the angel leant away again.

"I believe that is the necessary protocol for indicating I would like to kiss you?" Castiel asked, hand still scrunching up Dean's shirt.

Dean grinned, reaching towards and gripping hold of the lapels of Castiel's trench coat. "It's one of them," He murmured, before tugging the angel back towards him.

A moment later, they all heard the scraping of the lock, and with another flutter of wings, both Castiel and Gabriel vanished. Dean and Sam turned to see their father standing in the open doorway, nodding his head towards the outside. They both cast their eyes towards the motel ceiling, both obviously thinking about their respective angels. Without a word, they climbed into the Impala, each staring out of their windows lost in thought.

Sam felt worse than when he had had to leave Jessica. Although Gabriel had assured him all he would need to do was call, there was still a nagging doubt in his mind that told him different; that Gabriel would lose interest and move on. Gabriel didn't strike him as the type to stick to a committed relationship; he seemed to be more swayed in the direction of random hook-ups. He was certain that he and Gabriel would continue a long distance thing for a short while, and then eventually, inevitably, Gabriel would leave him. If nothing else, Gabriel was an archangel. If Sam was doing anything, he was defiling an archangel. He shouldn't force Gabriel through that. And yet he had become too dependent on Gabriel to leave him. The thought alone was agonising.

Dean finally understood just what Sam had been feeling the last time he and his father had made him up and move. The thought of being away from Castiel was horrible. When Sam and John had been fighting over leaving before, Dean secretly felt that Sam would be able to get over Jessica in due time. But when he thought about someone telling him he'd 'just get over' Castiel, it filled him with fury. Because what had started out as a stupid little crush had developed into something much more. More than anything, he wanted to jump out of the car and find Castiel, hold him tight and never let him go.

But neither of them said a word. They just sat in stony silence as their father drove them to a whole new town that could never replace the one they were leaving behind.

They arrived in a new town somewhere in Michigan very early on Sunday morning. After checking into the motel, all three Winchesters collapsed onto their beds, but only John slept. Dean and Sam lay awake, listening to the snores of their father in the slowly lightening room, their minds back with the angels they had left behind. Both wanted to try calling them, but considered it too risky when their father was still hanging around. For the rest of that day, John dragged them both along with him to the library to research their latest hunt, which looked like nothing more sinister than your average haunting.

On Monday, John drove them both to the local school. Feeling thoroughly miserable, they traipsed in silence towards the entrance after he had left, wanting nothing more than to be walking in the opposite direction so they could finally be alone and call Castiel and Gabriel.

They must have taken a maximum of five steps inside the grounds when Sam felt somebody throw their arms around his neck and jump on him, curling their legs around his waist. He cried out and very nearly fell face forwards to the floor. With a yell, Dean whirled around, hand already delving inside his bag to grab the gun he kept hidden within, when he spotted the mop of golden brown hair.

"Gabriel?" He cried in disbelief.

"Guilty." He grinned, winding his arms tighter around Sam's neck. His eyes then swivelled to Dean's bag, and he pouted. "Were you gonna shoot me, Deano? That's not very nice.."

"What are you doing here?" Sam was clutching Gabriel's wrists tightly, as if to convince himself the archangel was really there.

"Nothing keeping us where we were, so I arranged a transfer."

"Wait, did you just say 'us'?" Sam asked, grinning widely.

"Now Sammy, I know your brother and I don't get on, but come on.."

And right on cue, there came a voice from right behind the elder Winchester. "Hello, Dean."

Dean didn't even need to turn to know who it was; he had come to recognise that deep voice anywhere. He spun on his heel without a word and threw his arms around Castiel, who smiled at the hunter's reaction. His own arms curled around Dean, his head resting on the hunter's shoulder.

"What'd I tell ya, Sammy? We'll follow you guys anywhere." Gabriel smirked, placing a lollipop into his mouth. "Just make sure your dad doesn't pull a gun on us this time. Wouldn't do a damn thing to us, but I can't say I'll be able to keep my temper if he tries it."

"I'll keep that in mind. Could you get off my back now?" Sam laughed.

"Awh Sammy, you weren't saying that last night.." Gabriel sing-songed in Sam's ear, while the younger Winchester turned scarlet.


Gabriel laughed as he hopped off of Sam's back and tore off across the grounds, a fuming Dean on his heels. Castiel fell into step with the still furiously blushing Sam, and they watched as their brothers wove in-between groups of shocked students, Dean swearing like a trooper and bellowing insults or threats, and Gabriel cackling like a witch. And as they stood there, Sam felt an involuntary grin seep onto his face, before he was sniggering under his breath. Castiel stood beside him, utterly silent, but the smallest of smiles was playing on his lips.

"Something tells me this is gonna be eventful.." Sam muttered, still grinning.

Castiel nodded his agreement, smile widening. Both he and Gabriel had sacrificed everything, rebelled against their own brothers, just to be with the two Winchester boys. Castiel had never had a very good grip of human emotions, but he knew perfectly well what the one he felt at that moment was. For the first time in his long existence, he felt happy.


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