Attention, readers of Gatekeeper! I have another announcement for you all!


This is important, so please, pay attention.

A few months back, I expressed my desire to write a Gatekeeper story that takes place in the Doctor Who universe. And I would still like to do that, since I've fallen out of the Bleach fandom.


Because my mind is hyperactive and my likes jump around faster than a kangaroo on stimulants, I've fallen into ANOTHER fandom. And re-fallen into another, but that is completely beyond the point.

Supernatural fans, grab the nearest trench-coat-clad angel who enjoys Thursdays and get your asses over here.

I used to hate Supernatural with a passion. And then, on a whim, I picked up the first season where I left off. And now, after a few weeks, I'm in the middle of season 5. ...goddammit.

So yes, now it's up to you on which Gatekeeper I should write. Your choices are:

1. Stick to Gatekeeper: Divinity. Updates will be slow, nearly non-existant, but I'll stick with it and muscle through and whatnot.

2. Do the Doctor Who cross. It'll be named something like Gatekeeper: Time Warp, or Gatekeeper: Legend, or Gatekeeper: Warp or something. I don't know which Doctor will be primarily in it, probably either Ten or Eleven. Probably not Nine, though he may make an appearance, and depending on how much I like Twelve when he finally shows up, he might pop in for a while.

3. Do an Avatar: The Last Airbender cross. Yeah...that's the one I've re-fallen into. And honestly, I don't even know for this one. I just kind of want to write Ed being a jerk about bending because its lack of Equivalent Exchange. I don't even know what it'd be called. Gatekeeper: Bridge or Gatekeeper: Spirit. Jeez, I hate coming up with names on the spot.

4. Do a Supernatural cross. I have to admit, I kind of like this one. I have quite a few ideas for it. I don't want to reveal anything for it, aside from the fact that it would probably take place in Season 5. Probably. But it all depends. Working titles are Gatekeeper: Paranormal or Gatekeeper: Celestial. Maybe. I don't know. I usually make up titles for shit as I go.

So, those are your choices. I will be putting a poll up on my profile, so visit that and vote there. Gimme a few minutes after this shows up, though, so I can go take my old poll for "From the Ashes" down. The choice is ultimately mine, but I don't want to spend time writing something that nobody wants to read.

If there's any questions, message me, and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thanks for putting up with my shit. Not like you have a choice. :D


~ Kitsune-242