I know! New story with others left in the back burner...yeah, it just came to me! Anyways! Enjoy my Kid! Tony and Papa! Gibbs.

Kelly Gibbs was a…spunky child. She wasn't a typical eleven year old girl. She didn't have obsessions with boy bands, or dresses, dolls, etc. Her father was none other than…Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Her father adored her, and she had him wrapped around her little pinkie. She hated it when he had to work really late. You see, he works at NIS, Naval Investigative Service. She really started hating it when one day, last year, her and her mother, Shannon Gibbs, were in a bad car accident, luckily, both got out alive and well, aside from a couple cuts and bruises.

Today, she was lucky though. It was a great July day in 1992, and her, and her daddy were enjoying at the park.

"Dad! Isn't this fun! I don't ever wanna go home!" Kelly said, with a hint of seriousness and playfulness in her voice.

"Yeah, I know sweetheart. But then we'd miss your mom's cooking!" Leroy Jethro Gibbs, or Gibbs, as most people called him, replied.

"Yeah you're so right..." She trailed off as a movement caught her eye. "Daddy, look!" She exclaimed as she pointed towards a bench. There was a young boy, who looked about Kelly's age, sitting on it, with his legs cradled against him. He was dirty, skinny, and…sad. Even with all the muck on him, you could spot his piercing green eyes, and his sandy blond hair, which was laid down, partially long, up to his ears.

"Huh. Kelly hold my hand" She rolled her eyes, but did as she was told. They then walked over to the filthy boy.

"Hi. What are you doing out here? You're dirty, is something wrong?" Gibbs asked gently, not surprising Kelly, he was usually nice to kids who weren't a bother.

Nervously the boy replied. "M – My names Anthony Di – DiNozzo, but people call me Tony. And no nothing's wrong." He stuttered out.

Not believing him for a second, Gibbs said "Are you sure, you're a little bit skinny, I can take you to my house, I'm with NIS, means I'm a navy cop." He didn't miss the cuts and bruises that littered his skin. Then he realized something. "Where are your parent's ki – Tony? How old are you?"

"My dad disowned me; my mom…killed herself when I was eight. My dad called me a sniveling little bastard and sent me on my way. I'm 12 by the way." Tony said back.

Meanwhile Kelly was silent, along with Gibbs, she found herself very angry at this innocent boy's father. But she didn't dare say anything other than "My names Kelly, I'm 11" She offered him a comforting smile, which he quickly returned.

"Come on Tony, we'll take you home, and I'll have my wife, Shannon, take a look at you, okay? She's a pediatric nurse" Gibbs said, also giving a smile of his own, which was also returned. Tony got up, wiped his face, and Gibbs slowly grabbed his hand. Once they were settled, they made their way to Gibbs' car, and to the Gibbs household.