The air was cold from the casino air conditioning; the sounds of wheels of the maid cart could be heard coming down the hall as two young women were discussing the request for room cleaning this late at night. But the room belonged to a high roller and for these types; most casino owners and more top echelon staff members made the blue-collar staff lives miserable, to see that the high roller was happy, so they drop more cash at the tables. These maids would soon wish that the higher up would do less ass kissing and more investing in security.

As they slid a card key into the door to let themselves in the smell of iron filled the older maid nostrils and she pulled back at the door and the other maid. "Wait here a moment! Something isn't right with this place at the moment."

The younger maid did as she was told as the other maid had more experience than she did. There was a high chance that she knew what she was doing. After a few moments, the older maid went into the room she let out a scream followed by her jerking the door open and hauling her ass through the door. But still present enough to grab her co-worker hand, as she started running down the hall with her knocking over the laundry cart as they passed.

The old woman eyes told the whole story; she was afraid of something that was in the room. And that fear allowed this lady to hold a Kung-Fu grip and pull her co-worker who was screaming for her to slow down as she was hurting her. But the older woman didn't slow her pace, in fact, her pace quickens as she rounded a corner to the bank of an elevator and started hitting both buttons while reciting the familiar 'the sinner's prayer.' Once the doors slid open the old woman tosses the younger woman inside first so hard she bounces off the elevator and almost bounce back out. But is stopped as she collides slight with her coworker as the older maid follow her inside and hit the button for the lobby; as the door slid closed. The old woman legs drop from beneath her, she found herself on her knees say the pray louder and now begin to rock herself as she did the sign of the cross. The young maid became more and more afraid as the elevator ticked down as they passed each floor.

As the doors slid open; when they reach the lobby, the older maid let out a scream. This, of course, scared the living hell out of the two college coeds who reeked like a distillery. They had been about to step into the elevator as the door open. Even though they were scared the two girls went to see what was wrong with the old woman. But all they could hear the old woman repeat her prayer as the younger maid tried to get past the coeds to get security.

"Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

And she keeps repeating this until the young maid returned with two large men that looked to be security. One of the men helps the older woman to her feet. While the other told the college coeds and the other said he was taking the elevator back up to the floor. It didn't take him long since he had a master key to override the elevator to ignore all calls until he got to the proper floor. Once there the security guard got off and pulled out his off-duty service weapon. He made his way to the room, he saw the turn over maid cart and saw the door to the room it was still ajar.

As he pushed the door open the putrid smell, he recognized from his time as an LVPD officer, told him what he thought he found was a rotting body (most likely bleeding out) but what he saw would give him a nightmare for the rest of his life. He pulled his radio from his belt and screamed.