A/N – So this is what I thought was going to happen in Greed. Or something like this. Maybe not. I dunno. Pretty much for anyone that hasn't seen the episode Kensi and Deeks are searching an apartment and Sam and Callen are checking out the security cams and see a guy about to go into the apartment where K/D are. The comms are down so Sam calls Kensi…

Guy: Hang up. Don't make a sound.

Deeks: Are you digging the art in this place as much as I am? I mean it's bold and cool .I mean why isn't there more art, you know? Oh, there's another one. I want to show you this one. This is my favourite because it's the perfect combination between girls and guns.*Comes around the corner with gun out* Let me make this perfectly clear: if you harm her this is going to be your last day on Earth.

'I won't hurt her. At least not yet.' The man said with a sadistic smile. At this moment Sam and Callen came through the door.

'Put the gun down, let her go.' Sam said, with hatred in his voice.

'How 'bout you guys put the guns down or I'll blow her pretty head off?' he responded with a snarl.

Callen considered taking the shot, but pushed it away at the thought of it going through the man and into Kensi, and by the way the man was ducking behind Kensi he could tell Deeks wouldn't have a shot.

'You two. Move next to the blonde guy,' when they failed to comply he clicked the safety off, making Kensi close her eyes, and try to swallow her fear, knowing this was a dangerous man pointing a gun to her head.

Callen and Sam slowly shuffled over to where Deeks was standing, Callen keeping eye contact with Kensi, while Sam was death-glaring the man in a great position to kill one of the agents in whom he trusted his life every day.

All this time, Deeks was close to emptying a round into the guy's head… if only he could get a shot lined up.

'You don't have to do this.' Callen said to the man. Hostage negotiation 101; convince them they have other opportunities.

'Like hell I don't, I've already taken a fed hostage, these days, that's almost as bad as killing them.' He responded, with a step backward. He continued moving and opened the door before turning back.

'Gentlemen. I will be I touch.' He said with a sickly smile. Callen still having eye contact with Kensi, didn't miss the tiniest nod she gave him.

Just before the door had swung closed he yelled, 'Try and follow us and she's dead!'

A/N – Pretty short chapter, should be updated soon, but I am pretty lazy so maybe not. It will be updated eventually!