Anymore (stupid anymore) (So stupid anymore) (Stupid anymore)

I asked the thieves to come in

I told them to make way

I was left with only boxes

And stuff to throw away

I meant everything and at everytime

I asked to be left alone

I told God of my was, my whens, my wearing and my way

Still stuck in the appletrees awake in dreams

Your fakes like gunfire can't reach me soon

And to fake is a great strike

Real alive in wonder and not to direct me and my every thought

To not fake real alive in wonder

You can never touch

And not to choose your celled path or round road or endless wait

"This is so stupid" and debate but bite your tongue

Maybe it's the opposite

But you go on biting your tongue and wondering til Summer comes up

Absent, unstuck a stow away

Absent, never stuck I stole away

Like a calf awaiting slaughter

Once full of life, now full of life, fill to the brim, a match stroke over and over

To spill over

The party's over and it does burn out

With no spice, no rolling of magic and malice and die

Cold has come

Alone in my throat

Sealed and free

I go, I go and simply go and to be gone

I can't come back again

I'm full of a birthing, a sin, and everywhere begin

And a way in

I'm empty of your possessions and poison

I've emptied you out and soon won't ever have to again

Your web will try to spin and stick and capture or call or ball

And your net often spies and threats


But breaking

But that will end in freezing and your jamming and abandonment and ignored calls and your saying

"This is so stupid" so many times, too many times, on and on and on again

Endless amounts to relight the ash

So many times and ending amount that "this is so stupid"

Doesn't mean anything: anymore.