SUMMERY: a prophecy sends Bellatrix to jail, but does it really refer to her? She finds she is sharing a cell with a stranger called Eponine. But all is not what it seems as hidden plots and unknown plans unfurl around the prisoners. As Dark secrets from the past of both the prisoners and Narcissa surface, questions apear. How can Eponine get back? Who is the prophecy talking about? What is Cissy planning? What does Eponine know? But in the end, when it matters most, what will Bellatrix chose? what ties are woven the strongest and what ties will break? is there a chance to go back, or is Bellatrix in to deep to be saved?

The woman sat in the cell; her matted silvery blond hair halfway down her hunched back, her dark brown eyes partially closed. Her face was very thin and pale, with the strange pallor of one who has not been outdoors for a very, very long time. She was a witch, but she had no wand, it had been taken from her two and a half years ago when they had captured her in the forest. None of the death eaters knew her age and her name was unimportant. To them, she was 'The Prisoner'. she was important, yes, but once she made the prophecy she would die. Nothing more. She was clothed in a ragged brown dress, threadbare and torn. Her feet were bare.

There was another person inside the cell, but he was no prisoner. He was a man, very tall man with a dark brown beard and neat hair. His eyes were piercing gray, and a continual half-smile lingered around his cracked lips. He wore a pair of flowing dark robes, in the style of a Gringots Guard, and if you raised the sleeve, you would see the writhing snakes that were the emblem of his Lord. he leaned agaist the cold wall, looking slightly bored, and shooting thin streams of fire at any bug or moth that dared come near him. Therefore, it was he who heard when the Prisoner began making strange, otherworldly noises, and rocking back in forth in her chains. He hastened to the door, stared hard at her bindings (to make sure that she could not escape) and ran sprightly up the long narrow flight of stairs.

Five minuets later three men hurried into the cell, the dark bearded man, who was named Marius Kusnik, and two others. The one in the lead was tall, and rather interesting looking seeing that he had no nose. His skin was deathly white, his eyes red as a snake, and he was bald. The one right next to him was sallow-skinned, with silky blond hair and an arrogant expression. he carried a fine silver walking stick, sand he sneered at the Prisioner with an expression of loathing and disgust. All three were wearing robes. Marius and Lucius Malfoy hovered at the door, while Lord Voldemort went over to the woman, who was still making very funny sounds, and pulling against her chains.

" You see my lord, it is time, my Lord." Said Marius.

" Yes. It is time. Soon we shall have the prophecy, and everything shall be better. This filthy half-blood will tell us what we need to know, and we will crush the order once and for all. Lucius, i told you to-" but whatever he had told Lucius was drowned out by a raspy breath being drawn.

"My Lord-"


All three men turned to the Prisoner and waited with bated breath. She leaned forward in her chains; dirty hair swinging over her emaciated face, and began to speak in a rasping, harsh voice.

"The most loyal shall betray you on the eve of

The death of the prisioner who can never return,

she will choose a higher cause and leave you there to burn.

She'll bargain with the Phoenix

For the thing that to her is most precious.

The Most Loyal will betray you,

But in the end there will be the question of 'who?'

She is a star in a sky of black.

and There shall be three prisioners who can't go back

one shall fall and one shall escape,

but for the falsly accused that is her choice to make.


With that last sentence she pitched forward on to the ground, her iron chains breaking as if they were mage of glass. The three me looked at each other in silence for a minuet. Then the dark lord spoke in a high, cold, clear voice.

" Lucius."

"Yes, My Lord?"

"Bring me Bellatrix."