Paris, 1823.

Two men stalked along the boulevard, their dark robes swirling around their feet, their faces partially obscured by the whirling snow. One was a tall man, with a dark brown beard and gray eyes, the other with light hair and rigid features. They were conversing in low voices, and both of them held a wand in their hand.

" Did you find him, Yaxley?"

" Yes. He was at the castle, just like the Dark Lord said he would be."

" And did you get what we came for?"

" In a fashion. They made me wait for a very long time, but I was finally granted an audience with The Great One. He seemed very interested in our cause, said that he agreed that wizards could and should have total domination."

" And did he give you the Spell Book?"

" Yes, Marius, he did. It has everything we need."

" Tell me about The Great One."

" He was very old. He sat in a large throne in the castle, and there were muggles there to wait on him."

"That's the way to do it. Muggles are only good for slavery."

" I agree completely. Stupid, dirty filth. And did he show any interest in sending us men?"

"Yes. He said that he would be very willing to help us."

"Good. When shall the portal be opened again, did he say?"

" At the next double moon."

"And when is that?"

" Two months from now."

" Good. We will need the extra men. We shall plan the attack accordingly. And you?"

" And me what?"

" Did you get the information?"

" Yes. I was able to corner the man, and with a bit if …encouragement he told me all i needed to know about the Spell."

" Good. i hope you spared him nothing. He deserved to be punished. And what did be say?"

" He said that we were foolish, power-hungry morons. But with a bit of torture he revealed that the Spell was invented by Robert Sherman."

" do you know who he is?"

" No idea. But he obviously was immortal, because I've heard of him. In our time, i mean."

" Good. I assume we'll be paying a visit to old Sherman tomorrow. Must have been pretty smart. With the Spell on our side, we'll be able to wipe out the Order once and for all."

"Good. Lets hurry up, the nights almost over."

The two men speed up their pace, not noticing the young girl that had slipped out of an alleyway, and had began to trail after them. She was tall and very thin, with dark matted hair tied with a piece of string. Her eyes were dull and brown, and they were narrowed against the wind and snow. She was clothed in a ragged brown skirt through which you could see her thin, shivering legs. Her chemise was stained and dirty, and was slightly too big, and slipped of her thin, red shoulder blade. She lost sight of the men for a minute, but pressed on anyway. She stopped when she heard voices.

"Come on marius, Hurry up."

She poked her head around the corner, and saw two blurry figures huddled around a patch in the air that seemed to be glowing. As she watched, the man called Marius motioned the other man through the patch of air, and he disappeared, calling "Hurry up Marius, the Dark Lord is calling. "

"Marius." The girl whispered in a rough voice. And without looking back she ran after the man trough the portal, just as it began to shimmer. When she was through, it closed, leaving only snow and emptiness. And Eponine was gone, hurtling through time after the two death eaters.