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Chapter 1: Tears
Olivia's POV

"I'm leaving."

"Yeah. We all are. We're going on tour," Wen said. I sighed. He didn't get it. No one did. The rest of the band just all smiled at me.

"No, I mean... I'm moving to... uh... Colorado?" I questioned. Wait, that waswhere the Duncan's house was, right? I'll have to go look it up later.

"Colorado?" Stella laughed. I just nodded. Then she stopped and frowned.

"Wait, your not joking, are you?" Wen said. I just looked down. He jumped up and kneeled down next to me, taking both my hands in his. "Liv?"

"Why?" Charlie asked.

"Gram is going to some retirement home. She can't care for me anymore. Apparently my dad said that I needed to go live with my mothers friend. It's in legal document. I can't change it." I rushed out.

They were all silent for a few minutes, until Mo finally spoke up. "When?"

"Saturday." That gave me a day to pack, or barely that. I looked around my room. Oh, that would take a long time. Wait, could I even bring anything? Would they want me to bring anything? Would they even want me there!

"Hey," Wen said softly. I looked down at him. He was still kneeling, his grip on my hands tightening. "They'll love you. Don't worry." I nodded. He stood up and came and sat on the bed with me, letting me lean on him. He wrapped his arm around me.

Could I really do this? Well, I'd have to. I'd need to leave Rhode Island and go to Colorado. And be away from the band. Wait- "What's going to happen to the band?" I questioned. No one spoke.

"We still have the tour," Stella spoke. "what are we suppost to do?" I looked at each and every one of them. They looked heart broken. And that's when I said it.

"You still need to do it without me."

"What!" Everyone shouted. They all started talking at the same time. I shook my head and yelled over them.

"Guys! We've gotten this far. We can't just leave it all behind because of me. I'd feel horrible. Just, please, do it."

"Olivia," Wen started but I glared at him. He held up his hands in surrender. Smart boy. He looked at everyone else who was talking quietly to eachother. "Guys, could we have a minute?"

They all nodded and shuffled out, closing the door. I turned to look at him. Right when the door closed, his lips were on mine. I sighed. I'd never get used to this. He put more pressure against it, and I moaned quietly, getting up and straddling him on my knees. His hands were in my hair, messing it up, but I really didn't care.

All too soon it ended, and he pulled back, his eyes darker than before. He didn't say anything to me, just pulled me right back into his arms.

"I don't want to leave you," I whispered. He shushed me.

"I don't want that either. But your safety comes first. You need to taken care of. If you could come and stay with me, then that's the first thing that I would do. Your mom obviously knew that someday this would happen, and she picked someone that she could trust."

"But I don't even know them! What if they don't like me! Wait, how am I going to do this!"

"Of course they'll like you, love. I know you can do it-"

"No, not like that! I mean, we can barely even walk out of our houses now without being stopped by paparazzi."

"We don't tell anyone where you are. They won't find out. You'll be safe." He said, the last part I think more to himself than to me. I suddenly stood up, his hands in tight fists. "I should let you pack."

"Wait, Wen-" I started to speak, but he had already left the room. I plopped back down on the bed and looked around. Alright. Time to get packing.

"Just, call us when you get there. Okay?" Mo said for the fifth time, hugging me. I nodded, holding back the tears. This would be hard. But I'd have to do it. My mom would want me to. Also, my dad. And Gram. I took a deep breath in, then let it out.

Charlie and Stella came up next and took me into a group hug. I laughed slightly and hugged them closely for a few seconds. Then we broke apart. They stepped back. I looked around, but didn't see Wen anywhere.

He was kind of upset when he left yesterday... What did I do? Maybe he didn't want to go out with me anymore. Maybe he was mad at me. Ugh, why does this always have to happen to me! "Flight 153 to Denver, Colorado is now boarding." the intercom came on.

I looked down. I grabbed my bag and with one last final look behind, I started walking towards the planes entrance. I guess I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to him, after all. I felt tears streaming down my face, but I didn't care. He really wasn't coming.

I was just about to hand the lady my ticket, when I was pulled back. I turned around and more tears came out without me letting them. "Wen," I whispered but he kissed me. I didn't like this one. It felt wrong. It felt like we would never see eachother again and that he was just doing this because he knew that also. I pulled back.

His eyes were filled with a sad expression, and I reached up and curled my fingers into his hair. He smiled slightly. "I'm not saying goodbye to you, Olivia White. You call me whenever you want. I'm here for you. You know that, right?" I nodded. "I love you, Olivia. Don't forget that."

"I love you too, Wen." I said, smiling. I hugged him, just as the intercom called my flight for the last call.

"Now, go, you'll miss your plane. Call me right when you get there." He said, kissing my on my forehead. I just nodded, closing my eyes. This was really happening. I was leaving him, the band, all of this. Behind. But I had to.

With all the power in my body I turned my body away from all of them and walked onto the plane.

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