Summery: Specs, Dutchy, and Bumlets have been best friends forever. Even once the former two get together nothing chnges much. But then New Kid Swifty comes along, and everything changes. Everyone thinks Swifty is so cute, so nice, so funny, so talented, and Bumlets finds himself fading more and more into the background. Feeling hurt, lost, and abandoned, Bumlets returns to old habits he thought he had left behind years ago. Even as he spirals deeper and deeper into depression and self loathing, no one seems to notice, and all Bumlets can do is pretend that everything is still alright. But just when he thinks there is no hope left for him, the most unexpected person reaches out and pulls him out of the abyss…


"You can't tell Mom and Dad. Ever."

"I know," Dominic said, "I'm not stupid."

His older brother Landon stretched his mouth into a wide, toad-like grin. "You sure about this?" He asked one last time, "Once you're in, there's no backing out."

Dominic hesitated, then nodded, "I-I know... but..." But this was the only way his beloved older brother would acknowledge his existence. "But... you're the one who asked me anyways. And besides, I need the money." Lies.

Landon snorted, "I hear ya little bro," he said, running a fat hand through his thin blonde hair, "I hear you. Mom and Dad," he shook his head in disappointment.

Mom and Dad are amazing, Dominic thought defensively. They saved me. They saved all of us. He nodded, "So... I'm in...?" he asked uncomfortably.

"You're in," Landon said, flashing his ugly grin again. "I'm glad you decided to join little bro, I've had a tidy number of fellas asking about you, and you know I hate to disappoint..."

"T-there was?" Dominic asked nervously, "O-oh..."

"Yeah, but don't worry buddy," Landon clapped him on the back, "I'm going to start you out easy. Give ya a friend of mine. Alex, he's had his eye on you for a long while now, and since he's my best friend I want you to make him feel real good. You hear? Don't worry little bro, he might have some interesting requests for ya, but he'll be... he'll be good to you."

Dominic nodded nervously, "I-is he hear right now?"

"You bet I am," a voice, slightly higher than Landon's, but much lower than Dominic's was, called out.

Dominic turned, and his heart sunk a little as he took in the tall, slim, well-muscled boy who stood in the doorway, twirling a pair of handcuffs.

Dominic hadn't expected his first job to happen right away. He gave his older brother a slightly panicked look-the handcuffs made him nervous, but Landon greeted the boy, Alex, with a friendly man-hug, and then pushed Dominic towards him. Dominic stumbled forward, and Alex wrapped an arm around his waist. He smiled down at Dominic in a feral, almost predatory, way.

"You go easy on my baby brother," Landon grinned, "Don't you go making him cry... not tonight at least..."

"No promises," Alex winked, "But I'll try."

Some how Dominic didn't find that very reassuring.

"Come on honey," Alex pushed Dominic ahead of him. Dominic blushed as the older boy visibly studied his backside; specifically the lower aspects of it, then slapped his ass. "Cute bum hon.," he said.

Dominic turned an even deeper shade of red, and didn't say anything.

Landon seemed be considering something, "Dom," he said, seriously, "You know we don't use real names here."

Dominic nodded. He wasn't sure why that was, but he wasn't about to question his older brother.

Alex bounced on his toes a little, "Ooooooh, name him Cutiebum!"

Landon shook his head, "That hasn't got the right ring to it," he said. "How about... Bumlets." Landon smirked as he studied his brother's form, "Yeah, that's good. Our little Bumlets."

Alex nodded his approval, "I like it." He gave Dominic's backside another quick squeeze, making the 14-year-old jump in an odd combination of nerves and fright, "Bumlets. Come on little Bumlets, I'll show you a good time tonight... Or maybe you'll show me a good time. We'll see."

Alex may have said he'd try not to make Dominic cry that night, but if you had asked Dominic, he would have said that it hadn't seemed to him that the high school senior had tried too terribly hard. Of course, later he'd realize that compared to some other boys, compared to the things Alex himself would do after that first time, Alex had been almost gentle.

"You're so good baby," Alex grunted as he thrust in.

Dominic bit his lip to stop himself from crying in pain. He felt Alex's sharp, sharp nails-so sharp it was almost as if he'd filed them to a point-rake down his back.

He tasted blood as he tried to stop himself from screaming out in pain, as he normally would. He'd told Alex no, told Alex the risk of getting caught was too big, but had Alex listened? No. And had Landon stepped in? No. Alex was his best friend, and a paying costumer. Bumlets was nothing but his annoying little freshman brother. Nothing but another one of his dozen or so whores he'd rent out to the boys at school.

He couldn't stop a whimper of pain to release, and then, as if that one tiny crack in the dam had released the entire flood, he screamed.

There was the sound of tiny feet running down the hall, and then the door was thrown open, "Domi, are you ok?"

Dominic half turned, looking past Alex, who hadn't stopped laughing, and thrusting, and scratching at the sound of the door, and crying out in a different kind of pain at the sight of his precious little sister, Marie, standing there in the door way, looking disgusted, and horrified at the sight. Leave he mouthed to her. She stared for another second, then turned and fled, allowing the door to slam shut.

Then, as if that bit of unwelcome excitement, and panic on Dominic's part, was all he'd needed, it was all over for Alex. He gave Dominic a kiss on the cheek, as if he hadn't spent the past hour sadistically scratching at Dominic's back whilst fucking him, dressed, and left the house, whistling.

"Marie," Dominic said softly, once he had dressed and left his room.

As expected, she wasn't far, and as soon as he called her name, she seemed to appear, as if she'd popped up out of nowhere. "What were you doing?" she asked, looking half curious, half disgusted, half horrified.

"You're not stupid," Dominic said sullenly, "What do you think we were doing?" he asked defensively.

Her face fell, and Dominic felt instantly bad. She was only 12. Really still just a kid.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"Why?" she asked softly.

Dominic shifted nervously. He knew he owed her an explanation, but he really wasn't sure how to start. "L-landon..." he started hesitantly, "He runs... a business of sorts. And... the money does help and..."

Marie's eyes narrowed, "I'm telling Mom and Dad!" she said, "Landon can't make you do... you do that!"

"No!" Dominic grabbed Marie's wrist before she could run to the phone and call them. "You can't!"

Marie stared at him, hurt, uncomprehending, "But you didn't like it! You were crying!"

"It wasn't... it wasn't that bad Marie," he said, still panicking, "Look. You, you just can't!"

There was a long pause, and then, "...alright, but," she looked at him anxiously, "Just, let me know, if... if anything is wrong or... if I can help?"

And so Marie became Dominic's once ally, one confidante in the ordeal, aside from the other whores who understood exactly what he was going through.





"Say it," Alex commanded.

Dominic was crying almost too hard to say anything at all.

The whip cracked again, and Dominic let out a shriek of pain before blurting out the words Alex had wanted him to say, "I deserve this," he gasped, "Thank you master for this-" another crack, and Dominic let another hiss of pain escape before continuing, "Thank you master for this punishment."

Alex must have been pleased because he didn't let the whip crack again. In stead he grabbed him by the hair, to yank his head up, "Don't ever think about saying no again," he hissed. "I pay good money for this. Maybe I shouldn't though. Maybe I should go back to Spot." Another of the 'boy-toys' his brother offered his costumers, Spot was Dominic's only friend in the business, and as much as Dominic would have loved to agree, no, beg for Alex to go back to him, he couldn't. A lot of the costumers who favored Spot liked it rough, and Dominic had no desire to add another to his load. And this was only a rarity. Compared to the shit Spot's boys sometimes made him do, Alex was positively caring.

The whipping was new though, and far worse than anything else Alex had ever done to him or, as far as he knew, to Spot.

After Alex had stormed out of the house (Dominic's parents were away for the weekend, so he had not fought Alex too hard when he'd demanded they meet there for their session), Marie crept in.

Her eyes went wide as she took in the dark red welts, some dripping with blood, which criss-crossed across her brother's back. "He can't do this," she whispered. "He can't!"

Dominic, who normally would have argued with her (Alex was the costumer), couldn't. Not because he thought she was right, but because the burning in his back was too great for him to do anything but tremble as he held back his tears for the sake of his little sister.

He heard her leave the room, and then come back with bandages, and something that felt cool, and good, on his back. His face never left his pillow; he never looked at her, as she gently bandaged his back. Burning shame of his weakness, having to have his baby sister, who was so young, still in middle school, only an 8th grader, take care of him.

"I'm telling Mom and Dad when they come back," she said, her brave voice trembling. He finally raised his head from his pillow to look at Marie, her hazel eyes filled with tears, mouth trembling, brown curls fighting to escape her ponytail.

You can't he thought a little desperately, as he thought of how furious Landon would be. But when he opened his mouth to protest, a groan of pain was all that escaped.

"Get out."

"Mom, Dad, you can't!

"Get out!"

"I'm your son, you love me!"


Silence followed that remark.

Dominic stood in his mother's silent embrace, with Marie supportively clutching his hand. The three stood a little off to the side, watching the showdown between father and son.

Standing either behind their father, or off to the side, as their mother and two youngest siblings were, stood the other nine siblings of the Lucero family. The three of the five girls were all crying; Mitch, the oldest son, was holding Landon's stuff. He gave Landon a cold look, "You crossed the line," he said flatly. This, more than anything else, highlighted the seriousness of the situation. The entire family watched in silence as Mitch, without hesitation or regret, lifted all of Landon's things, threw open the door, and tossed them into the night.

"You can't!"

"You're 18," Mitch said, almost mockingly. It was terrifying to see the normally joking, good-natured Mitch so... cold. "That's legal. You're an adult. You're on your own."

"That's right!" Mitch's twin sister, Melissa, finally spoke up. "You're no longer welcome here." She crossed over to join Marie and their mother with Dominic, and wrapped her arms around him best she could with their mother still clutching him so desperately.

Dominic felt a little better at the sign of solidarity his entire family was showing for him. None of them seemed to blame him. Instead they all stood against Landon. It had been Richard, who was only a year older than Landon, and closer to him than to any of the other siblings, who had given Landon that black eye, after he'd come after Dominic for 'letting' their parents to find out. It was Mitch who'd thrown Landon's things into the street. It was his parents who had just disowned Landon. It was all of his siblings who stood against Landon.

Finally Landon left, but not before throwing a single look at Dominic. Dominic, who could read his brother quite well after working for him for almost a year, knew exactly what that look meant. You'll be sorry.

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