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Things Change

Chapter 1: Graduation!

Naruto walked out of the academy leisurely with his hands in his pockets and the most suspicious grin on his face you'd ever see. He and all the soon to be rookie nine had just finished graduating and he just couldn't stand the thought of not leaving a… lasting impression. His dad still being there giving a speech was just a bonus.

The new Genin's grin just got bigger when he heard the loud 'BOOM!' go off behind him. White light came from all the windows and the ground beneath him trembled but he didn't look back. He was almost out of site when he heard his father.

"NARUTO UZUMAKI NAMIKAZE!" Minato shouted coming out of the academy covered from head to foot in… peanut butter? As soon as Naruto heard his full name screamed he burst out laughing and broke into a run. Minato was right behind him and several of the academy teachers, who were also covered in peanut butter, had already joined him. It would only be seconds before ANBU would be with them.

Right on cue Naruto jumped to avoid an ANBU that had come from the other side and tried to catch him. Minato couldn't believe he hadn't been able to catch his 12 year old yet, of course the kid had been dodging his guards and several other ninja since he could walk. The main problem was mostly that his son had apparently taken off all the Hiraishin seals on the clothes he was wearing because there wasn't any there that he could sense.

Naruto had no intention of being caught this time, before he'd let himself be caught because really where would he go when he lost them? Eventually he knew he'd have to stop but this time he will have fully lost them when he did, just to prove he could. 'However a little diversion never hurt', Naruto thought as he smirked making a one handed ram seal.

"Kai." The blond haired 12 year old whispered. Suddenly there was another explosion but this time it was coming from the direction of the Inuzuka compound. Several of the ninja chasing Naruto turned to see a large white cloud surrounding the Inuzuka compound and all the ninja, including Minato stopped chasing the prankster seeing the cloud and thinking the village could be under attack.

Before they could go see what happened though there was several more explosions. Shrieks started coming from every major clan compound including howls and barks that were now coming from the Inuzuka compound. The only compounds that screams or explosions weren't coming from were the Hyuuga, Nara and Aburame. Mostly because Hyuuga are too proud to scream, Naras' don't care to waste the energy and Aburame… well they just don't scream.

However the Aburame's 'allies' seemed to be agitated if anyone was paying attention would notice, and if you were listening you could hear a slight ringing noise coming from the Nara compound. Minato went into what Naruto had dubbed his 'Hokage mode' and within a second was ordering the ninja around him to check the disturbances while two went for back up.

The Hokage turned to tell his son what to do but Naruto was long gone. Minato wasn't just worried about where his son was though he knew Naruto, and right after pulling a prank or not the kid would always put his village first and never just run away if he thought it was in danger. Which meant either his son ran right into whatever was going on, or he already knew what was going on and wasn't worried.

Minato frowned before disappearing with a yellow blur to the Inuzuka compound. Within seconds he knew exactly why Naruto had no problems with using the explosions as a diversion. The kid had set them all up! All the people in the Inuzuka compound and their canine partners were scratching themselves like crazy and itching their backs on the grass.

Even some of the ninja he'd just sent to investigate were starting to scratch. Finally getting it Minato's eyes flashed fear before he disappeared in another yellow flash, he didn't need to be caught in the after affects of an itching powder bomb after all. He reappeared at the Uchiha compound and instantly flashed himself away again; his son definitely had his mother's sense of humor.

The blond Hokage's heart was beating fast after the scare at the Uchiha residents and he reacted by going to the first place he thought of, his own home. He leaned against the wall closest to him and just stopped to catch his breath and think. One, Naruto definitely did this, all of it. He was sure no one else would.

Two, Naruto had set amusing and annoying if not terrifying traps in what seems to be all the compounds. Now what to do about it; and where would his son hide to lay low for a while? As he was thinking Minato saw Sasuke, his son's best friend run by through the window he happened to be facing, towards the training grounds.

Minato lifted an eye brow, it could be that Sasuke was just going to go train; he did do that a lot. The Hokage highly doubted it though. After all who runs wasting their energy before they train, and Minato was sure he saw a small grin on the boy's face and if he'd seen what was going on in his compound and didn't have peanut butter on him from the academy then it was looking more and more that he'd been in on it.

Speaking of peanut butter, Minato looked down and sighed at the brown sticky goop covering him. Deciding to have a clone follow Sasuke, Minato quickly made one, went to the bathroom and stripped before jumping in a nice hot shower. He ended up taking over an hour to scrub the partly dried goop off of him. He'd never admit it to anyone else but to himself he would admit when his son did something he went all out.

Meanwhile Naruto was lying down in front of a cabin in the far off training ground that in another life Mizuki had tricked him into going to. The blond wasn't there to remember the weak Chuunin though he was laughing his ass off as he hid, trying to catch his breath. His eyes closed tight from laughing so hard he didn't even notice Sasuke enter the training field.

"Alright, you can stop congratulating yourself baka." Sasuke said calmly though he still had a smirk of his own. Naruto calmed down enough to sit up, but not even Sasuke's insult could stop the few chuckles that were still coming.

"Did you see your clan!? That was priceless!" Naruto dissolved back into laugher and Sasuke couldn't help but chuckle at the mental image of his uptight clan receiving the full Uzumaki treatment. Distracted by their conversation neither boy noticed the blond Hokage watching them.

"How do you know anyway? Weren't you running from the ANBU and like, everyone?" Sasuke asked, sitting down beside the blond and leaning on the cabin wall. Naruto smirked scooting up to lean on the wall too.

"And miss all the chaos? No way, I had clones at all the compounds watching." Naruto chuckled as a particular scene flashed through his mind. "Besides, I needed them there to set off the stuff; the range was too far apart to set them all off at once. So when I set off the first one my clones started setting off the rest." Naruto explained.

Minato's clone listened carefully and heard every word. He filed away his son's imaginative planning skills for later missions and focused on the fact Naruto just admitted to the crimes. After all he didn't want to blame his son if he wasn't guilty… even if he was most the time. The clone retreated about a mile so that it wouldn't be heard and then dispelled, its memories transferring to its creator.

Naruto and Sasuke sat together basking in their victory as they hid from everyone. Every once in a while they would chuckle at the day they'd had. Sasuke had never been a prankster in Naruto's first life but they hadn't really been close friends when they were younger either. As it turns out Naruto could easily corrupt the young Uchiha… it kind of reminded him of when he had gotten Sasuke to help find out what was under Kakashi's mask… they never did succeed. Next time.

While Sasuke wasn't really good at thinking up a prank he did contribute quite a lot to planning some out and helping to set them up. In exchange for helping with the pranks Sasuke wasn't the target of any… of the bigger ones, and would know before they went off where not to be. Which today, with what was going on at the Uchiha compound, he was extremely happy about.

"So did you get them?" Naruto asked as he sensed to make sure no one was around. Sasuke smirked.

"Of course." The raven replied looking around before pulling out a bunch of picture from his weapons pouch and handing them to Naruto. The blond took them with sinister glee as he started looking through them.

"Oh my kami, did you see this one!" Naruto laughed pointing at one of the photos. Sasuke chuckled, it was of one of the Hyuuga's. Since they knew Naruto would be automatically be chased for the pranks Sasuke had been the one to go around to all the compounds and get pictures for blackmail or personal reference… like a scrapbook, maybe. Never know when you might need a laugh.

Naruto started cracking up again as he found one of the Inuzuka photos. That one had been particularly funny. After going through all of them Naruto split the photos so that they each had half the stack… then they started trading for the ones they wanted more… like trading cards. 'Kami Naruto really has corrupted me.' Sasuke thought while a flashback of his mother saying so came to him.

Sasuke at eight years old walked in his home and took off his shoes. His mother, Mikoto came from the kitchen where she was cooking to greet him. Seeing him she rolled her eyes and sighed. She had heard of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze's famous escapades, and while the boy seemed to be getting more creative many of them still included paint.

"That Namikaze boy is really corrupting you Sasuke-chan." Mikoto said softly as she bent down and rubbed off the orange paint from her youngest son's nose. Sasuke blinked as she wiped his nose clean and realizing he'd been caught he smiled sheepishly. Mikoto just shook her head with a smile and turned towards the kitchen.

"Go wash up sweetie, dinner will be done soon." She called back as she slipped into the kitchen.

The young Uchiha shook his head of the memory. The Uchiha weren't as strict as they used to be but that didn't mean he wanted to bring any more shame to his clan than what his father already had. What would his brother say? Itachi had been gone too long on that stupid mission.

"Sasuke?" Naruto said pulling the raven from his thoughts. Sasuke turned to the blond in silent question. "I think someone's coming." Naruto whispered not looking up from the pictures. Sasuke was immediately on alert and move his eyes around the area without moving his head as they'd been taught in the academy.

A Chuunin carrying a large scroll on his back landed in a tree nearby and spotted them. Naruto and Sasuke quickly stood up thinking they'd been found. As soon as Naruto got a good look at the man though he knew that wasn't it. The Chuunin with the large scroll smirked seeing who he'd come across in the middle of nowhere.

"Well if it isn't the demon and his little friend." Mizuki laughed as he walked closer. Naruto and Sasuke both narrowed their eyes at the man for different reasons. Naruto lowered his body defensively knowing Mizuki had turned on the village again while Sasuke was confused but could feel the tension and watched the Chuunin carefully.

"I'm not a demon." Naruto said just barely keeping the word from being growled out which he figured would defeat the purpose. Sasuke was tempted to add that he wasn't little either but kept his mouth shut realizing it would sound childish, and unbefitting of an Uchiha.

"What? Didn't anyone tell you who you are, filthy demon?" Mizuki asked with a smirk that almost looked like a snarl. The silver haired man had stopped when he saw the demon and its playmate because of the anger he felt remembering how his fiancé had been killed by the demon's attack twelve years ago.

Sasuke watched; listening confused about what they were talking about while Naruto seemed to know what was going on. That didn't happen often and was frustrating him but he stayed calm and listened to figure it out.

"I know exactly who I am Mizuki, and I also know you just stole the Forbidden scroll, traitor." Naruto did growl the last part. As if on cue an alarm sounded from the village. Sasuke immediately turned to see the scroll behind the Chuunin to see it was indeed the Forbidden scroll, even though he'd only seen it in the Hokage's office a few times when waiting to hang out with Naruto, he could tell. The Uchiha took a defensive stance slowly while never taking his eyes off the now identified enemy shinobi.

"Who are you calling a traitor you little monster!" Mizuki's anger grew as the demon talked back to him, actually judging him. Naruto flinched at the word screamed at him, which Sasuke saw out of the corner of his eye, it was odd to him, with Naruto's pranks he was yelled at all the time, but Sasuke decided to save the question for later. Unfortunately Mizuki also saw the flinch at his words and smirked deciding to use the word 'monster' from now on.

"Oh so you do know what I'm talking about, I don't suppose your friend knows too though. No if he did he would never go near you again, nobody would." Mizuki turned his head to Sasuke, he need to keep moving or he'd be caught but… he could spare a few moment on revenge. Naruto tensed, his own anger now rising at the traitor daring to out him to Sasuke.

"Don't." Naruto spoke harshly preparing to attack the Chuunin.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke asked annoyed at not yet knowing what's going on. Mizuki smirked.

"Well Uchiha, what you don't know about your little friend is, he is the Kyuubi!" Mizuki laughed before Naruto finally made it to him and kicked him in the head hard enough to throw him off the branch he'd been standing on. Naruto cursed he'd been seconds too late, and Sasuke had heard, he'd heard it from Mizuki. The blond Jinchuuriki had planned on telling his friend soon now that they were ninja but he wanted to tell Sasuke himself, to explain it right.

Not daring to look back and see Sasuke's reaction Naruto attacked the Chuunin furiously, taking his anger out on the traitor. Mizuki trembled in rage, that the new Genin was beating him, that the demon he hated so much who took away the love of his life was defeating him so easily. In his rage Mizuki lashed out hard with his fist and surprised Naruto hitting him full force in the stomach.

Naruto grunted in pain as he felt two of his ribs break. The blond mentally scolded himself for letting the weak ninja get the best of him because he was so mad and wasn't concentrating on the fight. The twelve year old jumped back to get some distance from Mizuki, before using his favorite jutsu. The Chuunin stopped and stared in awed horror when he saw himself surrounded by hundreds of solid Naruto clones.

Sasuke watched still stunned. The ninja said that Naruto was the demon fox that attacked just after he was born… on the day Naruto was born. At first he didn't believe it but when Naruto didn't deny it more and more things came together. Naruto had been keeping something from him, and he knew that for a long time but since Naruto said he'd tell him one day he let it go, figuring his friend just wasn't ready to talk about whatever it was.

He had heard a few times people whispering in the village about Naruto being 'the one', or the hesitation some parents had when they were younger to let their kids play around Naruto. Then maybe the Hokage wasn't as 'over protective' towards Naruto as much as having more to worry about, besides being the son of a Kage. It was the last piece of information though that really stuck in his head, Kyuubi attacked the night Naruto was born, and Naruto has always had so much chakra… not as much as a biju but still.

However it was the fact that Naruto still hadn't denied it and hadn't even looked at him that was making him believe the traitor's words. 'Could Naruto really be the Kyuubi?' Sasuke questioned himself as he saw hundreds of clones that he knew were supposed to take a lot of chakra each appear all around the traitorous ninja.


"You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him." Leo Aikman