This idea came for a challenge in leverageland.

The Athame of lost time.

Leverage Head Quarters

Nathan Ford woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. He quickly reached out to turn it off and with a groan he turned around. He saw his brunette bed companion stir from her sleep too.

"Good morning" he whispered and leaned over to kiss her.

" 'morning" Sophie stretched out her arms.

"Parker, leave that pan alone!" They heard Eliot shouting from downstairs.

Nate laid back down with a moan "God, they're already here!"

"Yeah, at least they're cooking breakfast" Sophie smiled.

"Hardison!" another roar from Eliot.

Nate finally decided to get out of bed and got dressed. "Take your time to get ready, I'll just go make sure the kitchen is still there"

"Thanks" She got up too and went inside the bathroom.

Nate thought he would have found a disaster downstairs but fortunately most of his furniture was still intact.
"Would you relax?" Parker said "It's just pancakes!"

"Which would have been already done if you two had stop interfering!" the hitter growled.
"Good morning, everyone!" Nate announced his present.

"Is Sophie upstairs?" Parker discretely tried to steal a strawberry from the bowl in front of her but Eliot shoved her hand away. Fortunately her other hand was faster and she smiled at her conquest before throwing it inside her mouth.

Nate turned pink "Yes, he muttered She's getting ready!"

Then something outside the window caught his attention. "Why is there an owl outside my window?" he asked curiously. "Parker?"

"What? Why do you think it's mine?" she defended herself going closer to the window.

"Because it's strange! And usually if something is strange you've got something to do with it!" Eliot replied stirring the batter.

"It looks like it wants to come in" Hardison stood next to Parker.

"What are you all looking at?" Sophie asked going down the stairs.
"There's a cute owl outside. It looks like it's got something in his mouth" Parker answered.
Sophie stopped mid-step and gasped shocked. "An owl? Hardison, please, let him in"

"Oh no, I'm not touching that thing. What if it has got diseases?" Hardison soon walked away.
"I'll get it!" Parker enthusiastically opened the window and picked up the bird.

"Pass me the letter, please!" Parker held out the letter for her and stroked the owl s head. "He's cute!" but then the bird bit her.
"Ouch, bad boy!" she scolded him.

"He probably wants some treats." Sophie carefully opened the envelope dreading what she would find inside.
"Sophie, what's going on?" Nate had observed patiently the scene but now he wanted some answers.
Sophie shushed him and continued reading the letter. "It's from my cousin" she whispered.

"Your cousin? Doesn't he/she know the existence of the post?" argued Hardison "Or better yet, emails? Why a freaking owl?"

"It's complicated. He says he needs my help urgently. I need to go to London" She searched for a piece of paper, wrote something down quickly and after putting inside the envelope she gave it to the owl. "Go to your owner, fast!"

The bird flew out of the window.
"Bye, bye birdie" Parker waved.

"Okay, I'm with Hardison here. That was strange." Eliot stood there dumbfounded. "You lot are getting weirder and weirder."

"There's no time to explain. I need to leave. Hardison, could you book me a ticket for London, please?" she pacing around trying to hide her panic.
"On it!" the hacker started working on his computer.

"Hardison, make it five!" Nate ordered.
"Nate, please. It s something I need to do alone." Sophie looked at him. Her eyes almost begging.

The mastermind ignored her. "Sophie, if you or your family are in trouble, we're here to help. That's not up for discussion!

"You don't understand, it's complicated." She repeated.

"Then make me. I know you're private about your past and your family, but you can't expect me to just stay here while you are doing God knows what in London." He rambled. I'm coming and that's it!"

Sophie could see his determination in his eyes. The rest of the team looked the same.

She sighed resigned. "Okay, I don't know how to explain it so I better show you when we get there. Just, please, keep an opened mind."

Hours later-In London

"What is this place?" Hardison stared at the strange looking people sitting at the tables.

After hours on a plane where Sophie tried to avoid any questions and a short trip on a taxi, the Leverage team arrived at an unusual pub with very strange people. The sign outside said: The Leaky Cauldron.
Sophie ignored him and talked to the innkeeper. "Good evening, someone is looking for me I m..."

"Anna" a voice from the back interrupted her. "or is Charlotte, or Jenny"

The team all turned around. The man behind them was tall thin with pale skin. He had shoulder-length, greasy black hair and cold, black eyes. He was wearing long black, flowing robes.

"Dude, you really need a new wardrobe!" Hardison commented.

"It's Sophie now" the grifter stared at the man. "Hi Severus, it has been a long time."