While in Italy, Tsuna learned exactly who he had to thank for his wonderful family.


Yamamoto rushed through the crowd determined to get to the plane before it and his boss left without him; Tsuna had to realize that Japan wasn't home without the petite brunette.


The mafia world quickly learned that to attack the Vongola Decimo was to decide one's own death sentence.


Quietly, Tsuna worked his way through the base to reach his cloud guardian's section and seek advice on which flowers were best to give Kyoko for her birthday.


Three months into his stay in Italy, Tsuna decided that it was long past time to return to Japan.


"Kufufu I could care less what happens to you, Vongola," said Mukuro, shielding a weakened Tsuna, "but I still need your body."


"Hey Sawada," cried Ryohei in the middle of a meeting, "why do we EXTREMELY not burn all the paper in the mansion?"

Tsuna started to nod, but a green rifle stopped him and made him shake his head disappointedly instead.


I-pin pulled Mamma's sleeve, directing Nana's attention towards Tsuna's favorite cereal.


Spanner extended his hand, and Tsuna quickly placed a wrench in it and watched as the blonde screw some circuit or something.


Hibari watched as the herbivore tried to leave the gift on his office desk without being seen.


Each time his guardians smiled, and Tsuna felt that he had done something worth doing.


None of the families believed the 10th generation of Vongola was unbeatable until they tried to defeat them.


Tsuna smiled sadly and shook his head; Hibari frowned and left knowing that any argument would be useless.


"Reborn," said Tsuna staring at the piece of paper in his hand which was trying to pass for an invitation to Shamal's wedding, "I think the world's coming to an end."


Strange how everyone who Tsuna would call "cool" would call him the same thing.


Gokudera watched with a cautious eye as yet another visitor lost his balance upon seeing the tenth smile.


Without hesitation, Yamamoto slung his hand over Tsuna's shoulder and listened close for the sound that he hadn't known he depended on until it was gone.


They watched Tsuna fight with a flame that surpassed the brightness of the sun by ten times, and they hated themselves for not being able to stop it.


Tsuna didn't read if he didn't have to, but when Chrome handed him a thick novel with a small smile of excitement on her face, Tsuna promised to read it all.


After throwing up in the toilet the third time, Tsuna gave the harmless-looking book a wary look and promised himself never to underestimate his mist guardians' taste ever again.


Tsuna smirked, and all his guardians shivered.


Lambo kept his eyes closed, pretending to sleep so that he could continue to listen to Tsuna's quiet humming.


"But he's just a child," Tsuna argued, and Reborn almost frowned at the irony.


With a crooked smile, Gokudera went on to explain exactly how he had caused the car to explode, but Tsuna stopped him and merely handed the storm guardian another form.


When one of the more foolish of Vongola's enemies pointed out that Vongola Decimo didn't even choose his guardians, Tsuna easily replied that he would have picked them anyway.