A/N: First off, I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T UPDATED! IT'S ON IT'S WAY... I SWEAR! Second: 'Elevate' IS AWESOME, HAND'S DOWN. Third: This is my first one shot, I've never written something like this and NEVER in my life have I gone through bulling but I can say I AM HERE TO HELP! Hurting yourself is Hurting others! Recently I've Read A lot of things about suicide and IT'S NOT THE ANSWER!

B- alling up your fist,

U- ntil hands feel numb.

L- ame attempt at holding it in.

L- ong time before it stops.

Y- ou're taking deep breaths.

I- 'm here for you.

N- ot those other people,

G- one out to hurt you.

I- t's not long before it's over,

S- ome times It's really bad,

B- ut you need to know I got your back.

A- dore your life until the end,

D- on't end it know, just don't pretend.

I- know it's hard sometimes to cope,

M- y life has taught me a lot more.

H- ard to say, 'I know how you feel',

E- ither way, I hope it stops soon.

R- eading this I hope you realize

E- ven if I don't know, I sit down and analyze

F- orever the pain will be there

O- nly letting it out could help

R- eally, I mean it, all from heart.

Y- ou can talk with me, I won't judge.

O- h, I hope you understand, I'm not giving up.

U- ntil then, I hope you can trust me, cause only alive you can find out what LOVE is!

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