The first thing I noticed was I wasn't at home or else I would lying in bed not on

the ground . The second thing I noticed was that my head was freaking killing me

it was like someone was taking a freaking hammer to it over and over again like

frig and the last thing i noticed was some fucking calling me asking if i was alright

honestly shut up I wanna sleep ! I slowly opened my eyes to see someone I'd

only ever dreamed of actually seeing in real life my favorite creature in chaotic

Maxxor the leader of the overworld okay it's official i am dream NOBODY PINCH ME!

if not my prayers have been answered . " are you alright?"Maxxor asked again

making me come back to reality I nodded still unable to speak for a while we just

stared at each other it was strange but he felt familiar to me like I had met him

before " I'm dreaming right ?" I asked breaking the awkward silence between us

he shook his head " What's your name player?" he asked 'I'm not a player as you

so call it and my name is Lily and yours is Maxxor " I said his eyes narrowed not

good ! " how do you know my name ?" he demanded honestly who didn't

know his name " I have your card ' I said pulling it out of my pocket it was my

good luck charm wherever I went it went . He snatched in out of my hand rude

much I thought he looked at the card then looked back at me his eyes softened a

bit when he looked at me and before I knew what hit me Maxxor picked me up

"you need medical attention : he stated simply I still couldn't put my finger on it

why did he feel so familiar to me?