The fort of Port Royal was a cold and dark place. The sky was blurred with clouds of rain. Yet with them came none of the traditional howling winds.

There were gallows standing firm, the same gallows that one Captain Jack Sparrow had almost been hung from. A long line of pirates were chained to each other by manacles. One by one they were led to slaughter. There shabby clothes barely helping to keep them warm against the bitter cold that was unnatural for the shores of the Caribbean.

"In order to affect a timely halt to deteriorating conditions, and to ensure the common good, a state of emergency is …." A soldier read from a long roll of parchment. When he finally finished another group of dirty pirates were brought up to the mast. Among them was a small, young, boy pirate who was fiddling with a piece of what looked like a coin. Few knew what these indeed were. This boy was one of them. As he stood on the provided box, he glanced around. He heard, speaking to him from a lone brush of wind, a woman's tempting lush voice start to sing, coaxing him to sing along with the provided words.

The voice sung and he followed.

"The King and his men

Stole the Queen from her bed

And bound her in her bones.

The seas be ours,

And, by the powers

Where we will we'll roam…"

Soon the luscious voice spread to the man standing beside the boy.

"Yo-ho, all hands!

Hoist the colours high…"

The wind flew softly threw the air and spread to every prisoner that was facing the gallows.

"Heave-ho, thieves and beggars!

Never shall we die!

Yo-ho, all together!

Hoist the colours high!

Heave-ho, thieves and beggars!

Never shall we die!

As long as Destiny calls!"

The executioner pulled the lever back sharply breaking the singing apart and the female voice gave one more comforting giggle before she flew away from the now confident pirates. The voice flew over the piece of eight that fell from the little boys hand and then it seemed to seep in to the very earth below.

"And as she rang true, the voices sang, 'Destiny's Call!" The very same voice that had encouraged the boys to lift and join her in song now sang. The owner of this voice was dancing around the deck of her lover's ship. She twirled until she rested among the riggings and she could see the landscape below her.

"And before they fell, Destiny's Call rang through the fire!" She sang the last of the song then laughed brightly. The laugh pulled on the large, angry scar on her cheek. The scar pulled her lips into a permanent smirk, almost like one of her past lover's scars had done. She hummed the words to another song while climbing back down on to deck. She surveyed the ship with her eyes before falling flat on to the black planks of wood.

"Let's see how Jackie's doing!" She proclaimed before skipping off to the quarters of her love. She fell on to the bed, uncaring of the dust that rose from the sheets, showing her lack of sleep. Her status of dead showed as well when after four minutes she still had not used her lungs. Then she turned and faced the ceiling.

"Portami al mio amore." She muttered and once again her conscience was ripped from her body and she was soon floating along beside a boat.

I watched from my spot in the air as a small boat rowed along its path. In it I could see two figures. One was defiantly a male; one was a heavily dressed female. The male was sitting and wearing a cloak over his person, as if to hide his identity. The female wore a large brimmed hat on top of her head and for good reason as a group of soldiers pasted by her. Both male and female tried to act casual until they passed. I whispered, distractedly, a song that was playing out in my head, since just bearly a few moments ago when I'd sung to bring up the call.

"Some have died

And some are alive

Others sail on the sea.

With the keys to the cage,

And the Devil to pay,"

My voice consumed Elizabeth's mind but I stayed away from Jack's. I didn't want to see what was going on in the pirates mind because by the sober way he was just sitting there he wasn't thinking wonderful thoughts. Soon Elizabeth began to sing along, lightly, so as not to be heard by the soldiers that were scanning the streets. She continued to paddle along softly towards where ever they were going.

"We'll lay to Fiddler's Green.

The bell has been raised

From its watery grave,

Do you hear its sepulchral tone?

We're a call to all,

Pay heed the squal."

Jack's hand wrapped around the handle of his gun, tucked into his sash like I remembered he did, as the EITC soldiers passed over their bridge. Elizabeth paused as I fell silent, so as not to give them away to the passing soldiers. When they dashed after a homeless child I urged her to start singing again.

"And turn you sail toward home.

Yo-ho, all together!

Hoist the colours high!


I fell silent as the boat finally rested beside the small docks of a sewer grate. I floated to the ground, not letting my feet touch the ground but they seemed to. At least they would if I was visible to the mortals. I watched, silent now, as Jack got out of the boat. I could see in his movements there was a hidden anger. I hadn't checked in on him in a long time because there is a large time difference in the locker then in the real realm. One time I could look and they were still at the hut. The next time they'd been half way to Singapore and to me it had only been five minutes in between and to them it had been two months. So you can guess how that worked for me.

My mind was brought back into the present when three Chinese men walked up to the two pirates. Jack stayed calm but Elizabeth swerved around to see them.

"..Thief and beggar! Never shall we die!" Tia Hung, the second pirate sung for Elizabeth. I watched the confrontation. Jack pulled the hood down farther. I let my hand run over the hat on top of my head. The first day I'd been here (It had been a year to me) I'd found the hat in the locker, waiting. I didn't know why Jack was hiding for but I guessed he was on the bad side of these Chinese pirates.

"A dangerous song to be singing…for anyone ignorant of its meaning...Particularly a woman…" Tia Hung said and took a step towards them. However, mysteriously Barbossa showed up.

"You think their alone?" He said, annoyed at Tia Hung's attitude.

"You protect them?" Tia Hung asked. Jack and Elizabeth both put a blade to each side of his neck. I glared at Elizabeth and she shuttered, though she had no idea why.

"What makes you think we need protecting…?" Elizabeth muttered to Tia Hung.

"Your master's expecting us." Jack said, though his voice was somewhat different.

"Yes, and an unexpected death'd cast a slight pall on our meeting." Barbossa hinted. Jack and Elizabeth stepped back. Jack's hands fluttered around. I don't know quite what happened to him. He'd been so much more...different when I'd been alive. I didn't know that my death would affect him so much. I wish I'd been able to use more of my power now, so that I could prevent this from happening. Suddenly there was a racket above us and every one of them shut up and crushed them self to the wall. I just stayed there. I watched as they disappeared.

When the coast became clear Tia Hung motioned for them to follow him. I floated, comfortable beside Jack. I was frustratingly trying to grab his hand when Elizabeth spoke, grasping my attention.

"Have you heard anything from Will?" She asked, as she stepped through a grate turned hidden door to go into a bathhouse.

"I trust young Turner to acquire the charts…and you to remember your place in the presence of Captain Sao Feng." Barbossa warned her. I flinched at the name. I hadn't exactly been kind to Sao Feng when we'd met before. I'm not going to lie, I was a bitch sometimes and he had caught me on my time of the month.

"Is he that terrifying?" Elizabeth sarcastically asked. I floated my way beside her for a moment.

"He's much like myself, but absent of my merciful nature and sense of fair play." Jack spoke up. Elizabeth shuttered at the mere thought of someone being worse then Jack. Though I could tell it was a playful kind of shutter. Apparently Jack had gotten closer to my killer while I was away. I sneered but really I couldn't blame him, it's not like he knew that she'd chained me to the mast. And really I shouldn't blame her when I'd been going to stay anyway.

Tia Hung knocked on a large wooden door that I remembered the last time I'd been here…It looks like they'd been much more cautious since I'd snuck in here because they stopped them from going in. They made them give up there guns and Jack looked like he was going to shot them anyways but a glance from Elizabeth and Barbossa stopped him. He gave over about a few more guns. Then they stopped them again for Elizabeth.

"You think because she is a woman, we would not suspect her of treachery?" Tia Hung sneered.

"Well, when you put it that way…" Barbossa said.

"And, him, I want the cloak off!" Tia Hung said harshly. Jack's hand twitched but he now had no weapon to wield. He unhooked the cloak while Elizabeth also started taking off multiple things full of guns. I watched curiously as she stuck a hand down the back of her pants and pulled out a large cannon thing. Jack however was given no more grief because he no longer had his cloak on. I floated ahead of them as they were let in to the bathhouse although Elizabeth had somehow ended up in just an extremely short dress that seemed like it would be more fitting for the twentieth-century. I rolled my eyes and turned around.

I watched as Sao Feng slowly turned around and held his arms out, in mock invitation. As the group bowed I looked at the men. The men in the bathes were disgusting, with fungus growing on them. I shuddered as one walked right in front of my floating form. No one should have that much fungus much less growing…down there. (Beside B.J. because he's obviously dead)

"Captain Sparrow and Barbossa." Sao Feng regained my attention by speaking. I took a step/float away so I wouldn't be standing so close to the mist. They'd be able to see my form if the mist suddenly split in the shape of a woman. And as much as I wanted to talk to them, that was not a good way to do it. "Welcome to Singapore." He said.

"I understand you have a…request to make of me?" He asked and stepped down the stairs a little.

"More of a proposal to put to ye." Barbossa tried to weaken how harsh that sounded in hopes of appealing to Sao Feng. "I've-" Jack cleared his throat and Barbossa rolled his eyes. I was glad to see that Jack wasn't completely gone. "Captain Jack and I, then, have a venture underway and we find ourselves in need of a ship and crew." He said humbly.

"Hmmm…It's an odd coincidence…" Sao Feng said dryly.

"Because you happen to have a ship and a crew you don't happen to be using at the moment…" Jack asked, hopefully. I snorted.

"No." Sao Feng said just like I thought he would. "Because earlier this day, not far from here, a thief broke into my most revered uncle's temple…and tried to make off with these…" Sao Feng gestured to a man at the side and he handed over a rolled up thing. Barbossa and Elizabeth exchanged a nervous glance but Jack winced. "The navigational charts…the route to the farthest gate." He threw them to Tia Hung.

"Wouldn't it be amazing if this venture of yours took you to the world beyond this one?" Sao Feng said, darkly. Jack nervously laughed before answering.

"It would somewhat strain the unbelievable, at that." He muttered, just loud enough to Sao Feng to hear. Sao Feng looked at him for a moment then nodded to a few men who are standing near an empty bath. They reached down and pulled up the 'thief' from the bath. It just happened that the thief was William. He had his arms tied to a post and a gag was in his mouth. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. Trust these fools to send William to do a pirates job. I suppose they had no chose when I wasn't there to do it for them.

Sao Feng stood beside him. "This is the thief. Is his face familiar to you?" Everyone shook their heads, not knowing what to do really. "Then, I guess, he has no further need for it." Sao Feng lent forward to chop William's head off. Everyone, beside Jack, took a step towards them. I put a hand out and the weapon that Sao Feng had used cracked loudly. Sao Feng stared at it for a second then looked around wildly, for me no doubt. But when he didn't see me he relaxed a little.

"You come into my city, and you betray my hospitality…" Sao Feng sneered angrily at them. I snorted at him. I'd obliviously spiked his paranoia.

"Sao Feng. I assure you I had no idea…" Barbossa started to try and weasel his way out of it. He didn't do as well a job as I'm sure Jack would have done.

"That he would get caught!" Sao Feng yelled, finishing his sentence. Sao Fang's men got up out of there dirty bathtub and I grimaced at the same time as Elizabeth as there 'stuff' was shown. They were holding weapons as well, and I was prepared to save, subtly, their arses but I hoped I didn't have to. They held off though because they hadn't been signalled yet.

"You intend to attempt a voyage to Davy Jones' Locker, but I cannot help but wonder…why?" Sao Feng asked, as if all the bulking and nasty men weren't up out of the water. Barbossa tossed a piece of eight into the air. I stared at it as Sao Feng held it to his ear. My voice flooded his ear from when I'd sung with the boy. Apparently what had been five minutes to me had been longer…I hate this random time difference.

"The song has been sung." Barbossa said seriously. The tension in the room was deep. "The time is upon us. We must convene the Brethren Court. As one of the nine pirate lords, you must honour the call." Barbossa leant back and put his hands in his pockets. Jack looked rather nervous but I watched him closely and when one of them got to close I moved them back a little at a time.

"More steam." Sao Feng suddenly said to a pretty girl on his left. She pulled a cord but nothing happened. "More steam!" Sao Feng nearly screamed. She pulled it again. I looked down, past the grates and saw the crew of the Black Pearl was down there. I ushered the steam up into the air and Sao Feng seemed to calm down.

"There is a price on all our heads, it is true…and since the only way a pirate can turn a profit any more is by betraying other pirates…" Sao Feng said mysteriously, I narrowed my eyes, suspiciously at him but of course he couldn't see me so it had no effect on him. However Jack's did. Sao Feng looked Jack up and down but dismissed him. I think that's how Jack got most people; they just underestimate him to much.

"It's time to put our differences aside." Jack spoke up in his unique way. "The first Brethren Court gained control of the seas, and now that rule is being challenged by gits like Cutler Beckett." He said taking a step forward. Sao Feng rubbed his beard, like those weirdo people do when they're evil.

"Against the East India Trading Company, what value are the Brethren Court?" The coward asked. "What can any of us do?"

"You can fight!" Elizabeth said. Unlike with Jack, I let a man try to restrain her. "Get off of me!" She said and the man hastily let her go. "You are Sao Feng, the pirate lord of Singapore!" Elizabeth said, strongly. She was using both a pirate's way of persuasion and a lady's. Flattery was a widely used technique. "You and I are in an age where bold Captains sail free waters! Where waves aren't measured in feet but by increments of fear and those who pass the test become a legend!" Elizabeth lectured. I rolled my eyes. If I'd been there I'd have already snapped.

"Would you have that era come to an end on your watch? The most notorious pirates from around the world are uniting against our enemy, and yet you sit here, cowering in your bath water!" She said gesturing to the soaked pirates.

"Elizabeth Swann…I've heard of you…You truly are a beauty…" Sao Feng tried to say seductively but failed. Elizabeth glared and Will struggled against his restraints for his fiancé. "But I cannot help but notice, you have failed to answer my question. What is it you seek in Davy Jones' locker?" He asked. I shook my head violently hoping she wouldn't say my name. Jack made a move to silence her but it wasn't she that they had to worry about.

"Captain Cassandra Myst…" William said. The two pretty twins giggled, like I'd met them before. And now that I remember they did look kind of familiar. Sao Feng however looked like he was going to have a tantrum. "She's one of the pirate Lords." Will said, surveying his reaction.

"The only reason I would ever even think about saving her was if I could return her myself!" Sao Feng spat, surprising everyone. I'd been on very good terms with most pirates but like all pirates I had a few enemies. "I will not- not the daughter of-…" I shut him up myself with just a poke at his brain.

"Captain Cass holds one of the nine pieces of eight. She failed to pass it along to a successor before she passed…so we must go and get her back." Barbossa argued, lightly still trying, and failing, to appeal to Sao Feng. Sao Feng was already fuming but then he seemed to notice something. I followed his eye sight to see a man still in the pool.

"So, you admit…you have deceived me." Sao Feng suddenly gestured to his men, some of them still in the bath sprung up. "Weapons!" He yelled.

"Weapons!" I heard faintly from below.

"Sao Feng, I assure you our intentions are strictly respectable!" Jack tried and Barbossa bowed slightly but then swords sprung up through a grate they were standing on top of. They grabbed them, instinctually. I looked at my empty hands and sighed. I wish I was there. But if I was they wouldn't even be there. I don't know why they didn't just use my ship that was at Tortuga but these people are crazy.

Sao Feng suddenly grabbed one of his men and held the still cracked bone made blade to his throat. "Drop your weapons! Or I kill your man!" He shouted. I looked the man up and down. He looked a little to clean to be a pirate of either crew.

"Kill him…He's not our man." Jack instructed, holding two swords. I laughed randomly at the not really funny scene.

"If he's not with you, and he's not with us…" Will reasoned. "Who's he with?" He was answered when the large wooden door from before was slammed down. A large number of EITC stormed in, causing chaos to ensue. I floated around, trying to avoid bodies but then my body moved through someone's and I shivered at the sudden warmth. I looked at their face to see them shiver as well, but probably from cold. I looked around the chaos for someone I recognized and I found all of them running out of the bathhouse and into the streets. I floated much calmer then the surrounding chaos until I was outside. Because I took my time getting to them, all of the pirates were now in one place. I settled beside them just in time for William to arrive.

"You have the charts?" Barbossa asked William. William threw the charts to Barbossa.

"And better yet." William took Elizabeth's hand. "A ship and a crew."

"Where's Sao Feng?" Jack asked, curiously. I wondered briefly why Barbossa and Jack weren't killing each other yet. I must have missed something but I guess I'll just have to live with it.

"He'll cover our escape and meet us at Shipwreck Cove." William told Jack.

"This way! Be quick!" Tia Hung suddenly said, coming up to them from behind. I followed them as they dashed for a ship that was preparing to sail. I saw my daughter, Calypso standing by herself. I stood in front of her and her eyes zoomed in on my form only for her to stare at me sadly. My daughter reached out her hand to my ruined cheek but it went straight through. I didn't smile, just stared at her. Elizabeth suddenly stepped up beside her. She looked at Calypso and then at her outstretched hand. Calypso glanced sorrowfully at the curious Elizabeth.

"Destiny watches over us…" Calypso answered Elizabeth's unasked question. My gaze didn't waver but Elizabeth didn't get it.

"There's no place left for Sao Feng to cower. Do you think he will honour the call?" She asked my sweet daughter instead.

"I cannot say. There's an evil on these seas that even the staunchest and bloodthirsty pirates have come to fear." Tia answered. I sighed and let my form fade only for it to appear on the other side of the world at the Caribbean islands in Beckett's office.

"A piece of eight…nine of them, you say?" Beckett's voice steadied me. Beckett had a piece of eight, one of the ones Barbossa had. I don't know how long it took for my form to change but I paid attention to them. Beckett was speaking to Mercer while turning over a piece of eight.

"Our new friend in Singapore was very specific, sir…nine pieces of eight." Mercer concluded. I raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Apparently Mercer had been in Singapore. That's somewhat worrying.

"What's the significance of that, I wonder." Beckett pondered. I sighed and floated my body over the desk. It was so much fun when you could move in such incredible ways but not as much fun after the eleventh time.

"Does it matter? There's nothing that can hold against the armada, not with the Flying Dutchman at the lead." Mercer said. Sometimes I wonder if Mercer isn't the lead in this little thing. Anyways, I can't believe that they had the Flying Dutchman. I mean where had I been- oh…The Locker that's right.

"Nothing we know of…Did your friend happen to mention where the Brethren Court are meeting?" Beckett asked, glancing up from the desk.

"He was mum on that, sir." Mercer answered.

"Mm…well then he knows the value of information. Better keep this between ourselves." Beckett muttered. They both glanced across the room to where I could see my adoptive father who was being handed paper after paper to sign. I could tell he was frustrated with it and I would be to if they did that to me. "We don't want anyone running off to Singapore, do we?" Beckett and Mercer glanced at each other. If I didn't know any better I'd say they are gay together.

"Ah, Admiral!" Beckett suddenly said, catching sight of someone. I sat up from floating on the table and at the door there stood Norrington. Well, I now knew why I was rotting in the locker. It appears that Norrington stole the heart from where Jack had hidden it. I knew that William and Elizabeth wouldn't have stolen it and then came with us. They didn't have the guts, or pirate instincts to pull something that dirty.

"You summoned me, Lord Beckett." Admiral Norrington said, resentfully. Ah, now he's had a taste of pirate and he's regretting his decision to go back to the navy. He wouldn't be the first.

"Yes. Something for you there…" Beckett gestured to a case that was sitting on a table adjacent to his desk. "Your new station deserves an old friend." Beckett said.

Norrington opened the case and inside of it was a sword. I didn't get it because obviously I wasn't there for what ever event they were talking about but apparently this sword had been Norrington's before. The Governor suddenly sighed.

"Not more requisition orders?" He asked. The man standing beside him was handing him more papers.

"No, sir. Execution." The man answered, solemnly. The Governor exchanged a despairing look with Norrington. Ah, so they didn't approve of this barbaric attitude.

"The Brethren know they face extinction…" A clueless Beckett said. "All that remains is for them to decide where they make their final stand." He said and played with his little miniature soldiers. I snorted and let myself fade away from this boring place.

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