I am a skinny man trapped in a fat body

I am a fat man trapped in a skinny body

I am a pretty trapped in ugly

I am ugly trapped in pretty

I am somebody trapped in nobody

I am nobody trapped in somebody

I am nowhere trapped in everywhere

I am everywhere trapped in nowhere

I am then trapped in now

I am now trapped in then

I am oxygen trapped in a cigarette

I am a cigarette trapped in oxygen

I am nothing trapped in everything

I am everything trapped in nothing

I am the sky trapped in the road

I am the road trapped under the sky

I am a rich man trapped in poor

I am poor trapped in rich

I am smoke trapped in ash

I am ash trapped in smoke

I am an American trapped in Communism, Socialism and Calvinism

I am a capitalist trapped in an occupations

I am keyboard trapped under fingers

I am fingers trapped over a keyboard

I am a Siamese trapped in a mutt

I am a mutt trapped in Siamese

I am a poem trapped in logic

I am logic trapped in a poem

I am strings trapped in math

I am math trapped in strings

I am paper trapped in a journal

I am journals trapped in words

I am words trapped in ideas

I am ideas trapped in rigor

I am light trapped in darkness

I am darkness trapped in light

I am life trapped in death

I am death trapped in life

I am seconds trapped in forever

I am forever trapped in time

I am an apple tree trapped in a boy

I am a boy trapped in an apple tree

I am a baby trapped in a man

I am man trapped in a baby

I am old trapped in youth

I am youth trapped in oldness

I am out of time trapped in seasons

I am May, Spring. I am Summer, Fall. I'm winter.

I am risen trapped in the underground

I am underground trapped above

I am never trapped in always

I am always trapped in never

I am a wolf trapped in a butterfly

I am butterflies trapped in my mouth

I am a song trapped in a shout

I am a shout trapped in a whisper

I am living shut off from the living

I am the land shut off from the people

I am ongoing trapped in an ending

I am ending trapped in a beginning

I am a door trapped in a window

I am windows trapped in a house

I am this moment trapped in a memory

I am a memory trapped in forgetfulness

I am now trapped in tomorrow

I am tomorrow trapped in yesterday

I am a chord trapped in a symphony

I am a symphony trapped in a chord

I am free trapped in traps

I am traps (trapped) trying to be free

(November 29, 2011. For I poems 2011)