I originally wrote this as a Star Trek The Next Generation fic but since it's been years since I've watched a TNG episode so I doubt that I could capture the characters except for Data and perhaps Riker.

Anyway I wasn't that far into it so I decided to scrap it and do it with the crew of Voyager instead.


Captain Kathryn Janeway watched as Voyager approached the Kazon ship. Part of her wanted to order Voyager out of there as fast as possible.

"There is only one lifeform aboard. It is not Kazon." Tuvok reported. "Can we beam it aboard?" Janeway asked. "Negative."Tuvok reported.

"Chakotay, take a team over and see if you can find the lifeform and find out what happened to the Kazon on board." Janeway said.

Chakotay stood. "Tuvok, Tom, Harry; you are with me." He said as he headed for the turbo lift.


Chakotay examined the ship. There were dead Kazons everywhere. Some of them were clutching their throats while others lay crumbled by bulkheads and the rest smelled of burnt flesh; as if they had been electrocuted. Some of them were younger Kazons. All of them died with their eyes wide with fear.

Chakotay wondered what had killed them and what had frightened them so badly.

"Commander, I found the lifeform." Harry Kim's voice called out. Chakotay headed for Harry. He glanced down and saw a bound and unconscious human looking female with curly blond hair. She was easily six feet tall and unnaturally beautiful.

Harry fumbled at the woman's bounds but soon she was free. Chakotay scooped her her up. She was surprisingly light and Chakotay wondered how long she had been the Kazons' prisoner.

"Chakotay to Voyager we found the lifeform. Can you get a lock on her?" He asked Voyager. "A lock is proving to be nearly impossible." Janeway reported. "You will have to dock the ship with Voyager."

Tom hurried over to the controls and piloted the Kazon ship to one of the airlocks.

Chakotay sighed with relief when the docking process was done. He readjusted his hold on the woman and hurried through the airlock.

It didn't take him long to reach Sick Bay. Once inside he laid the woman down on one of the bio beds. Chakotay watched as the Doctor examined the woman. "Is she going to live?" Chakotay asked the hologram. "She will live." The Doctor reported simply. "She has a few bruises from being beaten by the Kazon other than that she seems to be in perfect health."

Chakotay let out a breath that he didn't know that he had been holding.

"Do you want to examine the bodies of the Kazons?" Chakotay asked. "I would like to establish how they died." The Doctor said.

Chakotay spared the woman one last glance before heading to give the Captain his report.


Janeway stared out into space and shivered. According to the Doctor some of the Kazons had died from asphyxiation. However the asphyxiation hadn't come from someone putting their hands around the throat of the Kazon but from the windpipe being crushed from inside. Some had been electrocuted to death and others had been hurled with great force and speed at the bulkheads.

According to what the Kazons recorded they had found the woman on some planet and captured her. They had given her to the young males to teach them how to not have any mercy. They had bound the woman so that she couldn't escape. There were no security cams so that they couldn't know for sure what happened but Janeway doubted that a bound woman could have killed all of the Kazons on the ship all by herself.

And maybe the woman had killed all of those Kazons.


She felt so tired and heavy. She reached out and felt Life nearby but something wasn't right. She felt the tiny mind her child reach out for her. It was too young to ask questions or anything. But the child could communicate with feeling and It was confused and a little frightened. She reached out with her mind and soothed the child's fears.

She opened her eyes and sat up.

"Doctor, she's awake." A female's voice said.

Something came over that she couldn't sense and she backed away. Bogden stirred, ready to come out to protect her and the child if necessary.

"Can you tell us what happened?" The thing asked her. "I was tending to something and suddenly I was a prisoner to those things and they were beating me. I lost conscienceness." She told it.

The thing nodded and walked away only to return with a strange device. She watched with narrowed eyes as it scanned her with the device. Bogden hissed and fought briefly to escape and teach this thing a lesson in scanning them without permission.

"What's your name?" A female asked her. "You may call me Ashla, it means pure." She responded.


Well I hope that my Muse doesn't abandon me as far as this story is concerned but because I think that this story will be very interesting.

And there will be lots and lots of dead Kazons. Those people deserve to have their butts kicked. I mean even the Borg won't assimilate them because they take away from perfection.

A fun fact is that perfect means finished; complete. So when you read in the Bible and it says to be perfect it means be finished. I thought that everyone should be getting in the mood for the holidays no matter what they believe.

*cyber hug* And thank you scifiromance for the help that you gave me.