I am so sorry that I didn't have this done sooner and what not.

Inspiration fled at times so I just decided to end it and I am not completely happy with it but I needed to finish this before I went insane.


Janeway felt fear as she stared at the strange alien arena. They had been captured by the Waste and were going to be forced to watch as the Waste fought Bogden to the death.

She didn't want to watch the fight but she had to. The fight was interesting to some extend with the show of power.

Janeway heard Ti gasp and she turned to see the Lingkod coming up on Ashla with a vapè dlo ponya in it's hand.

Before she could even get ready to stand or do anything to warn her a vapè dlo ponya appeared in the chest of the Lingkod.

The Lingkod fell and revealed a tall figure dressed in gray behind it. Ashla turned and stared at her savior

"Combined your strength with that of Bogden and the Waste will fall before you." The figure said softly.

Ashla stood and chanted something that Janeway didn't understand and then she vanished.

Bogden suddenly changed and the tide of the battle was in the favor of Ashla and Bogden.

The Waste collapsed at the feet of the combined symbiotic life form; dead.

"Our people are avenged." They whispered and turned away as the figure approached. Janeway watched as it drove a blue glowing sword into the Waste.


Earth . . .

Janeway didn't quite feel like explaining for the what felt like the millionth time exactly what happened to the Borg. It seemed that some people were still shocked about the events that surrounded their return home.

At least the Borg were no longer a threat.

She sighed as she joined a few of her crew members. She was drained from everything that happened. After the Waste had been slain Ashla and Bogden had used their powers to sever the connections of every single Borg in the Collective.

Then Voyager had returned to the Alpha quadrant.

Once the crew was safe Q had appeared and helped Ashla and Bogden return to their home.

Janeway idly wondered if she would ever meet them again.


I may or may not replace this with another crossover. We will have to wait and see.