"Of Fairies and Ponies"

by K.C. Ellison


It was a bright, sunny school day in the city of Dimmsdale, and the children were lining up for a field trip to the forest. One of the children was super excited about going to the forest. His name is Timmy Turner. "Can you believe we get to go on a field trip to Alicorn Forest?" said Timmy's friend, Chester. "I know! This is so amazing!" replied A.J., who was another friend of Timmy's. "Yeah, but what really amazing is that we don't have to be in school with Mr. Crocker," laughed Timmy. Inside the school, Mr. Crocker was eyeing Timmy like a hawk towards its prey. "Laugh while you can, Turner. One day, I will discover your...FaIrY GoDpArEnTs!" he said, convulsing with every syllable.

Inside the bus, Timmy was sitting down by himself when something (or someone) caught his attention. It was a pretty girl. She had long black hair and wore a stylish lavender turtleneck. "Trixie! Come sit here with me!" Timmy shouted and placed his backpack on the ground. Trixie simply walked away, not hearing Timmy at all. Timmy sighed in defeat. "Nice try, Timmy," said a voice coming from his backpack. On the backpack were three smiley-face keychains, a green one, a pink one, and a purple one, and they each had...gold crowns hovering over them? Of course, these weren't real keychains to be exact, oh no, they were in fact Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof: Timmy's fairy godparents.

"I know, Wanda," said Timmy, "but after what happened between us a few months ago, you'd think she'd at least notice me." "Oh cheer up; things can't be all bad!" said Cosmo. "It's not like for some strange reason Tootie will go away for a few years, then come back as a totally hot woman!" "Yeah, like that will ever happen!" Timmy said with a laugh.

When the bus reached the edge of the forest, Mr. Birkenbake, the chaperone for the field trip, annouced to the students on the bus. "Alright dudes and dudettes," he said in a surfer accent, "this forest is very big, and you can get lost very easily. That is why I've decided to pair each of you with a buddy." Mr. Birkenbake pulled out a list and read out the names.

"Elmer and Sanjay."

"Chester and A.J."

"Tad and Chad."

"Tootie and Veronica."

"Timmy...and Trixie."

"YEAH!" shouted Timmy. Elsewhere on the bus, Trixie lowered her head and muttered a silent "I'm doomed." Timmy didn't hear the rest of the names that were called; he just looked at the back where Trixie was seated. "Now once your names have been called, find your buddy and exit the bus." said Mr. Birkenbake. Trixie walked towards Timmy's seat. "Are you coming?" said an annoyed Trixie. "Oh...sure," replied Timmy.

As the two kids were walking along the trail Trixie asked Timmy a question. "What's so great about this forest? I'm mean there's nothing around here but trees. It'd be better if someone came here and turned this into a hotel." "This forest is special; it's home to hundreds of creatures, and according to legend, the dwelling place of the mythical alicorn!" said Timmy. "What the heck's an alicorn?" asked Trixie. "An alicorn is a horse that has both the wings of a pegasus and the horn of an unicorn. It's like, the rarest of all mythical creatures!" Timmy said. "How do you know about mythical creatures?" asked Trixie. "Uhh...Internet?" lied Timmy. Just then, they both heard a branch snap. "What was that?" asked Trixie. "It could be the alicorn herself," said Timmy and ran off. "Wait, were supposed to stay on the trail!" shouted Trixie as she ran after him.

Timmy ran towards the place where he heard the branch snap, but there was nothing to be found. Trixie caught up to the small boy. "There you are!" she shouted "We're supposed to stay on the trail, but no! You wanted to check on a strange sound! What if a bear snapped that branch? You could've been hurt or worse!" "Trixie, look behind you!" said Timmy. "What!" said Trixie. She turned around and saw a white horse with beautiful wings and an ivory horn. "An alicorn!" whispered Trixie. Trixie tried to touch the creature when it's horn began to glow, causing the three of them to be sent into another place. When they arrived, Timmy and Trixie saw the alicorn disappear before they fainted.

-Intro Cut-

A stage is set with a stool and a microphone. A limelight shines down onto the stool as Timmy places a boombox onto it.

Timmy is an average kid; that no one understands...

The song is interrupted when a blast of magic destroys the boombox. Then, a larger boombox is placed onto the stool.

My Little Pony, My Little Pony (Aaaaahhh...)

The boombox magically turns into a frog. As it hops away, another boombox appears out of nowhere.

It flips your lid when you're the kid with Fairly Odd...

Another boombox crushes the one on the stool.

I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony), until you all shared this magic with me.

The second boombox turns into a pig. Just then, Timmy appears behind a curtain, holding a glowing wand in his hand. On the opposite side of the stage, Twilight Sparkle appears with horn aglow. Both fire their magic blasts onto the backdrop, which creates a sign saying "Of Fairies and Ponies." The boy and the unicorn smile at each other before the sign drops on top of them, revealing Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof riding on Princess Celestia's back.

(AN: That's the end of the first chapter, but before I continue, I want to hear from you: which type of pony do you think I should turn Timmy and/or Trixie into? You can choose from either Earth Pony, Unicorn Pony, or Pegasus Pony. Be sure to send me either a PM or review this chapter with your choice or choices. See ya, from Kellen Clay "K.C." Ellison.)