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Of Fairies and Ponies

by K.C. Ellison


During the same time Timmy and the others were busy dealing with Tootie, in Canterlot Castle, Celestia and Luna had entered a grand hallway decorated with stained glass artworks, each one depicting the key moments in Equestrian history, from the first Hearth's Warming to Discord's defeat at the hooves of Twilight and her friends. Finally, the two sisters approached a big, guilded, and sealed door with a small hole in the center. Celestia went to the hole in the door, and with her long ivory horn, she thrusted it all the way in. This somehow activated a locking mechanism that caused the door to give way. Inside the vault, there was a pedestal with a bedazzled chest on top of it. The white alicorn opened the chest, and inside it were five gold necklaces and a golden tiara, each one having a gemstone shaped like the cutie marks of Twilight and her friends: the Elements of Harmony.

Princess Celestia stepped back a bit as the Elements flew off into the unknown when she heard her younger sister speak up. "Sister, art thou sure about this?" Celestia turned to her sister and gave her a nod. "Yes Luna, this is our only option," she said with hints of doubt in every word. "They are our last hope..."

Moments later, Timmy and friends arrived at the Palace of the Night. The structure looked like a darker version of Canterlot Castle with a giant tower in the center. "The throne room has got to be up there!" said Twilight. "Thank you, Captain Obvious," said Timmy. The purple unicorn glared at the pink one. Timmy laughed a bit and gave her a friendly pat on her head. "I'm just messing with you. Come on, let's go," he said. Twilight sighed as she followed him in along with the others.

They entered the palace through the open gateway, leading into a massive foyer decorated like it came out of "1001 Arabian Nights." There was an elevator in the middle of the room. The ponies all got into it. As it moved up higher and higher, the sound of smooth jazz filled the area. "Ugh, really?" said Trixie. "Did you say something?" asked Twilight. "Yeah, they should at least mix it up a little," responded Pinkie Pie. "Oh forget it..." groaned Twilight. Just then, the elevator stopped moving; they had to be at the top. "Remember, we're in enemy territory; be ready for anything," said Trixie. "Got it!" replied Rainbow Dash. The doors opened, and a group of at least 10 demons turned around and growled. "Eeeek!" squeaked Fluttershy. The demons ran inside as the doors closed back. A bunch of punching noises were heard from the exitway. After a few moments, the doors reopened, and Timmy and the others came out, leaving the badly bruised demons lying inside the elevator before the doors closed again. "There gonna be a little surprise for the next one," chuckled Timmy as they went outside and climbed up a spiraling staircase.

Outside, at the top of the palace, was the throne room (though it looked more like an open balcony than a throne room). Nightmare Moon sat atop her throne, overlooking the moonlit landscape. Spike was levitating next to her, struggling to break free. "Would you stop that? It won't do you any good," sneered the black alicorn. "You won't get away with this; my friends will stop you, I can promise that!" the little dragon shouted. "Don't be such a foal!" laughed Nightmare. "Nothing will stop my plan from succeding!" Unfortunately for her, Timmy and his friends came up from the staircase. "Who are you calling 'nothing'?" asked Trixie.

Nightmare Moon smiled and got up from her throne. "Aww, I see you all made it," she said. "We had a deal, now let Spike go!" Twilight said. "As you wish," replied Nightmare who threw the small dragon towards the group. Rarity, using her own magic, caught Spike before he fell onto the floor. "Are you okay, Spikey-wikey? Did that evil mare hurt you?" asked Rarity. "As long as I'm close to you, I'll always be okay," Spike said and gave the white unicorn with a peck on the cheek. Now that everpony was back together, the final battle was about to start.

The evil alicorn chuckled evilly as she looked down at Timmy and Trixie. "I already know who you two are. You two are the ones that embody more than one Element. You, purple pegasus, embody Loyalty, Generosity, and Honesty. As for you, pink unicorn, embody Kindness, Laughter, and Magic. But, the question is: are you able to use them?" she said in a sinister voice. "Does that really matter? Because either way, we're still going to beat you," said Trixie who then charged towards Nightmare Moon. Just before she got to the evil alicorn, Trixie ran into an invisible barrier and was bounced back a bit. "It is impossible for a mere pony to even put a scratch on the goddess of the night!" shouted Nightmare. Timmy tried firing off volleys towards the dark mare, but Nightmare stopped the attack and flung it back to him with double the force. "I don't understand, why aren't the Elements coming to us?" asked Twilight.

Nightmare began firing off blasts of dark blue energy towards Trixie. Quickly, she dodged everyone of them, but it forced her all the way to the far side of the room. That's when the alicorn fired a purple-hued beam...towards Rainbow Dash. The blue pegasus saw the beam coming straight towards, but because she was unable to fly, couldn't avoid it. She shut her eyes, bracing for an impact, which did not came. Rainbow opened her eyes, and saw that Trixie had took the hit for her. Trixie lied there, passed out in front of her blue mentor.

Trixie found herself surrounded by mirrors. Each one casting her reflection back at her. "Where am I?" she quietly asked. Just then, the reflection on the mirrors began to change. Trixie looked at it and saw that the reflection was wearing a red hat with a white "D." The reflection also had her cutie mark, only the black wing was missing. "What's going on here?" she asked. "Surprised to see yourself like this, loser?" shouted a voice. Trixie turned around and saw herself, only she was wearing a diamond tiara on her head, then noticed that this other Trixie had a cutie mark comprising of a single black wing. "You should really be ashamed for acting like low-class filth. I bet it's that buck-toothed nobody that making you act this way," the other Trixie said. "That nobody is my best friend!" replied Trixie. "After the times you treated him? Tossed him away like garbage? Don't make me laugh!" shouted the other Trixie.

Twilight and the others stared at Trixie while she was flailing around in horror. "Whut in tartnation's gotten inta 'er? She's actin' like Applebloom did when Big Macintosh told 'er where fillies come from," asked Applejack. "I bet it's some spell that's making her live her greatest nightmare!" answered Twilight. "Trixie, snap out of it; it's not real!" Timmy shouted as Trixie once again cringed in fright.


Back inside Trixie's head, the other Trixie had her pinned spread eagle on the floor. "Give up on that loser, he'll do nothing but ruin your reputation!" the other Trixie said. "No, he's my hero!" Trixie shouted back. "If he was such a hero, why didn't he stop mother from leaving?" the other Trixie asked. Upon hearing this, Trixie broke down. "I can make it stop," she heard Nightmare whisper. "All you have to do is leave your friends and come with me. All they will do is hold you back and make you weak. You have no choice in this matter, so come with me, my little pony." Just then, she heard another voice scream at her: it was Timmy's. "TRIXIE!" Trixie snapped out her funk, and finally gathered enough strength to give the other Trixie a left hook to her chin. "How dare you talk about my mother like that?" screamed Trixie. "A proper woman should stoop so low like that! Who cares what anyone says about me; as long as I follow my heart, I won't let anyone control me!" Afterwards, the other Trixie disappeared, and the real Trixie found herself back in the Palace of the Night.

"Hmph, so you managed to break my spell. Let's what happens when I do it to your friend!" Nightmare shouted and fired another purple beam towards Timmy. Timmy recoiled, expecting to come face to face with his own fears, but nothing happened! But Timmy, being such a jokester, played along. "Oh no, I'm living my worst fears! Please stop this, Nightmare Moon. I'll join up with you!" he said. "That's a good boy," the black alicorn said and lifted Timmy up in front of her. "NO!" everyone screamed. "Hey Nightmare, can I say one thing before you make me your slave?" asked Timmy. "Oh, why not," giggled Nightmare. Timmy showed a goofy-looking grin on his face when suddenly, he yelled, "PSYCH!" and bicycle kicked the evil goddess upside her head.

Everyone was shocked, even Nightmare Moon (who was still recoiling from the nasty kick she received). Suddenly Twilight and her friends began to glow. "Now, girls!" she shouted as the Elements of Harmony appeared on them. They all floated up as their jewelery shout out a rainbow of light, which went to both Timmy and Trixie.

"Honesty, Generosity, Loyalty..." said Trixie.

"Kindness, Laughter, Magic..." added Timmy.

"These are the six Elements of Harmony!" the two of them finished.

The two ponies absorbed the energy and gave off a powerful shockwave. Nightmare Moon looked on in absolute fear. "No...NO...NO!" she yelled and fired a beam of energy, only for Timmy to deflect it of his hoof. She fired a second blast, but this time, Trixie caught it and threw it back at the black alicorn. "Hey, Nightmare Moon, you should change your name to 'Skittles'!" Timmy said to the paralyzed mare. "Because you're gonna TASTE THE RAINBOW!" added Trixie as the two of them charged into the mare from the moon and hit her dead-center, leaving a rainbow colored trail behind them.

Timmy and Trixie returned to normal as they landed on the floor, but something was off. Nightmare Moon was still alive, but just barely. "You can't do this to me! I AM A GODDESS!" she screamed. "That's what ye think!" shouted someone in a familiar voice. Out of the blue, Princess Luna appeared.

"Princess Luna?" exclaimed Twilight. "Luna, please...take me back!" cried Nightmare Moon. "Nightmare Moon, thou used us, left us banished on the moon for 1000 years, and thou expect us to take thou back? WE THINKETH NOT!" shouted Luna in the Canterlot voice. Nightmare Moon darkly chuckled. "Are you forgetting that I am a part of you?" she asked. Luna held up a bronze trashcan up to Nightmare Moon. "Not anymore...for ye shall be imprisoned in this recepticle for one myriad years...ON THE MOON!" Luna said before opening the container. "NO!" screamed Nightmare Moon as she was sucked inside the tiny trashcan and was flung into the moon, where the image of a pony reappeared on it. "Well, it looks like this nightmare is over," said Timmy. "Let's head back to Ponyville for a party!" shouted Pinkie Pie. The ponies cheered on in agreement.

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-Kellen Clay "K.C." Ellison