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Of Fairies and Ponies

by: K.C. Ellison


Meanwhile in the same area, a purple unicorn was trotting through. Along for the ride was a small purple dragon with green spines. "Twilight, why are we heading out through the Everfree Forest? You know this place gives me the creeps," said the dragon. "Because, Spike," said the unicorn known as Twilight Sparkle, "I want to see if Zecora had any new potions in the works." Zecora, whom Twilight Sparkle was talking about, is a medicine zebra that lives in the Everfree Forest. Just then, the mare and the dragon spotted two ponies lying unconsious.

One was a pink unicorn colt with a brown mane topped with a pink hat. Next to the colt was a lavender pegasus filly with a long black mane adorned with a lavender band. The mare went up to the colt. "Hey, are you two alright?" Twilight asked. The colt moved a bit and spoke. "Am I dead?" he said. "Um, no. Why would you think that?" replied Twilight. "Because it feels like I'm hearing my own voice..." said the colt, who then slowly opened his eyes to find the purple unicorn staring at him. "Hey, I'm glad you're awake!" said Twilight. "Cool! A talking unicorn! But wait, how am I able to be listening to a unicorn?" said the colt. "Well, I'm talking to you and you're a unicorn," replied Twilight. "No way! I wish I had a mirror!" the colt shouted. Within moments a mirror appeared. The colt turned around. "Thanks guys!" he said. "Umm, we didn't grant that wish, Timmy," said a male voice. "You did!" said a female voice. "Poof!" added a third.

"What are you talking about? Then how did this mirror...get...here?" Timmy said as he finally saw his reflection in the mirror. There stood a pink unicorn colt with the same brown hair, the same blue eyes, the same pink hat, and the same buckteeth as him. There were many options going through Timmy's mind when he saw his face in the mirror, but only one stood out amongst all the others: scream at the top of your lungs, and he did just that.

Timmy's screams woke up the pegasus next to him. "What's going on, and why am I seeing two unicorns?" she asked. "Trixie! We've changed!" shouted the pink unicorn, who was obviously Timmy. "What do you mean we've..." Trixie said before she saw herself in the mirror. At first glance, she saw a lavender pony staring at her, and then, there was an audible "POMF!" It was the sound of her wings opening up. Timmy stifiled his laughter when he saw Trixie's "wing boner." "This is all your fault!" Trixie said while pointing one her hooves at Timmy. " Me? How was I supposed to know that alicorn would take us to this place and turn us into these things?" argued Timmy. "Guys, stop! Arguing won't solve anything!" said Twilight. "I think it's kinda cute that they argue; kinda feels like they care for each other," added Spike. Timmy and Trixie blushed for about a second. "Oh, where are my manners! I'm Twilight Sparkle, and this is my assistant, Spike." Twilight said. "I'm Timmy and this is my girlfriend, Trixie." replied Timmy. "I'm not his girlfriend." countered Trixie. "So Twilight, where are we?" asked Timmy. "This is Equestria, more importantly, the Everfree Forest. Over there is Ponyville, where I live," said Twilight. "Can we go there? This place looks a little creepy if you asked me." asked Trixie. "Well I was going to see if I could work on some new potions, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt if I give two ponies a tour of the town." replied Twilight.

When they reached the town square, five more ponies were talking to each other. One was a bright pink pony, the second was a blue pegasus with a rainbow mane, the third was a strong, orange pony wearing a cowboy hat over its blonde mane, the fourth one was also a pegasus, only this one was butter yellow with a pink mane, and the last one was a whitish unicorn with a stylish purple mane. The pink one spotted Twilight and two ponies she had never seen before. "Hey Twilight, what are you..." that's when she let out a huge gasp and ran away with great speed. "I'm sorry, did we startle her?" asked Timmy. "No, that's just Pinkie Pie; she did the same thing when I first came here." deadpanned Twilight. "Where did she run off to?" asked Trixie. "To throw a 'Welcome to Ponyville' Party just fer you two," said the orange pony in a Texan accent. "Howdy, mah name's Applejack!" "Everypony, I'd like you to meet Timmy and Trixie," said Twilight. "Hello," said Timmy and Trixie.

"I'm Rarity," said the white unicorn when she noticed Timmy's hat. "Oh dahling, that pink hat doesn't suit a young colt like you..." she tried to touch it when Timmy reacted. "Hooves off the hat; it's very special to me!" he said. "But it does look good on you!" continued Rarity. The blue pegasus went up to Trixie. "I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria!" she said. "Looks like you haven't been flying in ages! I could show you a few pointers." "Thanks, I guess..." said Trixie. "Um...hi." whispered the yellow pegasus to Timmy. "Hey, I didn't catch your name," said Timmy. "Oh, it's Fl...sh.." the pegasus said in an almost inaudible voice. "What was that?" asked Timmy. "That's Fluttershy; she tends to get nervous around new ponies," Twilight said to Timmy. "Don't be afraid; my name's Timmy. I like your mane," he said to Fluttershy.

"Say everypony, why don't we all get some lunch? I'm buying!" said Twilight. "Sounds great!" said Timmy. "I could go for something to eat," added Trixie. As they headed towards the café, Timmy had a little chat with Trixie. "So what do you think of Ponyville?" he asked. "From what I've seen so far everyone here is out of their minds, don't you think so?" she said. "Honestly, this place isn't half bad," replied Timmy. Meanwhile, three tiny and butterfly winged ponies followed Timmy. "Hey! We're ponies too!" said the pink pony, who was Wanda. "Yeah, but you could still lose some weight though, Wanda," said the green one, none other than Cosmo. Wanda gave her husband a look that, if they weren't immortal beings, would kill him. With the antennae on his head, Cosmo poofed up a frying pan. Unable to take Wanda's stare anymore, he said, "I'm going to hit myself with this frying pan!" Poof, the tiniest purple pony, watched and giggled as his dopey father hit himself repeatedly with the frying pan.

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-Kellen Clay "K.C." Ellison