Dearest Daughter,

I know that title may be foreign to you, especially coming from me of all people, but that is what you are to me; my dearest daughter. The only one I have, or shall ever have, seeing as how Walburga refuses to bear another child; not that I would want another with her.

Due to our loveless marriage I looked for, companionship, and found it in your mother, Elizabeth Utala Prewett, the woman that loved me no matter what I had done or will do and I love her. But she is married, as am I. Fortunately that did not stop us, our love was too great.

It was sheer luck of the genetic pool that you took after your mother in looks but as we all discovered early on you got my biting temper. Your 'father' is starting to suspect because of how much more at ease you are with me than him; you can't fake a father daughter connection in the wizarding world. I fear that Liz will notice soon as well because when that happens I won't be able to see you anymore but until then I will try to make as many memories with you.

I look at you now playing in the garden at the tender age of two, I can observe but never participate, as it would pose questions that when answered would bring chaos to an already chaotic world.

This is another reason I write to you this explanation for my actions, I hope in what I know to be in vain that by the time you enter 'the real world' that the fast rising, Lord Voldemort will be dead and the world safe, but I fear he will not be so I must hide my 'indiscretion', as my father would call it, from the world but I do this not of shame but to protect you. The Black family is not a much liked family and if you were seen as the weak link they would kill you without a second thought.

Oh how I wish I could run to you and swing you around and call you 'my' little girl, but I can't, not without causing chaos.

You could call me a coward if you wish, I am one, I wish to runaway with you and your mother, but I am afraid of the ramifications of my actions. So this letter shall have to suffice, my little girl, my dearest daughter, my Molly, I shall always love you. Oh how I wish to scream that from the roof tops and let everyone know, but I am a coward afraid to face the world, forgive me though I have no right to ask.

I will leave you something, a necklace, it was my mother's, I wish to pass it on to you, my sons will not care for it but you may. I do not know when this letter will find you but I know it one day will, for I have entrusted this private letter to a friend of mine, not the family's, mine, so I know she can be trusted.

-All my love, Orion Archia Black