Confessions of a movie maker


You mind just call me crazy, but I think the one thing missing from Rent was a girlfriend for Mark. I really wanted him to move on from Maureen, and meet someone that was truly perfect for him. This is me, giving one of my favorite characters a girlfriend. And I'm changing a bit of the events happening, Angel plays match maker, and the other Rent characters will like her. But who is this girl that Mark will fall in love with?

The timing will be different to, the musical will be spread over 6 maybe 7 years. I haven't figured it out yet.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Rent, but I do own a DVD of Rent. Alexis is my own charecter. That's it!

Chapter 1 has been rewritten!

1. The girl in the park

"All I'm saying is.." Angel stared at Mark. "You need a girlfriend really bad, I mean look at you.."
Almost immediately Mark turned his head away. Like he didn't want to admit what Angel just told him. A girlfriend. Did he really need one? Was he in absolute need of someone new in his life. The thought about Maureen kept him busy. The woman that ended up breaking his heart in a million pieces. The woman he was still madly in love with in a way. And Angel told him he needed a new of those. Mark didn't want to feel this heart break one more time. He didn't want to be left alone.

"Angel, I don't need a girlfriend." Mark smiled to hide some of the feelings he was dealing with inside. "I'm just trying to adjust from Maureen.."

"And there's no girl out there, that can handle his.." Roger smiled "His mood swings.."

"I bet I can find a girl that.." Angel replied

"Yeah, if you search New York." Roger replied "I mean somewhere there has to be a blond girl, with terrific blue eyes that is perfect for this man here. But you are not going to find.."

"I think I am.." Angel took a bit of the bread.

"Guys, I don't need a girlfriend."

"Yes you do!" Everyone in the room replied

"You need to get over Maureen.." Collins replied "So you can.."

"I'm perfectly happy." Mark smiled

"No, you're not." Angel replied

"Thank you.." the woman handed her a dollar.

"You're welcome." the young woman the flaming red hair laughed. "Have a nice day."

"Sure will.." the young girl put her pencil down. Her eyes darted over the filled park of New York. .The park that always seemed to be filled with any people. People going different places, in their life and in the city. People passing by. Most of which ignored her. Sometimes the loneliest place was here, in a park filled with people. Her name was Alexis. Most people called her Lexie, or the girl with the fire red hair.

"Hey.." A young woman stepped towards her. Alexis turned to her, grabbing the pencil in her other hand. . "Do you do caricatures?"

"No, sorry, I don't.." Alexis smiled "I don't really do that.."
"Okay.." she walked away.

Alexis stared around in the park, everyone passed her by.
Alexis was a lonely woman. Alexis had many friend. Most of them would ditch her for anything more 'fun', whatever that meant. Alexis had friends, but in many meanings, she was alone. Her parents died, her brother and sister moved to the other side of the country and any. And she had no friends in the supporting way. When she came home, there was no one to care. No one that cared that she finished another project. No one that ever asked her how her day was. No one that told her to follow her dreams. So she didn't.
The park was a place she came to make some extra money. It was where she saw all kinds of people. Even on Christmas, there were many people walking around. Most of them passed her by without a care in the world, like money was not an issue for them. And people who understood her were too caught up in their own misery. Sometimes people passing her by would scream to get a job. Whatever that meant. And most people didn't care.

She slowly sat down on the small bench, pulling her sketchbook close to her. Her eyes observed the many people passing her by. But one couple got her attention. The happiness was written on their faces, one of them was clearly a man. He was wearing a sleeveless jacket, she could have imagined that the sleeves had been ripped off. The person next to him was a woman, even though she wasn't sure of that assumption. She slowly took her sketchbook, sketching the happiness on their faces might help. Maybe it will rub off on me. Alexis smiled as she tried to imagine how the happiness must feel right now. But she couldn't feel it in her body. Or didn't she want to feel it?
"Why are you staring?" the person she had been focused on, had just stepped towards her. Alexis, lowered the papers. She stared at her or him, she couldn't figure that out. It almost seemed like she was wearing a black wig.

"I'm so sorry, I'm just.." Alexis paused. She turned the papers towards her. "Drawing you, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I draw a lot of the people passing by.."

"It's no big deal.." a smile appeared. "I'm Angel, this is my friend Tom Collins."

"Alexis Evans,.." Alexis smiled "But they all call me Lexie, I have no idea why. I mean.."

"Do your friends call you Lexie?" Tom spoke for the first time. "Why?"
"Maybe because I look like a Lexie.." Lexie raised an eyebrow.
"Are they really your friends?" Angel stared at her. "Lexie?"
"Not really, people around here call me Lexie." Alexis replied "I think calling them my friends is just a bit too much. I mean they are not my friends, they're.."

"So you're an artist ?" Angel took her papers. She stared at the drawings.
"Well actually I work with animation films, and I graduated as a movie major." Alexis replied "So I have a camera with me at all times, but I have no friends what so ever. I however film and draw people passing me by.." "

"Well, I can't believe that.." Angel smiled at her. "You're as cute as a button..."
"no, you're wrong.." Alexis blushed
"Where did you get the shirt?" Angel pointed at her shirt.
"I got it from the gap, then I accidently spilled paint over it." Alexis replied "And then I drew this thing on it. And I'm still wearing it, because I think it's funny."

"Well, you can spill paint on my shirts any day.." Angel replied

"Here you go.." Alexis handed them the drawing.

"That's beautiful.." Angel smiled, she grabbed some money from her bag. "Here you go sweetie."
"Never mind, it's me drawing you." Alexis gave the money back. "You didn't ask me to."
"Well, still.." Angel handed her the money back. "You did a great job,.."
"No, I can't take it." Alexis smiled "I'm on break right now.."

"You know what, I'll buy you a drink.." Angel smiled "Then we can talk a bit.."

They walked to a café. Angel and Collins sat down on one of the chairs, Alexis sat down right next to Angel. Angel raised her hand, and a waitress came to them. Alexis felt relaxed around Angel, she never met a nicer person. Angel seemed sweet and willing to listing to her. Which most of her friends didn't.
"Well, I would like a beer." Angel stared at them.
"I will take a beer to.." Collins smiled

"A red wine please.." Alexis replied

"So you work in the park?" Angel smiled

"I do.." Alexis replied "It's easy, I mean I can't seem to find a job doing what I love. I mean I do love drawing, don't get me wrong. But people pay bad, I mean most of the times they only pay me 5 dollars. I need to paint 20 pictures to make 100 bugs. I make 100 bugs a day.."

"Well, I live off that to.." Angel replied "People pay little for art, they take it for granted."
"True.." Alexis stared at the woman that was bringing their order.
"So how old are you?" Angel stared at her.
"22." Alexis replied "I have been living in New York since I was a little girl. I mean New York, my parents left me a house. That's where I live, it's near Broadway. I love Broadway."

"Broadway, that's wild.." Angel smiled, a crazy plan popped up in her mind. Angel stared at the girl. Flashbacks of the conversation with Mark appeared in her mind. He stared at her again. Lexie had long red hair, thick glasses that went with her blue eyes. And a weird sense of fashion, almost dorky, but Angel could appreciate it. Mark was dorky, a plan started to develop in his mind. Mark needed a girlfriend. And this girl, would she have a boyfriend? Angel didn't want to think about it.
"So do you have a boyfriend?" Angel turned to her.
"No.." Alexis smiled "they're nothing but trouble.."

"So you're a.." Alexis smiled
"Dragqueen.." Angel smiled "Yes."
"Oh, I..." Alexis smiled "You've got a great sense for fashion. Better than I do, I mean look at me. I don't know how to dress myself. I mean.."
"You look cute as a button.." Angel replied

"But I'm not sexy, I mean I wear tick glasses.." Alexis replied "And I can't wear lenses, and I'm a red head.."
"Hey, guys like red heads.." Collins replied "I mean most guys do."
"And you're sense of fashion isn't all that bad.." Angel replied "You just don't go out enough. And drawing in the park is not putting yourself out there, it's.."

"It's what?" Alexis raised an eyebrow.
"Why don't you have a drink with us tonight?" Angel smiled "Collins, Mimi and me are going for drinks. Mimi wouldn't mind if you join us.."
"Good,.." Alexis smiled, she took a sip of wine.

"Good.." Angel smiled "And I'm going to help you with your boyfriend trouble.."
"I don't have trouble with boyfriends.. I said boyfriends were trouble. Not that I had boyfriend trouble. " Alexis replied "I mean, I had a boyfriend about a year ago. Anthony, he was really handsome. But he cheated on me, and we broke up. Ever since that, I haven't been involved with anyone. I mean .."
"It's always hard to get your heart broken.." Angel replied "I'll find you someone that.."

"You don't have to do that.." Alexis smiled
"It's my pleasure." Angel replied
"I've got to go.." Alexis drank the wind in the cup. "Back to work."
"Yeah, we'll meet you at the park tonight." Angel smiled.

Angel stared at Alexis leaving. She smiled, Alexis' red hair waved in the wind, she was carrying papers. And a couple of pencils.
"What are you planning Angel?" Collins stared at him.
"Oh, nothing." Angel smiled "We're having drinks with her later tonight. That's all.."
"Well, you look like.." Collins paused. "You're not going to play match maker right?"

"Well,.." Angel paused "I."
"You think that her and Mark would make a good couple.." Collins smiled "don't you?"
"Well, you do have to admit.." Angel replied "So far she looks perfect for Mark. She's beautiful, creative and she's sensitive. She doesn't look like a heart breaker, after Maureen he can't handle that. And she likes movie, she's perfect. I mean we couldn't find.."
"Well, .." Collins stared at her. "I have to admit, I was thinking the exact same thing. She's the type Mark would go for, if he were smart. But they're both a bit reserved. How are you going to get them to meet.."

"Collins.." Angel smiled "I'm the master mind, leave it up to me, to get them involved."
"You know what you're doing.." Collins smiled
"I'm a puppit master.." Angel smiled

"Why are we stopping here?" Mimi stared at Angel. Mimi was wearing a skirt that reached over her knees, she was wearing thing nylon stockings. And a black jacket. "Are we waiting for someone? Where's Collins?"
"He's waiting for someone.." Angel turned to her. "You know Mark, Rogers friend.."
"Blond with glasses and a camera.." Mimi nodded "Yes, but he hardly ever talks."
"Yes, that's the guy.." Angel smiled "So, this morning, I met this girl in the park. In to movies, animation, drawing. Beautiful, you'll admit it when you see her."

"Angel, where are you going with this?" Mimi raised an eyebrow.
"Well, Maureen, Mark's ex broke up with him." Angel explained "I was thinking that she's the perfect girl for him. I mean Mark needs to move on, he needs to become happy again. And this girl.."
"So.." Mimi turned around. "Do you think Mark will like her.."
"Red head, beautiful, smart,.." Angel turned to Mimi. "Likes filming people, Mark will worship her. It's them meeting that is more dangerous."

"We're here.." Collins smiled. Mimi stared at the girl with fire red hear. "Mimi, this is Lexie. Lexie this is Mimi."
"Hey.." Alexis smiled. "Nice to meet you Mimi."
"It's very nice to meet you to.." Mimi smiled "So is your full name Alexandra or Alex?"
"Alexis." Alexis smiled "My full name is Alexis."
"Alexis, is a beautiful name." Mimi smiled

"So is Mimi.." Alexis replied
"So, what kind of guys are you in to?" Mimi stared at her. "I mean, are blond guys with glasses your type? What about if he's wearing kind of geeky clothes, walking around with a camera..."
"I don't know.." Alexis replied "I like the creative, intelligent type, but all to much they cheat on me.."

"So how much boyfriends did you have?" Mimi stared at her.
"4 boyfriends, not all that serious.." Alexis replied "They all cheated on me.."
"That's too bad.." Mimi smiled "But remember not all guys are bad, some of them are pretty nice."
"Says the 19 year old with almost no life experience." Collins laughed

"Hey, I'm old for my age.." Mimi replied
"What does that even mean?" Alexis turned to Mimi. "Saying your old for age means there's a way to develop on a time line. Saying that your clearly faster in development. Saying there's a scale to calculate whether you've suffered or haven't.."
"And you clearly think too much for your age.." Mimi smiled "Perfect, Angel. Just perfect."

"Sure.." Angel smiled "Alexis is 22."
"And I wish I were still 19." Alexis smiled "Back then life was so easy. I mean my parents were paying for school, and now I'm responsible for me. I've got no one waiting for me. The friends I have like to ditch me for.."
"I understand.." Mimi replied "I don't remember life being easy, I mean it's hard. But we get used to it. And we've got no parents judging us."

"I graduated a year ago.." Alexis smiled "About when my parents died, they left me money. But all of it went to my school loans. And now I draw for a living,.."
"Sounds fun.." Mimi smiled
"It's harder than it looks." Alexis replied "Sometimes people don't like my drawings, because they don't like the way they look.."

"She's good.." Angel replied "So, Mimi, what do you think?"
"I think.." Mimi smiled "I think she's perfect.."
"I'm perfect for what?" Alexis raised an eyebrow.
"Nothing, we were just talking.." Mimi smiled

"okay.." Alexis looked around, they were finally entering the pub. It was rather dark. Most tables were filled with people Alexis never met. Mimi waved at some of them, smiling. They sat down at an empty table.
"Drinks please.." Mimi raised her hand.
"So you are a legit movie maker?" Mimi stared at her.
"Legally I'm graduated as animated movie maker." Alexis replied "But I did some courses in filming, script writing and stuff. I am qualified to film a normal movie or documentary."
"Interesting, we have this friend.." Angel kicked Mimi under the table.

"What friend?" Alexis stared at Mimi.
"Did I say friend?" Mimi stared at her. "Forgive me, I forgot what I was going to say."
"That happens all the time to me.." Alexis replied "Specially when I drank a bit of wine.."
"Me too.." Mimi replied "Me too."

"I think I can say, that's the same for all of us.." Angel smiled
"What's your job?" Alexis stared at Collins
"I work at NYU as a philosophy teacher." Collins smiled
"I work at a strip club.." Mimi admitted

"So are you going to Maureen's protest tomorrow?" Angel stared at Alexis.
"I am.." Mimi replied "I wouldn't miss it."

"Who's this Maureen?" Alexis stared at her. "What is she protesting? Cause if she's protesting the baby seal thing, I'm there… "

"No, not that. She's losing her performance space.." Mimi explained "Some guy named Benny wants to make it in to some internet café. I'm glad someone stands up for artists..."
"Well, Maureen sound nice.." Alexis smiled
"She is.."
"So are you coming?" Angel smiled "There are a lot of people coming. I mean you have to meet some of our other friends. I mean you will like them.."

"Yeah, specially.." Angel kicked Mimi again.
"What's going on with you?" Alexis replied "Are you planning something?"
"Not really.." Mimi laughed

The building was in the middle of New York, Manhattan. It looked over used. Or at least not taken care of. The cold followed them inside. Although the spirited people wouldn't let it come to her heart. Alexis pulled her jacket closer to her body. Everyone around there were people she never even met. People that she wouldn't normally hang around with. She was an artist, drawing outside for people made her money. And the video's she made where never enough. Even though she believed the basic principles of the Bohemian culture, she would never hang around them. She always wanted to, but never did she have the guts to step towards people and talk to them. She walked inside, police were standing by. She had no idea why, they were everywhere.
"What's going on?" Alexis stared at them.
"Oh, apparently Benny called the police, they are on standby. " Angel replied
"Well, I don't know who this Maureen is.." Alexis replied. "So, why are they?"

"Because that pig Benny wants to make this in to an internet café!" Angel replied "And he doesn't want this protest. He's afraid, that his inverters will drop out. Or that he won't get what he wants."
"What are we supposed to with an internet café?" Alexis replied "People losing their performance place is horrible. I mean it is.."

"Oh, who do we got here.." It was a man with blond hair, wearing a leather jacket. "Oh, hey, who are you?"
Alexis turned to him. She didn't know what to say about him. He looked tired and it almost seemed like he just gotten out of his bed.
"This is our friend Alexis." Angel replied "She's a movie maker, animated. Likes to draw, and would be perfect for a certain guy. Also she's very single..."
"For.." he smiled

"Who are you talking about?" Alexis turned towards them. Alexis started to believe that Angel wanted her here for something. She believed it had nothing to do with this Maureen. She looked at Roger. Who was this guy they were talking about? Was she set up on a date? Fear came to her. Why would she go out with another guy.
"I'm Roger.." he shook her hand. "But Angel, I don't think.."

"He'll love her.." Angel replied "And it's about time that he moves on from Maureen, I mean look at her. She's cute.."
"Hey!" Alexis stared at Angel. Her fear had just been confirmed. They were setting her up with someone. And not just someone. Maureen's ex. She had no idea who Maureen was, but she knew she was going to meet her ex. "Do I get a say in this? I mean.."

"No, you don't Lexie." Angel replied "I mean you can meet him.."
"That was what you were planning? Weren't you?" Alexis replied "So you're setting me up with your friend, who's not over his girlfriend. Or whatever.."

"Hey guys.." it was a blond guy, his hair was shorter then Rogers, he had a camera in his hands. He was wearing glasses, and was filming them. Alexis turned to him. Something inside her changed when she saw the man stared at her. His blue eyes were turned to her. She wanted to stare at him all night. He didn't look older than 23. And he seemed to love the same things she did.
"Is that 16mm Rolex?" Alexis stared at him.
"Yes, it is." Mark lowered the camera. "Mark Cohen, Angel is this one of your new friends?"

"Actually, this is our friend Alexis." Angel reacted before Alexis could even react. "Everyone calls her Lexie."
"It's nice to meet you Lexie." Mark stared at her. "So you're a movie maker to? I mean no one actually knows types of camera's unless they work with movie to.."

"I draw, film things sometimes, and I studied movie." Alexis replied "But most of the time I make animation films. I mean I studied it. I wasn't really in to filming people, I got involved with filming a little time ago. I find it very relaxing."
"Well, we'll let you two love birds alone.." Angel pulled Collins and Roger with her.
"So where did Angel actually find you?" Mark smiled "I mean she had to be lucky to find a girl that likes filming. I mean she's been saying that she'd find someone for me to date, ever since.. Maureen.."

"So Maureen, who's doing this protest?" Alexis stared at him.
"Yes, that Maureen.." Mark replied "It's not like I'm going to find someone in no time. I mean, the heart doesn't heal easily. And.."
"So, what kind of guy did she leave you for?" Alexis stared at him. Mark turned red. "Now what's his name? Maybe you should beat him up.."
"Joane.." Mark laughed "I know what it sounds like, but it's just.."

"I'm not judging.." Alexis left.. "My ex left me for someone who was playing with Lego. And it was back in kindergarten."
"Well, Maureen left me.." Mark replied
"Well, she's wrong.." Alexis smiled "You're absolutely adorable. I mean I don't know what this Joane looks like, but it can't be better than you do.."
"Thanks, it seems that Angel did pick a good person.." Mark replied "Let's go watch the performance. I mean Maureen is very good. I mean she might be my ex, but I'm still obligated to tell you how great she is."

The sound of a motor was heard behind her, Alexis turned around to find Angel and Tom Collins talking to Roger and some other girl with long brown hair. She noticed that Angel smiled at her, and pointed to Mark. She gave her a smile. She pointed to Mark, telling her to get closer to him. When the motor rolled inside, she could recognize another woman with long brown hair. Maureen. The woman she had heard many things about. She stepped on the stage, and pulled of her helmet like she was a rock star.

"Wave at the camera.." Mark pointed his camera at her. Alexis blushed a little, and waved at the camera. After a few seconds she noticed that his attention went to Maureen. Maureen, the woman that was talking about a place named Cyberland. That Maureen that enchanted a whole public. While she could only draw really well. Her voice was crystal clear, and strong as hell. And she noticed how Mark's cheeks colored red. She could noticed he wouldn't be ready to move on. Even though that's why Angel brought her here.

"Mooh with me!" she heard Maureen scream. Around her, someone really started to mooh. And before she knew it, everything around her started to move. She had no idea what was going on. Just that Mark kept taping. A man collided with her, her glasses fell to the floor. Leaving her almost blind.
"Please help.." she called out. "Mark, anyone.."

"Mark, where is she?" Angel stared at Mark, who was stilling filming the people around her. "I mean.."
"I think Maureen can get out without any trouble.." Mark replied "I mean she had a motor, for crying out loud."
"I'm not talking about Maureen.." Angel replied "Where's Lexie?"

"Lexie?" Mark turned towards Angel.
"You know, cute red head." Angel turned to her. "Beautiful eyes, legally blind. That Lexie.."
"Lexie!" Mark turned to her. "I think I completely lost her in there.."
"Mark, when I say blind.." Angel turned to her. "What are we going to do?"
"No worries.." Mark replied "I'll return for her.."

Mark stepped between the people, he could hear police calling out something. He had no idea what. His mind stopped, how could he have forgotten about this girl. A girl with amazing eyes. A girl he could have liked. How could he leave someone behind. Alexis, or Lexie how Angel like to call her. Mark had to admit, if he hadn't just broke up with Maureen, this Lexie would have rocked his world. Simple light blue eyes, fired red hair and soft freckles. She was anti-Maureen. She was anything he wanted Maureen to be, including faithful. Her eyes were in his mind. She was smart, cute, and creative. Anything he could ask of.
But a girl like that, would never go for a guy like him. Even if she told him, she thought he was cute. Cute was usually a term of endearment, not something you called a person you wanted to date. . He was Mark Cohen. And he wouldn't let Lexie capture his heart. He didn't want to get heartbroken again. But in his mind he screamed. She already captured it.

"Lexie.." He screamed out her name. He stared at the ground, to find Lexie's tick glasses there. The glass hadn't broken yet, and the glasses seemed intact. A miracle. But he couldn't see the girl, who the glasses belonged to.

"Lexie.." Her replied
"Mark.." Maureen stared at him. "Who are you looking for?"
"Lexie, she was with me here.." Mark started to panic. "She's about your height, red hair, and she lost her glasses. Angel said she was blind without them.. "

"Red head .." Joane stepped from behind Mark. "Wearing a shirt with paint on it, I saw her about 5 minutes ago. I have no idea where she's now.."
"Good.." Mark smiled at her. "If you see her, just pull her along. Good?"
"Fine, Mark.." Maureen laughed "I'll help your girlfriend."
"She's not my girlfriend." Mark smiled "I don't.."

"Sure, she's not your girlfriend."

Mark stared around, staring at someone with red hair. But he couldn't find her, he couldn't believe he was so blind to leave her behind. Between the people, he could see her now. Only a few seconds later. He walked towards her, slowly grabbing her wrist, and pulling her away.
"Let go off me.." Alexis reacted
"It's okay.." Mark pulled her outside. He put the glassed on her nose. "It's me, Mark."

"Oh, .." Alexis started to cry. "I mean this guy runs in to me, and then I fall. I lose my glasses, and.."

"Calm down, you're okay." Mark stared at her. "You have pretty eyes."
"Well, yours ain't that bad yourself." Alexis stared at him. And a couple of seconds later she noticed that Mark was actually kissing her. It never happened before, she wasn't the person to jump in to any relationship. Yet this was so easy and cool. She liked Mark. Because he like who he was. He was the person that she could imagine loving her whole life. Mark Cohen.
"So.." Mark stared at her. "Want to have dinner with me and my friends?"
"Sure.." Alexis smiled

"So.." Mark turned to her walking in the empty streets. "Did you even have a boyfriend?"
"You don't believe me.." Alexis gave him a playful push. "But yes, I did. They always wanted me to be something I wasn't. They wanted me to be whoever they imagined. For a while I tried, I tried so hard. And every time they would ask, if I wanted to sleep with them.."
"That's normal in a relationship.." Mark smiled "I think.."
"It's not that.." Alexis turned to him. "I was pretending to be someone. They wanted something I wasn't and I didn't want to stand for it. So, I just didn't.."

"So you didn't.." Mark turned to her. "And what happened?"
"Life happened.." Alexis turned to him." No, I wouldn't sleep with him. I told him I wouldn't sleep with him, until I felt…"
"Okay.." Mark smiled "Happy.."
"That's about what I'm going for." Alexis turned to him. "But he wouldn't wait for me. He cheated on me, and then he told me it was my fault. And it kept happening.."
"You can be exactly who you are.." Mark smiled "I don't want you pretending around me.."

"I am.." Alexis smiled "For the first time in my life I feel like I can be one thing. Me."
"That's enough for me.." Mark smiled "It should be enough for anyone."
Alexis slowly took his hand in hers. He smiled at her, as he pulled her closer. His arm hooked around her shoulders. She relaxed in his embrace. Slowly she put her head on his shoulder.
"This feels good you know.." Mark smiled.

"Where are they?" Angel stared at Maureen.

"He's looking for some girl named Lexie, who's apparently meant to replace me.." Maureen replied "What I don't get is, how he got a date that fast."
"That's because Angel dating service works fast.." Mimi smiled "Angel, what kind of girl is she?"
"She works with animation movies, she likes to draw and she films to.." Angel replied "And the most awkward thing is that I just found her in the park. I mean I didn't even try.."

"I still think she's not his type.." Maureen replied "Let's go in.."
"There they are.." Angel stared at the couple walking toward him. Mark's arms were around Alexis' shoulders. Her head was resting on his shoulder. Mark had a smile on his face.
"Unbelievable.." Maureen turned to Angel. "How can he just move on like nothing happened?"
"Well, they're cute.." Joane turned to her. "What do you care?"
"I don't care.." Maureen smiled "I just wanted him to bath in misery. Not find a hot red head!"

"I sold my footage to the news." Mark said.
"And how about you two?" Angel smiled "Anything happened between you two?"
"Not really.." Mark smiled "Why?"

"That's great Mark." Maureen threw her arms around his neck. And kissed his cheek. Mark on the other hand kept staring at Alexis next to him. Maureen turned away, she hated how her presence didn't have any effect on him. Hours ago, he was still getting lost in her eyes. Maureen stared at Lexie, the girl who was better than her.
"Let's go inside." Mark grabbed Alexis' hand, pulling her behind her.

"See, did it again." Angel smiled
"No.." the man stepped towards the group of people. "You sit here all night, and you never order anything."
"I had a tea just last week.." Mark replied

"You didn't pay." The man looked at Mark.
"Well, this time we can.." Angel showed the money.
"Please don't move any of the tables.." He said staring at the group of people moving the tables. "I said.."

"I'd like to propose a toast to Maureen's noble try!.." A man on another table smiled at her.
"Oh, go to hell Benny!" Maureen rolled her eyes.
"So that's Benny?" Mark turned to Alexis.
"That's Benny alright.."

"Why did Muffy.." Roger stared at Benny
"Allison.." Roger interrupted him.
"Miss the show?"
"There was a death in the family.."
"Who died?" Angel stared at Benny.
"Our Akita.." Benny replied

"Evita?" Angel laughed

"Mimi, I'm surprised a bright and charming girl like you. Hangs out with these slackers" Benny stared at her…"
"I'm not a slacker.." Alexis got up.
"They make fun, yet I'm the one attempting to do some good. Or do you really want a neighborhood, where people piss on your stoop every night?" Benny smiled "Bohemia, Bohemia's,a fallacy in your is is dead."

"Dearly beloved we gather here to say our goodbyes." Mark stood up, releasing Alexis' hand.
"Dies irae - dies illa. Kyrie v' yitkadash, etc." Collins and Roger smiled
"Here she lies, no one knew her worth. The late great daughter of mother earth. On this night when we celebrate the birth. In that little town of Bethlehem. We raise our glass you bet your ass to La vie Boheme."

"La vie Boheme" the people repeated the words.

"To days of inspiration." Mark was on the table. He stared at Alesix and pulled her on the table. "Playing hookie, making something out of nothing. The need to express, to communicate, to going against the grain. Going insane
Going mad." Mark stared at her. "To loving tension, no pension. To more than one dimension, to starving for attention,
Hating convention, hating pretension not to mention of course. Hating dear old mom and dad
To riding your bike, Midday past the three piece suits. To fruits, to no absolutes. To Absolutes, to choice. To the Village any passing fad, to being an us for once. Instead of a them."

Mark jumped off the table, spinning her around. Mark smiled and kissed her again. She blushed.
"Oooh.." Angel reacted

"You're the new Bohamian?" Benny rolled his eyes.
"Yes." Alexis smiled at him, while pulling Mark closer.
"La vie Boheme" the table stared around. "La vie Boheme."'
"Ahhemm.." A man stared at Maureen and Joane.
"Hey Mister - she's my sister.." Maureen laughed

"So that's five miso soup, four seaweed salad, tone cheese salad, three soy burger dinner, two tofu dog platter
And one pasta with meatless balls." the man walked around the table

The rest of the night had gone fast, Alexis had finished her cheese salad. She had been with Marks side, the whole night. She'd heard stories of love at first sight but she never believed it.

"I think I'll be going home.." Alexis replied "I have to get up early, it's Tuesday, it's busy in central park. Tourist want to get their picture drawn. So.."

"I'll walk you home." Mark smiled
"No you shouldn't.." Alexis smiled "And besides you should stay with your friends."

"Mark.." Maureen smiled "I'll walk her home, some talking between your ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend. Which I don't understand, since you didn't put the moves on me right away. Is that because she's a red head?"

"Maureen!" Joane didn't look at her. She just rolled her eyes.
"Would I be better looking if I colored my hair red?" Maureen pulled a piece of Alexis' hair and held it along her face. "Good?"
"It's not colored.." Alexis replied
"Off course it's not.." Maureen replied
"Come on.." Maureen pulled her arm. "Let's talk.."
"I hope Maureen doesn't scare her off.." Angel replied "I mean I don't know where she lives.."

"Shit, Maureen.." Mark replied

"So, you got any sisters?" Maureen stared at her. "Brothers?"
"biological, no." Alexis replied "I was little when both my parents stayed in a fire. I was adopted by the Evans's family. And I have a brother and a sister. Marie and Jason."
"oh, do they live close?"
"They live in LA." Alexis replied "They can't stand the rain."

"Well, New York is full of rain." Maureen stared at her. "So, why do you draw people in the park?"
"I do animation movies, and I don't want to work for the big guys.." Alexis replied "I hardly make any money, I am lucky I don't have to pay rent. My parents left me a bit money, but that went to school loans. I make about 100 $ a day. A slow day, 50. A good day I make about 200 $. Part of that pays of the bulls, loans. I hardly have money to buy.."

"Look.." Alexis paused "I really like Mark, I really do. I don't know if you're jealous. Or if you're just want him to gaze at you. I get it, you two were an time. I know it bothers you.."
"It bothers me.." Maureen smiled "To very honest it pisses me off that Mark doesn't ooze after me. I wanted him to.. I think talking to you made me release. I have no claim to him, I can't tell Mark what to do. And he need to move on. I just hope that you and him.. I hope we can get along.."
"I like art.." Alexis smiled

"Well, Mark.." Maureen smiled "He's passionate about his art, so are you working on anything?"
"Well, I used to." Alexis smiled "But I feel like I can't find any interesting characters."

"Use me as inspiration.." Maureen laughed "So, Mark he's a.."
"Good guy.." Alexis smiled "You're supposed to say that."
"Well, Mark is.." Maureen replied "And I think Angel thought you were good for him, since you're anti- me."
"What does that mean?" Alexis stared at her.

"Alex, I don't mean anything bad.." Maureen blushed. "Anti- me, means you won't break his heart. You won't hurt him. He's my friend, and I know you're good for him. I'm really happy for you two."
"Lexie, people call me Lexie." Alexis replied
"I'm sorry. No, I'm chaotic. You're.." Maureen paused.

"Well, I get it." Maureen smiled at her. "So, how are things going with Joane?"
"Good,.." Maureen replied

"So why did you want to talk to me?" Alexis stared at her. "I mean I'm not exactly the person anyone talks to."
"Because.." Maureen turned to him. "For being Anti-me, you're really fun. And I want you to feel like part of the gang. I believed if I talked to you, you would feel welcome."
"Thanks.." Alexis gave her a quick smile.

"So you're good at drawing?" Maureen stared at her.
"Watch me.." Alexis took the papers from her bag. She stared in front of her, her pencil started to move on the paper. Her blue eyes stared up. After two minutes she turned the drawing to her.

"Wow, you're good.." Maureen replied
"So, did you go to Julliard?" Alexis stared at her.
"No, I didn't go to Julliard.." Maureen took the paper. "This really looks like me. You're good.."
"Thanks, you can keep that." Alexis smiled
"One thing about Mark, his parents aren't fun.." Maureen replied "I mean you'll have to meet them. Mark's mother hated me. I mean she hated me. I think..."

"Okay.." Alexis smiled

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