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August first was turning into one hell of a hot day. It was ten in the morning but the sun was beating down on the football team already, causing the high school kids to sweat as they ran across the field doing various drills. The coaches yelled out at their players, telling them what to correct. An hour in to practice, the coaches give the boys a water break. They also take this opportunity to introduce the newest member of their coaching staff.

The blond man comes down from the stands where he had been watching and smiles at the boys. His athletic shorts swing around his legs as he walks across the field and stands by Coach Bieste. He doesn't even notice the cheerleaders on the track staring at him.

"One, two, three, four, up and high-v!" Quinn called to the group putting up an elevator.

The girls put up a perfect stunt and their head cheerleader smiled at them. She wanted their routine to be flawless for Coach Sylvester. It was the reason she decided to start practice the same time the boys did. Coach Sylvester was away at a convention for winners until the next week. Quinn wanted to prove that she was a great head cheerleader and that Coach had made the best choice.

"With your elevator, Molly, that will make three in total. Brittany and Santana will be up on the sides. My extension in the middle and you in front of me. That leaves eight girls to do the rest of the routine once the stunts are up."

The other girls smiled and nodded at what Quinn said. The only one that was even slightly upset about her being head cheerleader was Santana, but most of the old jealousy was gone since sophomore year. The girls were talking about new dance routines when out of nowhere Brittany let out a wolf whistle. The girls turned their heads and saw what caused Brittany's reaction. On the football field, a coach was walking towards the boys. They could barely make out any facial features but his body looked to die for. Soon his back was towards them and they couldn't help but stare.

"I say we dub that one Hella Booty…" Santana mumbled as she ogled the new coach's perfect body.

The rest of the cheerleaders, Quinn included, all gave their approval with various head motions and cat calls. Oh yeah, this year would be fun with the new eye candy on the field. After a couple of minutes of checking out the new meat, Quinn tried to get the girls back into order. Only problem was, she couldn't help but think about him as well. His body looked amazing from what they could tell.

"Ten bucks says he's a good fuck," Santana said as she turned to the rest of the girl, eyebrow quirked.

"Oh shut up. How would we ever find out? Call his girlfriend up and ask her?" Quinn asked as she crossed her arms across her chest, foot tapping impatiently.

Santana let out a small chuckle, "That would be silly, Q. It's simple really. I'm going to sleep with him. It's not like it'll be that hard."

Quinn's jaw clenched slightly but she let it go. It was no business of hers what or who Santana or the new coach did. And if anyone could get the man to drop his shorts, it would be her. She ended up rolling her eyes and clapping to get the girl's attention back on her. Truth was, she felt this insane anger and jealousy almost when Santana talked about being with the new coach. It was ridiculous. He was a teacher and Quinn was still not in the position to be with anyone, at least not seriously. Junior year had been perfect. She hadn't dated anyone and instead, worked on getting back to the top of the figurative social pyramid. And it worked. After giving birth to Beth and giving her up sophomore year, she was at the bottom. But somehow she had convinced Coach Sylvester to let her back on the squad. Quinn ended up proving to the coach that she could stay strong and lead her squad. Sue made her head cheerleader her senior year and things were back to perfect. It was going to stay that way. And heck, maybe it was the fact that she didn't have anything else to distract her aside from school, cheerios and glee club. Maybe she needed some arm candy of her own. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind and pressed play on the boombox. The music started and it was loud, causing the football players and the coaches to look their way. Quinn didn't notice. She was too busy showing the girls their new and provocative dance.

Music suddenly filled the stadium and Coach Evans watched as his players turned towards the source. He followed suit and his eyebrow popped up as he saw the cheerleaders. Well, just one of them at least. Sure, the rest were there, but this girl was the one putting on a show. Her blond hair swung behind her as she did moves he had never seen before. Her already short shorts rode up farther and her sports bra clung to her body. He could literally hear the gulping sound of the guys behind him. Hell, he wanted to make that same sound. However, he was a teacher and coach and that would be highly inappropriate but this girl was doing something to him. Coach Bieste beside him muttered something about teenagers and hormones and turned to start hashing out the next play the boys were to run.

"Dude, you are the only one that's ever been able to bang her. What is your secret?" he heard one of his players behind him say.

He instantly turned a little towards them while pretending to look at his sheets of plays in his hands. He was actually interested in this conversation thought he knew he shouldn't be. He hated when guys talked about girls that way. They were people and should be respected.

"Oh, ya know…she was sad and only I could cure it," the other boy answered with a snicker. "Besides, I just had to loosen her up. Wine coolers work wonders on someone who has never had a sip to drink in their lives. She was taking her clothes off and begging me by her forth one."

Now he was mad. He turned a little more to be able to see who was doing all this talking. He rolled his eyes and bit his lip. He should have known. It was the boy with a mohawk. He just seemed to be the kind of guy that would do such a thing to a girl.

"Too bad she got pregnant. At least she wanted to give the kid up, man. You were saved. But why did the two of you never get together?"

"Dude…shut up. You don't know nothing about that. That was the hardest time of my life so shut up. And I don't know. She got all feminist independent on me. Besides, everyone knows you can't tame Puckerman. I'm a sex shark."

Coach Evans' heart went out to the cheerleader. She got drunk, slept with the mohawk idiot, got pregnant and had to give their baby up. She had to be the bravest person he had ever known. Even if he didn't really know her. At least this guy seemed a little sad by the fact that they gave the baby up. But what he said after ruined any sympathy the coach would have had for the boy. Sex shark? Who says that? He blew his whistle and got everybody's attention, telling them he had some changes on some plays and he wanted to see how they worked out.

By the time the girls were ready to leave practice, they had all mastered the new dance. Quinn was a genius at coming up with routines, as was Brittany, but she was the main one. She taught Brittany the choreography first and she quickly caught on. Brittany was their star dancer. She helped teach the rest of the girls and they all ended up agreeing that this was the best one yet. Everyone headed back to the locker rooms to grab their bags. Quinn, Brittany and Santana walked together. They were known as the Unholy Trinity. They were the three girls in school that you just didn't mess with.

The boys were leaving the gym when the three of them walked by. The instantly changed their walk, hips swinging and giving the boys a quick nod and a smirk before turning their heads to walk inside. Quinn was in the middle with her hands on her hips. The other two girls were flanking her, arms crossed. Every boy watched them go inside. But that's where trouble happened. As soon as they got inside, they started giggling and none of them were watching where they were going. And before Santana or Brittany could stop her, Quinn walked into a very firm backside.

She didn't fall, though she did trip a little. The owner of the body she ran into turned quickly with a look of pure embarrassment on his face. All three pairs of eyes widened when they realized who she ran into.

"I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" he asked as he reached out to steady her a little bit.

Her face burned red as his hand touched her shoulder. She nodded her head. She couldn't talk. This man was probably the most beautiful and perfect guy she had ever seen. They all knew he had a body to die for when they saw him on the field earlier but now, up close, they realized he was an Adonis. His muscles bulged under his white Under Armour top. But just because Quinn couldn't talk, that didn't mean Santana couldn't.

"Well hello there. We're sorry about our friend, Quinn, here. She's kind of clumsy and she sometimes doesn't talk. Hi, I'm Santana," the Latina said as she reached out to shake his hand.

The man smiled and took it. "I am Sam. Sam I am. And I don't like green eggs and ham," he said before blushing. "Wow. I haven't done that since high school. You just remind me of someone and I couldn't help it. I'm Coach Evans. Football coach, English and Astronomy teacher."

Santana's eyebrow had raised when he made that little speech but she smiled nonetheless. Sure, he was goofy, but she didn't mind. Quinn was dying to speak but she couldn't. Brittany was next.

"Hi, I'm Brittany S. Peirce. Don't confuse me with Britney Spears. I'm much more talented than she is."

The man gave her a slight smile and just let it go. He figured he would ask Mr. Schuester about her later. He was really happy that the man that helped him the one year he attended McKinley was still here.

"Nice to meet you. Now, Quinn, silent one, it's your turn."

Quinn had finally managed to calm down enough to put her hand out when he said that. She happily took his in hers and shook it.

"Quinn Fabray. Head cheerleader –" she started to say but was cut off by Santana.

"Resident perfect girl, every guy's fantasy but no one's reality. Well except Puck but that was sophomore year. Like two years ago now."

When he heard Quinn's voice for the first time, he would have sworn an angel was talking and not a real girl. She had this soft, sexy way of talking. He wanted to hear more and that scared him. Thank God for Santana cutting in. That is, until he heard what she said about Quinn. The girl was looking down at the floor and Sam could tell she wanted it to open up and swallow her. It wasn't something that someone talked about when first meeting someone so he was trying to figure out why Santana had said that.

"Oh…um…" he started to talk but Quinn shook her head and turned, walking away. Brittany shrugged her shoulders and followed her. Santana stayed, arms crossed and hip pointing out. She was a pretty girl, but the type of girl that would have scared him in high school.

"She's sensitive. She's like super religious and stuff. I don't see what the problem is about sex. I like it. I have it when I can and with who I want. And I don't stop until I get it. Girls, guys…I don't care. It's all the same, really. My body was made for it. And only the lucky few get to ride," she said as she gave him a wink and turned to walk away.

Coach Evans was left in a stupor. It had truly been the strangest day for him. He had met some of his football players and three of his might be students. And it left him feeling weird. Brittany was a little ditzy, but okay. Santana was…well she was a piece of work. And then there was Quinn. She was gorgeous, he'd give her that, but there was something in her eyes. Something tragic and beautiful and he wished at that moment that he was a student and not a teacher. But that wasn't the way the world worked and the most he could hope for was that he might be able to help her out.

"Why would you do that?" Quinn asked as soon as Santana and Brittany walked into her room.

"You know, for an older man, he's got no game," Santana said, ignoring Quinn's question.

The blond girl just looked at her incredulously. She pulled the ponytail holder out of her hair, letting her long, blond hair come down around her shoulders. She couldn't get over Santana's tell all to the new coach.

"You promised me to never bring that up again, Santana. It was in the past. I won't be that stupid again."

"You really need to get laid again, Quinn. You've done it one time and that probably didn't feel that good. Puck's not the best with pleasing when he's out to conquer. Plus, you were a virgin. Just promise me that next time you will make the dude wear a condom."

Quinn still couldn't believe what she was hearing. Brittany just sat on the bed, eyes darting from one girl to the other. She didn't know what to say. She hoped this didn't end up in a fight like other sleepovers had in the past.

"So you think I should just go out and have sex with a random guy. That's real classy, Santana!"

"Oh and getting pregnant the first time you have sex is?"

Quinn was seeing red. She was about to claw the girl's eyes out. It wasn't like she meant to get pregnant. She clenched her jaw and bit down on her lip.

"Stop it now! Both of you are being stupid!" Brittany yelled out.

This snapped Quinn out of her rage and Santana just shrugged and leaned back on the bed, pulling Brittany's legs on to her lap, rubbing them slowly.

"All I'm saying, Quinn, is that you need to experience more things. Get out of your comfort zone. And if you don't want to leave it just yet, Britt and I will have a threesome with you."

"I'd totally hit that," Brittany said as she nodded her head.

Quinn rolled her eyes and turned to the signs they were supposed to be making in the floor. She wanted the school to have tons of signs for the team this year. Last year they did really well and she knew they would only get better.

"Britt, as awesome as that offer sounds, no thanks. Santana, you are ridiculous. I'll have the experiences I want to have when I am safe and secure in an Ivy League school. Until then…shut up!"

"Well, I'm not going to wait that long…I'm going to have a new experience soon. Coach Sammy Evans will not know what hit him. A man like that with a body like his…well, it shouldn't take much. He's a dork in disguise, but I don't care. I want on them trouty lips."

"Trout lips?" Brittany asked as she played with her cell phone.

"Well yeah. His lips are huge. Like a fish. A guppy or a trout. Total trouty mouth. Anyway, I'm going to be on that."

"In your dreams, Santana. And his lips aren't that bad. They are…cute…" Quinn said as she picked up a paint stick and started on her first sign.

"Oh? You think Coach Evans has cute lips, huh?" Santana asked, eyes sparkling deviously.

"I…well…for a teacher…sure…" Quinn lamely replied.

"He's so young looking…I bet he just graduated college…."

"Can we talk about his hella booty now? I've never seen one so…tap worthy!" Brittany said as she sent off another text.

The other two girls giggled and continued painting signs. Talk about Coach Evans and his assets continued on through the night until Quinn was asleep in her bed and the other two on the pull out mattress.

Sam Evans was a typical bachelor. He lived in a small apartment, had more workout equipment than furniture and drank out of the milk carton. He liked his life, for the most part. Now that he was working, he figured he would have to make a good impression and actually buy adult clothes. He decided he would go out and buy some slacks and some dress up shirts. Heck, maybe even a sweater or two. Though he loved coaching, his real passion was teaching. Sam was dyslexic and he had a real hard time with it in school. He decided his senior year that if he could help it, he wasn't going to let anyone else feel bad like he did in school.

In all honesty, Sam couldn't wait for classes to start. He wanted to get to know his pupils and help bring out their potential. It made him laugh how he ended up teaching freshman English, the one class he hated in high school. But, because it was his guilty pleasure, he was also teaching two periods of Astronomy to the seniors. He was very excited about that.

Instead of heading home after football practice, Sam drove to the mall. He knew he would probably see some of his players in here and maybe some of his future students. But as he stepped out of his car and walked through the doors, he felt like he was in high school again. Well, at least in his junior year. He remembered how much he hated his parents for making him move here. Sam remembered going to the mall one day after school and seeing a gorgeous blond girl with her boyfriend. But what stuck out the most to him was the little doll like girl behind her. She had to be no older than thirteen at the time. She was small and delicate looking, like she was made of glass.

He was studying her and he didn't really know why. He wasn't a pedophile or a pervert or anything like that. He was just intrigued. The little girl looked over at him and smiled softly before turning and running from her sister. Her sister screamed and her boyfriend panicked and Sam jumped up to grab the little girl. He caught up with her and took her back to her sister, even if she was screaming in his arms.

It was funny, he hadn't thought about that little girl until today. He looked over at the water fountain and saw the exact spot he caught her at. And suddenly he remembered that little girls eyes. They were strangely familiar to him.

Haunted by the familiarity of it all, Sam continued shopping for the things he needed. He picked out a couple of things, wishing his mom or his kid sister was here to help him. Stacy was eleven now, but she was great with shopping, had been since she was eight. The boy purchased his stuff and left the mall. He grabbed a pizza on his way home and managed to get everything inside his small apartment. He kicked the door shut, put the pizza down and threw the bags on his couch. Sam settled in for a night of Sports Center, pizza and working on plays.

At around ten thirty, the man had fallen asleep. His pizza box was laying on the floor, papers were everywhere, television was on and he was snoring lightly. He was having a dream about football when suddenly things changed.

"You're beautiful…" he muttered as he kissed her lips slowly. He loved the way her blond hair laid on his red pillows. She looked so angelic in the moonlight, like a goddess from some Greek myth. Her naked body was on display and his eyes took it in hungrily as he rose from the kiss. Her body was sleek, soft and had the most delicious curves. He gave her a smirk as he leaned down to bring one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked hungrily, swirling his tongue around the sensitive bud. She moaned under him. He took that as his cue to thrust into her.

Sam's eyes popped open. His hand was on his penis and he was stroking himself. It was a dream. A very amazing, seemingly real dream. He closed his eyes and remembered her face once more before he felt himself spilling into his hand. "Fuck!" he called out numerous times as he climaxed.

After cleaning himself off, Sam flopped into his computer chair. This was not good. He was having sex dreams about a girl he had just met today. Imagine if she was in his class. He would never be able to look at her the same way. He took a few deep breaths before convincing himself that it was just a manifestation or something. It didn't mean anything.

"Sam…Sam please…" she moaned out as lips connected with her collarbone. Blond hair was splayed against a blood red pillow case. Her eyes were shut, but she felt like she could see and feel everything. Rough, calloused fingers trailed her body reverently as her legs wrapped around the man's midsection. She could feel herself press against him as her eyes popped open. She didn't see his face. It was currently assaulting her neck. Her legs unwound themselves from him as he trailed kisses down her body. She could feel herself pushing him down to where she wanted him to go. She heard his laugh and felt his kiss on the inside of her thigh. "Patience angel…" he said in a low voice. She felt his finger slide into her and her hips thrust up to him. As much as she loved the way it felt, she really wanted his tongue inside of her. He pulled his finger out and moved his mouth down, looking at her to gauge her reaction. "Just...fuck...please Sam..."

Quinn woke up with a start. The dream had seemed so real. She was sweaty and her hair was stuck to the side of her face. And she could feel how slick she was between her legs. She hadn't had one of these dreams since, well, ever. Sure, she had gotten herself off plenty of times, but mostly to the images of one star or another. But she had never had a dream like that and she hadn't thought of imagining a teacher. She leaned back on her headboard and sighed. She heard movement from the mattress on the floor and looked down to see Brittany and Santana moving around.

"Q? I think there was an animal in your room last night. I kept hearing whimpers. Or maybe I was dreaming about it…" Brittany said in a groggy voice.

Quinn's face flushed and she shrugged her shoulders to indicate she didn't know. Brittany bought the lie but Santana looked at her, eyebrow raised with that knowing look on her face. Quinn jumped out of bed and grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for that day, claiming she desperately needed a shower. The girl ran to the bathroom and locked herself in.

"I wonder what it was, San. Do you think there is a baby animal outside of Quinn's house?"

"I don't know, B. Maybe…" Santana said, trying to keep Brittany occupied so she could think this over.

"Oh. I should go see if I can help it. San, what animal makes the sound 'Sam'?"

Quinn had leaned back against her door, falling to the ground as she did. This wasn't like her. She didn't have dreams like that about boys, much less an older man that was her teacher. Something was going on. She was missing out on something or her hormones were out of whack. Maybe it was the birth control she was on. Can birth control make you have fantasies about a teacher? She didn't know, but there she was, having them. The weird part was that it felt so real. She had never experienced that before. Sure, she slept with Puckerman, but that was under heavy alcohol and she honestly didn't remember much about it. It kind of hurt. That's about all she could remember.

She got up and turned the shower on. The blond threw her top off and stepped out of her shorts and panties. She looked at them and saw proof of what her dream had done to her. She got into the shower and started to furiously scrub herself. She wouldn't be that girl.

After her shower, Quinn got out and threw on her clothes for the day. She was the kind of girl that always wore dresses and looked nice, but it was still summer and they had another practice after school. She bounced into the living room. She heard the other girls down there. Santana had the keys in her hand and was tapping her foot.

"About time. I wants to get my breakfast on."

Quinn rolled her eyes and grabbed her purse from the couch. Her mom was gone to some spa for a week so she was free to do what she wanted until her return. The girl headed out the door after Santana, making sure to set the alarm and lock it. She hopped in the backseat of the Latina's huge truck and leaned back on the seat. There was a diner just on the outskirts of town that Santana loved. She figured they would go there. The music blared and some random song by Katy Perry played. Quinn didn't pay any attention. She was still thinking about things.

They reached the diner and all three girls jumped out. Quinn followed her friends in and they were shown to their usual booth.

"So, should I get pancakes or waffles?" Brittany asked as she looked at her menu. It was upside down.

"You always ask this question, B. Pancakes with chocolate chips," Santana answered, not missing a beat.

Quinn wasn't really paying any attention. She gasped as her phone vibrated on her lap, causing people to look at her. Her cheeks were tinted red but she carried on and read the text message.

So, Sam huh? Looks like someone is hot for teacher. ~ S

Quinn cringed when she read the message. She honestly didn't know how Santana could guess something like that. Oh God. She must have said his name in her sleep. She quickly typed a reply and sent it.

What are you talking about? I thought you were hot for him. ~ Q

Oh, I am. But I think you are too. Brittany asked me what kind of animal makes the sound 'Sam.' Spill Barbie. ~ S was just because we were talking about him. I don't like him or anything. ~ Q

Sure thing, Barbie. It doesn't matter though. I'm still going to fuck him. You can watch if you want. Or hey, maybe you want to join. ~ S

You are so disturbed. ~ Q

Their food arrived shortly after Quinn sent the last text. She tossed her phone into her purse and sipped on he water. She chewed on some bacon as she thought about ways to get Santana off her ass. She knew Puck wanted to be with her again, but the boy didn't know how to stay monogamous. Finn was out of the question. It had to be Puck. He was the only one with enough pull around the school so Santana would leave her alone. She had to figure out a way to get him and keep him committed to her.

Quinn had completely ignored Coach Evans at the next practice. Her girls didn't, but she did a pretty good job making sure they kept inline. She was proud of them and of herself by the time practice was finished. The girl made her way to the locker rooms. She stood outside of the guys as she waited for Puck to come out. She watched guys come out and finally Puck walked out with some of his friends in tow.

"Hey Baby Mamma," he said when he saw her.

Quinn wanted to roll her eyes and punch his face buts he regained her calm. She needed him if this was going to work out. She gave him her sweetest smile and took his hand in hers.

"I need to talk to you, Puck, in private," she said in a low, seductive voice.

She hated using that voice on him, but it would win him over. She knew he had always had a crush on her and she planned on using it to her advantage. He gave her a smirk and bid farewell to his friends. He followed her to a hallway and leaned against the wall as he looked down at her.

"What's up Quinn?"

"You know how you always want to get with me..." she started, telling herself that this would be okay. She had actually liked Puck when she was pregnant and hell, she could do a lot worse.

"Well, yeah...why, you want another ride with Puckzilla?"

"Shut up. I just...I don't know...I thought we could date or something. You can be my boyfriend and we can rule the school. Think about it, Puck."

"I'd get to kiss you and shit, right? And ya know...more?"

"Yes, you can kiss me. But you know I don't like excessive displays of affection. Also...if you can stay faithful to me for a month, I'll sleep with you again. No alcohol needed."

The boy's eyebrows raised to this. Having another chance at Quinn was something he had dreamed about. He licked his lips and leaned down and kissed her.

"You got yourself a boyfriend, Q," he said before running his hands down her side and smirking. "I'll call you later."

Sam had heard everything. He had watched Quinn waiting outside of the locker room from his office. He had heard her approach Puck. And he followed. He told himself it was because he wanted to make sure that she was okay, but part of him was afraid it was because he was a bit jealous. His stomach dropped at her proposition. And he felt like he was going to throw up when she promised him sex. No. He couldn't get hung up on a teenage girl. It was wrong. It was against the law and his morals.

He waited until Puck was gone and made himself known. She was leaning against the wall, not seeming that happy at the prospect of dating the receiver. He stared at her for a second, her eyes seemed so sad and she looked fragile, breakable. And it clicked. She was the little girl.


"Oh, um...Sa- Mr. Evans...I didn't know you were there. I was just leaving..."

"No, you don't have to...I was...I was checking on you..."

"Were you listening to us?" she asked, pissed off at the notion.

"I didn't mean to...I mean...why him?"

"What do you mean? We had a thing before and well...I don't know. I want to revisit it. I want to see what we could be."

" promised return for dating you...that's not healthy."

"What do you know? You know nothing. You don't know a thing about my past!" she yelled at him, anger lacing her words. "You can't just come here and act like you care about me after just meeting me. I get that you want to come off as this super awesome teacher or whatever, but save it. Save it for someone who cares."

Quinn turned and walked away from him, leaving him staring and stunned.