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So, this is my first story, and in this story the whole scenario of Damon getting bitten and Stefan selling his soul to Klaus never happened! (And also Anna didn't die in this story)

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"Love Bites"

"Damon, don't touch me!" Elena yelled. "Wait let me explain!" Damon said.

"You think you can go and make out with some random girl and expect me to let you explain...It's to late Damon."

"What are you saying?" Damon asked sadly. "We. Are Done" Elena said through her tears "I cant take this anymore." She spoke softly.

After she said that she left Damon standing alone.

He didn't even get a chance to explain what really happened.


Caroline threw a huge party for Stefan's birthday. She invited all the seniors.

The party started and the house was littered with people drinking, dancing, talking, and making out.

Damon and Elena just entered and everyone turned and stared in awe. They were the golden couple of Mystic Falls.

Everyone was really surprised when they got together, but after a while everybody thought they were perfect for each other.

After a while of staring and giggling everybody went back to the party. Until Anna and Jeremy walked in. Then the staring went on again.

Nobody even knew who Anna was until Homecoming happened. (Anna and Jeremy were crowned Homecoming Queen and King.)

Then Bonnie and Matt came in, and then Tyler and Rebekah.

Finally it was the birthday boy's turn to come in. Caroline really wanted some one to go with Stefan to the party and since she and Tyler broke up, and Elena and Stefan. She thought she would go with him.

They came in and everyone spun around and yelled "Happy Birthday Stefan!"

He was startled at how much people there was, but then again Caroline planed the party.

The party went along as it should. Until the unexpected happened.

Caroline dragged Elena outside so she could talk to her and Bonnie.

So, Damon was left alone sitting down drinking his favorite bourbon.

Then, this Girl came out of nowhere and sat on his lap.

"Hey handsome." She said. "Do i know you, and can you get off of me." Damon said with curiosity and anger.

"Why don't you shush, and make out with me." The unknown girl said.

"I'm not the birthday boy and I am taken. So, Get.." Then he was suddenly cut off by the girls lips pressed against his.

Elena's POV:

"Caroline, I really need to get back to Damon." Elena desperately said .

"But, we're not done talking." Caroline whined. She was grabbing on to Elena's arm.

Some how Elena managed to get out of Caroline's grip. She walked back inside and then she saw something she never wanted to see in her life.

"Damon?..." She said softly on the verge of tears.

Damon quickly turned around and pushed the girl off of him.

"Elena.." He started to get up and walk to her, and then she started to run, and run, and run. Until she reached her car.

**End of flashback.**


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