The Littlest Winchester: Season 1
Summary: Michelle Winchester is the younger twin of Sam and the youngest sibling to Dean .Watch as she travels with her brother to help them find their Father, but how can she help if they won't let her near the Action
Disclaimer: I own nothing except Michelle and a few minor Oc's
Chapter 1: Pilot
"Let's say goodnight to your brother and sister "Mary Winchester said putting her four year old son Dean on the ground. Dean went up to his stool by his brother's bed first "night Sam"

he said kissing the six month old on the head before repeating the action with his sister "night shelly" the toddler said "hey Dean" the voice of John Winchester said "Daddy!" the

toddler squealed excitedly jumping up into his father's arms "so you think the twins are ready to throw around a football yet?" John asked his Son, The child giggled "no Daddy!"

"Alright squirt time for bed "John said "sweet dreams you two "he said to the babies. Four hours later Mary was woken by one of the twins crying "John" she whispered, he wasn't in

the room. Slowly Mary crawled out of bed and headed towards the twins nursery she leaned against the door frame inside the room she saw a figure she assumed was her husband

"what's the matter John are they hungry?" she asked "shh" he said "sorry" she whispered and turned towards her room, Halfway to the stairs she heard the T.V. going and went to

turn it off she was almost down the stairs when she saw her husband John passed out on a chair watching football. Mary Gasped "My Babies" and bolted up the stairs. John Awoke to a

scream shaking it off he assumed it was a nightmare and headed upstairs to check on the twins, he heard a small whimper coming from his sons crib " What's the matter big guy ?"

John asked the infant, two drops of blood landed on John's hand, confused he looked up. On the roof was his wife Mary with a large cut on her abdomen as she suddenly caught fire.

"Mary No!" he shouted. Dean roused from sleep headed towards his sibling's room as his Father stepped out with Sam "Dean take your brother out of here as fast as you can don't

look back! "He said as he ran back in the room to rescue his wife and daughter. Dean ran as fast as his little legs could carry him "it's gonna be okay Sammy" Dean told his Infant

brother. John grabbed Michelle from her crib when he realized trying to save Mary was Futile "its Okay daddy's got you Baby girl your safe" John said to the screaming Infant. Two

hours later the police and the fire department left, as John went and packed some stuff for the kids and himself he made a Vow to protect his 3 children and to find his wife's

22 Years Later.
Highway to hell blasted out of the 1967 Chevrolet Impala as it drove down the interstate toward s Stanford University as the now 22 year old Michelle Winchester sat next to her

brother Dean , "are you sure we should be popping in like this? I mean we haven't seen the guy in 2 years" Michelle asked "ah don't worry so much lil' Sis it'll be fine "Dean said "And

shit smells like roses Deanie "she said sarcastically "don't get snarky on me brat and don't call me Deanie " he said "Bitch" she said "wake me when we get there" "maybe if I don't

dump your body in the nearest alligator infested swamp" Dean Mumbled "I love you too Dean" Michelle said as she settled down for a nap. "YO KIDDO WAKE UP" Dean shouted

"what!? Where's the fire?" she said sleepily "we're here" Dean said getting out of the impala "what time is it?" she asked "ohh about 4 Am" he said " your nuts you know that right?"

Michelle said "yep "Dean smiled as his sister followed him "so which ones Sammy's?" Dean asked "third floor second to the left" she said and began to climb the fire escape.

Two minutes later they were at their brothers window "looks like their living room" Dean said as he slid the window open "ladies first" Dean said with a dramatic bow which earned

him a slap at the back of his head "ow " he mumbled climbing in after her. Sam heard acreek in the living room of his and Jess's apartment slowly he crept out of bed being careful

not to alert the robber to his presence and then he attacked he kicked , ducked ,threw punches and was eventually got tackled by his Opponent "whoa easy tiger" a familiar voice

said "Dean?" Sam Asked "you scared the crap out of me ""that's cause your out of practice" he snarked Sam flipped his brother off him "or not" Dean said "now get off me ""yeah

Sammy get off him "Michelle said "what did dad tell you two about fighting" "Michelle! "Sam exclaimed jumping off his brother to hug his twin "What the hell are you two doing

here? "He asked "we need to talk" Dean said "you could use the phone maybe "he said "be honest if we had called would you have picked up?" Michelle asked Sam bowed his head for

a second unable to meet his twins eye. "Sam" a woman asked turning on the light "Jess ….Hey" Sam said "Dean, Michelle this is my girlfriend Jessica " "wait your brother and sister

Dean and Michelle" Jessica said Sam nodded "Sam we e-mail all the time you never mentioned a girlfriend" Michelle said slightly hurt while dean attempted to flirt with their

brothers girlfriend "I didn't think it was that important " Sam said "yes and shit smells fantastic Sammy" she said "it's Sam " he insisted. Michelle stuck her tongue out at him

"real mature " he said "you love me anyway " said Michelle walking over to jess to introduce herself and to call Dean off "Dean remember what we came here for " she said

"oh right we gotta borrow your boyfriend here to talk about some private family business but it was defiantly nice meeting you " Dean said "no whatever you two need to say you

can say it in front of her " Sam said walking over to Jess putting his arm around her "okay ..Umm Dad hasn't been home in a few days "he said "so he's working overtime on a miller

shift he'll stumble in sooner or later " Sam said "Sammy dads on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days "Michelle said "Jess excuse us we have to go outside " Sam said.

"You can't just break in, in the middle of the night and expect me to hit the road with you!" Sam Bitched "you're not hearing me Sammy dad's missing I need you to help me find him

"Dean said "and what am I? a plate of grits "Michelle asked but it fell on deaf ears "you remember the poltergeist in Amherst or the devils gates in Clifton he was missing then too

he was missing then too he's always missing and he's always fine "Sam reasoned "not for this long "Michelle said coming up behind Sam on the stair case "now are you coming with

us or not?" Dean asked "I'm not "Sam said "why not?" he asked "Because I swore I was done hunting for good" Sam said "it wasn't easy but it wasn't that Bad "Dean said "oh really

when we were 9 and we told dad we were afraid of the dark he gave me a .45" Sam said

looking at Michelle for back up "well what was he supposed to do?" Dean said "we were 9 he was supposed to tell us not to be afraid of the dark "Michelle said "don't be afraid of the

dark what are you kidding me! Of course you should be afraid of the dark you know what's out there and Michelle don't take his side!" Dean scolded "yeah I know but still the way we

grew up after mom was killed and dad's obsession to find what did it and you know what we still haven't found the damn thing!" Sam exclaimed "so we kill everything we can find

"Michelle put in "that's my girl "Dean said "we save a lot of people doing it don't we" he added Sam looked at his sister "you think mom would have wanted this for us?" he asked.

Dean grabbed his sister's arm and dragged her through the door "the weapon training and melting the silver into bullets, man Dean we were raised like warriors " Sam reasoned "so

what you gonna do live some normal Apple pie life is that it " Dean said "No not normal safe " Sam said "and that's why you ran away ?" Michelle asked " sis I was just going to collage

it was dad who said if I was gonna go I should stay gone " Sam said "and that's what I'm doing " "well dad's in real trouble right now and he's not dead already I can feel it" Michelle

said "I can't do this alone " dean said "yes you can you have Michelle she can help" Sam said "Dad would kill me if he found out I let her hunt and maybe I don't want to ever think

of that ' Dean said Michelle smacked her head on the impala in frustration "you better not dent my baby Brat " Dean told her "bitch " she snarked back Sam sighed "what was he

hunting ?" Sam asked giving in Dean turned around and opened the trunk pulling up the false bottom showing an array of weapons. "Alright let's see where the hell I put that thing

"Dean muttered to himself "so when dad left why didn't you two go with him?" Sam asked "I was sent to Bobby's "Michelle said "and I was working my own gig this voodoo thing in

New Orleans " Dean said "Dad let you go on a hunting trip by yourself" Sam said incredulously "he's 26 dude " Michelle said " and your 22 and dad doesn't let you do

anything " Sam said "true" she said "alright here we go so dad was checking out this 2 lane blacktop just outside Jericho California about a month ago this guy "Dean said handing over

a news print to Sam "goes missing they found his car but he was missing completely M.I.A" "SO Maybe he was kidnapped " Sam said "yeah here's another one in April another

one in December '04 '03 '98'92 10 of them over the last 20 years all men all the same 5 mile stretch of road started happening more and more so dad went to check it out " Dean

said " that was about 3 weeks ago haven't heard from him since and if that isn't bad enough Dean got a voicemail yesterday " Michelle said grabbing the recorder 'Dean something …

starting to happen this is serious …I need to figure out what's going on….be very careful Dean we're all in danger ' Michelle shut it off "you know there's E.V.P on that" Sam said

"not bad Sammy kinda like riding a bike isn't " Dean said smugly "Alright I slowed the message down and ran it through a gold wave and this is what I got "Dean said nodding at

Michelle to play it "I can never go home "" never go home" Sam said Michelle tossed the recorder back in the trunk as Dean closed it. "You know in almost 2 years I've never

bothered you I never asked you for a thing " Dean said looking at Sam "alright I'll go …I'll help you find him but I have to get back first thing Monday just wait here " Sam said

"what's first thing Monday ?" Dean asked "I have this …. I have an interview " Sam said "a job interview skip it " Dean said "no it's a law school interview and it's my whole future on a

plate" he said "law school "Dean said "so we got a deal or not " Sam said impatiently Dean nodded as Sam turned and went inside. Dean then turned to his sister and smiled "we got

him " he said Michelle nodded 'come here squirt "he said opening his arms Michelle hugged her brother know that even if Sammy didn't care anymore she still had Dean and Dean wasn't one for chick flick moments but every rule had an exception.

Hours later they were at their first pit stop "hey you want breakfast?" Dean asked tossing some chips and a water bottle into the back seat for their sister a muffled thanks was heard

"no thanks besides how'd you pay for that stuff you and dad still running credit card scams" Sam said "ahh well Hunting ain't exactly a proball career besides all we do is apply it's not

our fault the send us the Cards " Dean said "here here " Michelle said digging into her chips "oh yeah and what name did you put on the application this time? "Sam asked "ummm

Birdafromian I believe I'm his son Hector "Dean Laughed "got 2 cards out of the deal" "sounds about right" Sam said looking through Dean's cassettes "I swear man you have go

to update your Cassette tape collection" Sam said "why?" Dean Asked "well for one there Cassette tapes and two black Sabbath, Motor head, Metallica it's the greatest hits of mullet

rock" Sam said "Michelle what are the house rules?" Dean asked "driver picks the music passengers shut their cake holes" Michelle said grudgingly "now shut your cake hole Sammy

"Dean said "Sammy is a chubby 12 years old it's Sam" he said Dean turned up the music and smirked "SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU MUSICS TOO LOUD" Dean yelled , as they peeled

out of the Gas station. Michelle laughed a little at Dean's antics "what are you 22 or 2?" asked Sam his sister "hey growing old is mandatory growing up is optional!" Michelle said sticking out her tongue.

Jericho 7 the sign read the next time the youngest Winchester looked out window as she listened to her twin speak on the phone 'yeah thank you" he said hanging up "so there is no

one matching dad's description at the Hospital or the morgue" "at least that's something " Michelle said Dean nodded "hey check it out !" He said pointing to the numerous police

vehicles on the side of the bridge. Dean reached over to the glove compartment pulling out 2 badges then putting the box back into its place turning to look at his sister he said with

a stern glare "Stay put" before looking at his brother "let's go" he smirked Sam looked athis sister and gave a sad smile before getting out and joining their brother. Soon enough

she felt something besides he r "jezz Cas (1) a little warning next time please" she said " I apologize for startling you" he said "it's okay just remember to call or something" she said

" you are very difficult to find Michelle Winchester" Castiel said "well I move almost every day so yeah thank you for stating the Obvious" she said he looked confused "your welcome

" he said "so what do you want from me this time Cas another distraction? you know how

hard it was explaining to dean about my broken arm last time !" She said "Like I said you are very difficult to find "going into his trench coat he pulled out a necklace with a sigil on it

"I would like you to keep this on you person at all times "he said handing it to her "it will help me find you if you are in danger " "so like an angel tracking device?" she asked "

exactly " he said " your brothers are returning I must leave" "see you later " he nodded then left .

"So Hardy boys did you find anything? "She asked "jack squat is what we found "Dean said "so where to now?" "Downtown" he said. The ride to downtown wasn't very long especially

since she was bickering with Sam the entire way it felt good to have her brother back getting out of the Impala she followed her behind her brothers following their lead. "I'll

bet cha that's her" Dean said pointing to the teenager putting up posters Sam Nodded in agreement "you must be Amy " Dean said "yeah Troy told us about you were his Aunt And

Uncles I'm Dean this is Michelle and that's Sammy" Sam shot a glare at dean " he never mentioned you to me "" Amy said Suspiciously "we don't like being talked about " Michelle

said "well that's troy too we aren't around much so probably not worth mentioning " Dean said "well were looking for him too and we're kinda asking around you mind if we ask you a

couple questions?" Sam asked. Amy then ushered them all into a tiny café sitting around a small table Amy told them her version of that nights events "I was on the phone with Troy

he was driving home he said he'd call me right back he never did " Amy said " he didn't say anything strange ?or out of the ordinary?" Sam asked "nothing I can remember" she said "I

like your necklace" Sam said "Troy gave it to me mostly to scare my parents with all that Devil stuff "Amy said "well actually it means just the opposite a pentagram against evil if

you believe in that kinda thing "Michelle said "all right thank you unsolved mysteries here's the deal ladies the way Troy disappeared something's not right so if you've heard

anything?" Dean said the two girls looked at each other "what is it?" Dean asked "well it's kind of this local legend I mean with all these guys going missing people talk" Amy's friend

said "What do they talk about?" the twins asked in Union "well there this one girl she got murdered out on centennial and they say she never left, she hitch hikes and whoever picks

her up is never seen again "She said "Thank you for your time ladies "Sam said as Dean got up followed by him then Michelle "it was nice meeting you ? " she said " so where to

now hardy Boys?" "We are going to the library you are going to guard the Impala" he said "Dean I..." "Do not argue with me Michelle!?" Dean said the effect was Imminent Michelle

backed down 5 minutes later Michelle was "Guarding " the Impala " nothing absolutely nothing " Dean said frustrated " you know you could have let her help you know she's not

gonna get hurt doing this" Sam said "one day she might decide to pick up and leave because she can't do anything you'll make her feel useless" " she's not gonna leave "

Dean said " how do you know ?" "Because I know her " he said " Better than me "Sam asked " yes I do think that cause I'm not the one who abandoned her and never answered

her E-mails more than once a month she sent you one every damn week! Now can we get back to the case please?!" Dean said Sam sighed "let me take a look "he said and thus the

fight over the computer began with Sam winning of course. Across the street from the library there was a park deciding to abandon her 'Guard duty ' she got out of the Impala

and Making sure it was locked she crossed . Dean and Sam walked out of the library with a good feeling their previous fight forgotten as they went to open their respective doors to

only find them locked "Michelle open the doors " Dean said no one answered fear began to rise in his chest as he looked into the car it was empty "MICHELLE!" Dean yelled looking

around frantically "oh my god you were right" he told Sam "MICHELLE!" Sam yelled looking around as well "there she is "Sam said pointing across the street. Dean broke out into a run

dodging cars as he ran across the street walking up to the swings she still hadn't noticed her brothers, grabbing her arm dean pulled her into his chest "never do that again you

scared the crap outta me" Dean said "now give me my keys "she handed them over and he dragged her ass back "we're gonna check out the bridge so if you wanna get a hotel room

or something?" Dean said she only nodded afraid to upset her brother more. "Okay so what we know is Dad bought out a room for the whole month can it check it while you guys do

the bridge?" Michelle asked "no "Dean asked automatically "please?" she asked "no we'll be back in two hours we'll all do it together "he said Michelle smiled and went to their room.

"Awe man you smell like a toilet!" Michelle said when her brothers came back "that's exactly what this one told me" Dean said pointing to Sam "okay go clean up so we can go check

dad's room" she said a guilty look crossed the boys faces "you already checked it didn't you" Michelle said they nodded "were dealing with a woman in white" Sam said as Dean

managed to escape into the bathroom "I'm going to bed" she said crawling into the closest bed "Michelle" he started "save it Sam " she said a few minutes later she was asleep "so I

take it she was pissed" Dean whispered as he came out of the bathroom "more like enraged disappointment " he said " sounds like her" Dean said "I'll talk to her in the

morning" "I think we may have eared ourselves the silent treatment " he said " always fun" Dean mumbled getting into bed "night" he said flipping out the light leaving Sam alone in the dark.

"I'm gonna get some food from the diner down the street you two want anything?" Dean asked the two shook their heads no "alright then" he said heading out the door "hey sis you

wanna help me look for the address while I check my messages?" Sam asked in effort to get his sister to speak to him "sure" she said a small beep was heard in the middle of Jess's

message "What? "Sam said into the phone standing up he said "what about you?" before hanging up the phone "what's wrong?" Michelle asked "Five oh we got to go now" he said

ushering her to the back window "go meet me at the car" he said before grabbing the keys and chucking them at her silently thanking god she hadn't brought her bag in that night

and Michelle ran. Sam came around the bend five minutes later "where's Dean?" she asked "cops got him" Sam said "so what are we gonna do?" were gonna a find Constance's

husband" Sam said getting into the Impala, Michelle got in and together the twins went on their way. Sam walked up to the old shabby looking house with his sister on his tail. After

knocking a few times man opened the door "hello sir are you Joseph Welch?" Michelle asked "yes ma'am" Mr. Welch said Sam pulled out an old photo and handed it to Mr. Welch

"have you seen the Man in this photo?" He asked the photo in question had been taken when the twins were old five the two of them being held on their father lap while Dean sat

beside them. "Yeah he's older but that's him" Welch said "came around three or four days ago said he was a reporter ""that's right we're working on a story together "Sam said "well

I don't know what the hell kind of story you're working on the questions" he asked me "Welch said "they were about your wife Constance weren't they?" Michelle said "he asked

me where she was buried "he said "and where is that again if you don't mind "Sam asked "I got to go through this twice" he said "it's fact checking we want to make sure

everything's right" Michelle said "in a plot down by my old place on brook in bridge" he said "why did you move?" Sam asked and Michelle resisted the urge to slap him "I'm not gonna

live in the house where my children died "he said "Mr. Welch did you ever marry again?" Michelle asked "no way Constance she was the love of my life" he said "prettiest woman I

ever knew" "so you had a happy Marriage? Michelle asked "defiantly" Welch said "well that should do it thanks for your time "Sam said going to the driver's side of the Impala fiddling

with the keys for a second Sam turned "Mr. Welch you ever hear of a woman in white?" Sam called "a what?" Welch asked "a woman in white or sometimes a weeping woman"

Sam said "it's a ghost story it's more of a phenomenon really um … their spirits they've been sighted for hundreds of years in dozens of places … Hawaii for example all of these

are different women but all of them share the same story" Michelle said "what I don't care much for nonsense" Welch said "you see when they were alive their husbands were

unfaithful to them and these women basically suffering from temporary insanity…Murdered their children and once they had realized what they'd done they took their own lives and

then their spirits are cursed haunting back roads, water ways and if they find an unfaithful man they kill him and that man is never seen again" Sam said "you. ..Think… you think this

has something to do with Constance you smart ass " Welch said marching up to Sam "you tell me" Sam said "maybe I made some mistakes but no matter what I did Constance would

have never killed her own children … Now you get the hell out of here and you don't comeback" Welch said arching into his house "Sam you ass hole" Michelle said before

getting into the Impala "Next time you pull a stunt like that in front of me I'll slap you" Sam ignored his sisters threat as they drove off.

Driving towards the Welch's old home was a long ride it had taken them until nightfall to get to centennial highway, soon Sam's Phone began to ring handing it to his sister he continued

to drive "hello " Michelle answered putting it on speaker "Faking a 9-1-1 call you two I don't know that's pretty Illegal" Dean Mock scolded "your welcome for that" Michelle said

"listen we gotta talk" he said "tell me about so the husband was unfaithful we are dealing with a woman in white and she's buried behind her old house so that should have been dads

next stop" "Michelle shut up for a second will yeah "Dean said "well I don't understand why he hasn't destroyed the corpse yet " "that's what I'm trying to tell you he's gone Dad left

Jericho" "how do you know?" "I have his journal" "he doesn't go anywhere without that thing "Sam said entering the conversation "yeah well he did this time" "what's it say?"

Michelle asked "same ex-marine crap he does when he wants us to know where he's going

""quad nits'" Sam said "where too?" she asked "not too sure yet ""I don't understand what's so important that dad would just abandon a hunt dean what the hell is going on"

Sam said suddenly Sam looked ahead and slammed on the breaks the phone falling from Michelle's hand as her head hit the dash "SAM, MICHELLE " they could hear their brother

screaming on the other end "you okay?" Sam asked her "I'm fine "she said as she felt something warm dripping down her forehead "take me home "a voice said Michelle jumped

at the voice turning around she saw a rather pretty woman sitting in the back seat "take me home "The woman in white demanded Again "no" Sam said firmly suddenly the doors

locked all around then before the passenger side flung open taking Michelle with it "Michelle!" Sam exclaimed as he tried to unlock his door to get to her. Michelle could only watch as the Impala speed off without her.

Michelle Pulled herself off the ground and ran after the car determined to help her brother. Approx. 20 Min Later she could see the headlight s of a vehicle as it came up beside her

"need a lift " A voice said she turned to see her brother " Dean we got to hurry Sam's in trouble" Michelle said getting into the vehicle Deans face went serious as he speed off into

the night. Sam was in agony he could feel the spirits fingers digging into his chest till he hear gun fire and just like that the spirit was repelled for a second before it came back Dean

fired again "I'm taking you home "Sam said as he started the Car and drove it into the house "SAM" Dean yelled as he ran after his brother "Sam " Dean said again as he climbed

over the Impala "in here" Sam said from inside the car "you okay "Dean asked "I'm fine .. I think "he said can you move?" Dean asked "yeah help me "Sam said as his brother helped

him out they both looked and Saw Constance holding a picture frame when she spotted them she threw it to the side moving to the side a dresser came and pinned their legs. As

the spirit moved closer the lights turned on and began to flicker they heard and saw water dripping from the stair case the spirit moved closer to the stair way and two children

holding hands could be seen at the top "you've come home to us mommy" the children said together the spirit tried to move away but the two children appeared behind her and hugged

her the spirit screamed and disappeared in a great flash of light. The two looked at each other before pushing the dresser away "so this is where she drowned her kids "Dean said

"that's why she could never go home "Sam said "she was too scared to face them ""you found her weak spot "Dean said slapping his brother on the chest he said "Nice work

Sammy" as he started laughing "that's more than I can say for you what were you thinking shooting Casper in the face you freak" Sam said as he stopped laughing "hey it saved your

ass " Dean said "I'll tell you another thing if you screwed up my car I'll kill you " "so did you find Michelle ?" Sam asked "yeah running on the side of the road I'll take it that Constance

threw her out not you" Dean said "yep where is she now?" "Sitting in the other car with a gash on her head and a concussion "Dean said "now let's get this show on the road "getting

into the impala Dean pulled it out of the house transferring their sister into the impala they took off.

Half an hour later they were on the road with their sister sleeping safely in the back seat. "Okay so here's where dads went somewhere called black ridge Colorado" Sam said "sounds

charming" Dean said "how far?" "About 600 miles "he said "if we shag ass we can make it by morning "Dean said "Dean um" "you're not going " Dean said confused "my interview is

in like 10 hrs. I have to be there" Sam said. Dean nodded "yeah whatever I'll take you home "he said but the disappointment was evident in his voice. After 2 hours they had

made it back to Stanford and Sam got out of the car "you'll call me if you find him?" Sam asked Dean nodded "and could you let her know" "yeah I'll let her know you said good bye"

s=he said "Maybe I can meet up with you guys later "Sam said, Dean once again only nodded. Sam turned and began to walk towards the dorms "hey Sam we made a hell of a

back team there" he said "yeah "Sam said and Dean drove off. A few minutes later Michelle jumped up in the back of the Impala. "Holy shit Michelle you scared me what's wrong?"

Dean said "Sam!" she said "what's wrong with Sam is it you stupid twin thing again "Dean asked with a serious look in her face she said "Turn the fuck around Dean". Dean did as he

was asked and when they got back to Stanford she bolted out of the car and straight to Sam's Apartment. When they got there it was a sight dean wished he didn't have to see

again "Jess no !" he heard and he busted into Sam's room right behind his sister" Sam come on " she begged pulling on him "Jess "Sam screamed as Dean pulled him out side. An

hour later they were sitting out on the impala as the fire department finished putting out the fire it reminded dean of the night their mother died sliding down the hood Michelle

walked over to Sam who had just thrown a shot gun into the trunk of the Impala "we've got work to do " he said closing the trunk. Michelle then hugged Sam he hugged her back and

felt some of his pain disappear "it's gonna be okay she said.

END Episode 1: Pilot